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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BlizzCon Contest Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 12 comments

Blizzard Entertainament has announced a new BlizzCon 2009 contest. SteelSeries has joined with J!NX, Upper Deck, BradyGames, and SwagDog to offer entrants the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Blizzcon 2009. Runner-up prizes include prize packs valued at $2000.

Grand Prize (1 winner)
Trip for 2 to BlizzCon including:
• 2 Economy class flights from anywhere in Continental USA or Canada
• 2 nights hotel stay
• $300 USD spending money
• 2 passes to BlizzCon 2009
• Prize package

First Prize (5 winners)
• SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse
• Jinx Gift Certificate ($50)
• Brady Games World of Warcraft Atlas

Second Prize (5 winners)
• Swag Dog Gift Certificate ($25)
• 7 Upper Deck World of Warcraft Trading Card Game "Fields of Honor" Booster Packs
• SteelSeries 5C Frost Wyrm Exclusive

Third Prize (5 winners)
• Steel Series QcK Lich King Exclusive
• Brady Games Burning Crusade Atlas
• Upper Deck World of Warcraft Miniatures Game "Spoils of War" Booster Box
• Swag Dog Custom Shirt Gift Certificate ($25)
To read the rules and enter the contest click over to the link below.

BlizzCon 2009 Contest
Blizzard Entertainment

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IMG Reviews City of Heroes: Macintosh Special Edition
6:00 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the MMORPG City of Heroes: Mac Special Edition. This version of the popular superhero game from NCSoft and TransGaming includes both City of Heroes and the expansion City of Villians. Here's an excerpt from the review:

CoH avoids normal item drops (after all, when did any of the X-Men use anything they didn't bring with them after the mission was over?), instead having three types of primary items, almost all of which can be bought at shops and all of which can be bought at the in-game auction house. This is a strong advantage, as there is no need to keep hitting the same spawn points to get something that rarely shows up.

First, there are short-term boosts called "Inspirations" which function much as potions do in other games, providing bursts of health or damage. Second, there are enhancements, which provide a longer-term bonus, over the course of several levels, to one aspect of one of your powers. Finally, there are inventions, which are made from salvage and recipes. All of these items drop or are given as rewards, and all of them can be traded at the auction house.

Follow the link below to read the full review.

IMG Review: City of Heroes: Mac Special Edition
City of Heroes
Buy City of Heroes

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A Tale In The Desert: Disciplines and Tests
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new article from examines the disciplines and tests of A Tale in the Desert, the unique non violent MMO from eGenesis. The Egyptian themed game encourages players to cooperate as they work to solve a variety of puzzles.

This is the first part of a series of articles covering the seven test disciplines. The seven disciplines are; Architect, Art & Music, Body, Harmony, Leadership, Thought, and Worship. It is believed that if a citizen of Egypt could reach Oracle rank in all seven disciplines, mastering all seven disciplines, then they would achieve immortality. If the civilization should achieve this goal, the world would become a Utopia. Each discipline has seven ranks and seven related tests. The seven ranks in each discipline are: Student, Prentice, Journeyman, Scribe, Master, Sage, and Pharaoh's Oracle. In every discipline, there is one test that must be completed to achieve Initiation, and unlocks the seven tests for that discipline. One of the most enjoyable features of passing a test, for many an Egyptian citizen, is the lightning strike. Each time you pass any of the forty nine tests or seven initiates you are awarded with a lightning strike that hits your character and lifts him up off the ground before dropping you back down to the ground, à la Highlander. This signals your passing of the test for all within sight. In a unique feature, each telling tries to build a monument in each discipline before the end of the telling. Each completed monument is inscribed with a test idea. The test idea is then developed, and is implemented for the next Tale, replacing one of the last Tale's tests. This way, each telling always has several new tests that no player has ever seen. So each Tale is unique and unlike any other.

Architect can be a very competitive discipline. Architects are always about building bigger, better, or unique. Every Architect, at heart, wishes to build that one building that will be unique and be their legacy to greatness. In ATITD, this is no different. The discipline of Architect is quite resource intensive, and also usually requires working with groups, or subcontracting help. Some of the tests of Architect require outbuilding your competition, directing large groups for huge projects, or building bigger than your competition. The later tests can sometimes require large groups of 50 or more, all requiring coordination and direction. Disciplines of Architect compete to build bigger and better buildings.
Head over to the link below to read the rest.

MMORPG.COM: Disciplines & Tests
A Tale in the Desert

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EVE Online: Expanded Ship Rigging Options
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new developer post on CCP Games' website reveals new information about upcoming changes to its popular sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. The post expands on the planned addition of small and medium rig sizes to lower the cost of outfitting smaller ship types.

Rigs are relatively expensive and to rig or not to rig is one of the toughest questions we face when making our ship fitting decisions. The right rig can make your ship awesome and in some cases radically alter the performance of your ship. We want to enable you to have the option to fit your frigates or cruisers with more cost effective rigs, so without further ado, let's talk about multi-sized rigs.

Currently, you have a Trimark Armor Pump I which costs around 15 million ISK on the markets today and can be fitted to any ship with a rig slot and enough calibration points. What we are doing is splitting this rig into three types; small, medium and large with the same effect but scaling material costs. Small ships like frigates, destroyers and their Tech II variants such as Interceptors or Interdictors will be able to fit a small rig. Medium-sized rigs can only be fitted to medium-sized ship hulls such as cruisers, industrials and get the picture!

What kind of cost scaling?
A medium rig using current salvage prices will vary between 600k - 5 million ISK, the small rig is around 100k - 1 million. The factor is five so far, so a medium rig should be five times cheaper than a large rig and a small rig five times cheaper than a medium rig, although this could change (as usual) based on ongoing feedback and testing.

So the effect is the same?
Yes, the small, medium or large Trimark Armor Pump I rig will all provide 15% armor hitpoint bonus and have the same drawback to ship velocity and use the exact same skills as your current rigs.

Check out the full post at the page listed below.

EVE Online Blog: Ship Rigging
CCP Games
EVE Online

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Spore Galactic Adventures Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gameplanet has published a new review of Spore Galactic Adventures. The expansion for Will Wright's evolution sim offers players the ability to beam down to planets, an equipment editor, and an Adventure Creator that will give gamers the chance to create their own missions and share them with others. Gameplanet gave the game a score of 7 out of 10.

From the review:

Once on a planet’s surface, you’ll find that the detail on many larger models is slow to load, the controls are heavy-handed and the computer AI is underwhelming. In particular, NPC path finding is short sighted and collision detection is overly sensitive. You’ll often find yourself impatiently tapping your foot as you wait for your escort to politely make its way through a crowd. Apparently you’ve mastered interstellar travel but moving and shooting at the same time is still a distant dream.

Fortunately, all quests are optional (some are even entertaining!) and the sounds and animations are as fun and endearing as they were in the creature phase. For these reasons you’ll want to dote on Galactic Adventures. Moreover, the missions add some much needed variety to the galactic phase and completing them will raise your empire’s esteem with others. They’ll also credit your captain with a handy dose of Spore Bucks.

The expansion comes with 32 new abilities and accessories to unlock. They’re gained thick and fast and you’ll soon be strutting through the galaxy with an entourage of adoring allies (well two, anyway) and an array of useful tools at your disposal. Finally, it just wouldn’t be Spore if you couldn’t take your captain into the outfitter and tweak its kit right down to the minutia.
Visit the page below for more of the review.

Gameplanet: Spore Galactic Adventures
Electronic Arts
Spore Galactic Adventures
Buy Spore Galactic Adventures

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