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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Two Worlds II Coming To Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump recently announced that Two Worlds II will be released this winter for Mac, PC, and Next-Gen consoles. The RPG will send players to the unexplored land of Eastern Antaloor and will feature detailed graphics, an active combat system, and a storyline penned by experienced authors.

Alexandra Constandache, the Executive Producer of TWII commented, “We intentionally opted for a completely independent game with radical new technology. This was the only way to ensure that we harness the enormous potential and experience gained from the making of the first “Two Worlds” project - and make full use of the further technical development of internal Reality Pump tools that has been on-going since the first “Two Worlds” was developed. This new release window gives us enough time to systematically implement both our own requirements and the feedback of the “Two World” fans, enabling us to create a breathtaking RPG experience.”

“Two Worlds II” presents a totally new gamer experience, one in which 2 years of intensive development has enabled quantum leaps in all spheres: completely overhauled AI and balancing standards, experienced authors, the active combat system and the brand-new engine all combine to provide an unforgettable experience where excitement, sheer enjoyment and graphics rule. “Two Worlds II” simply sets new technical benchmarks in the RPG genre, thanks not least to its seemingly unlimited number of dynamic light sources, micro-detail Parallax Mapping, 24 Bit HDR Post Processing, Space Ambient Occlusion and Human Eye Accommodation.

The story of “Two Worlds II” is staged a couple of years after Part 1 - and it will lead you into hitherto unexplored parts of Eastern Antaloor where you'll find many brand-new locations packed full of atmosphere - from dusty deserts to awe-inspiring temples.
Visit the site below to learn more about Two Worlds II.

Two Worlds II
TopWare Interactive
Buy Two Worlds II

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StarCraft II: The Zerg So Far
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments has posted a new StarCraft II feature. The article offers an examination of Blizzard Entertainment's evolving plans for the Zerg race with a breakdown of the changes each unit has undergone during the company's development and testing. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will include all new multiplayer challenges, and give players the chance to pick up the Terran's storyline several years after the end of Broodwar.

The creep is an integral part of both the design and gameplay for the Zerg, so it's no surprise that the developers have tried to play up on this with StarCraft II.

When the Zerg was first announced the creep had the ability to deal damage (albeit in small numbers) to any non-Zerg structure that it touched. This was removed as part of the Q&A Batch 45 when the developers thought that it negatively affected those in team games who were allied with Zerg players. Its usefulness was also questioned in 1v1 matchups.

To help compensate for the damage removal, and to further identify this unique aspect of the Zerg, the creep gained the ability to increase the speed of all Zerg units (minus the Drone) by 30% in mid September 2008 as part of the StarCraft II Discussion Topic by Karune.

Hydralisk / Lurker
The Hydralisk and Lurker have both returned for StarCraft II, with the first gaining a significant boost in offensive power.

The Hydralisk easily remains the most versatile unit for the Zerg, since it is capable of striking both air and ground and is also reasonably durable when compared to a few of the others. They also offer excellent support for other more-specialized units, such as the Ultralisk or Brood Lord.

The Lurker's attack methods have also remained unchanged since their appearance in the Brood Wars. They are capable of delivering a devastating area-of-effect ground attack by using their supra-dense spines while burrowed. These spines are specially designed to penetrate through earth, crust or even rock ground, and are known to deal great damage to anyone standing in the line.

How has this unit changed?
Original tests had put the Hydralisk at Tier 2 when the Corruptors were pulled back in tech. This meant that they first required a Lair to be built and they also received an increase in damage and health.

They were moved back to Tier 1.5 in late July 2008 as part of the Q&A Batch 42 because the developers did not like how the switch reduced the effectiveness of the Corruptor.

Dustin further expanded on this in April 2009, explaining that the downgrade was to allow additional options for Zerg vs Zerg match-ups instead of the simple massing of Roaches.

The Lurker received an art upgrade in late April 2008 to a much more 'spiny' look but was reversed in August 2008 when Karune mentions that the original artwork was returned. The range of the Lurker has also been increased to 9 when compared to its StarCraft 1 counterpart.

Finally, many fans had noticed in the Battle Report 2 that the Hydralisk now has a melee attack. Cydra further confirmed this in late April 2009.
Click over to the link below to read more. Zerg Alpha Evolution
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Buy StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

iGame Radio Launches New Site
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

iGame Radio has announced the launch of its new redesigned website. The site includes the new logo by Thomas Filipiak that won first place in the iGame Radio Logo Contest in June. The redesigned site includes social networking links to the iGame Radio Facebook page, twitter feed, and Flickr accounts. Users can also sign up for the iGame Radio newsletter, read the latest blog posts and tweets, and listen to the latest podcasts that have posted.

“I’m really happy about the final redesign,” said iGame Radio host Omaha Sternberg. “We spent a lot of time creating it and integrating the new logo into it. My thanks go out to Thomas Filipiak and his team for the logo design, and Elf M. Sternberg for the design of the website theme.”
Other features are planned for the future of the site including a location for screenshots and trailers of Mac games, and a page for supporting the porting of games popular on other OSes to the Mac.

Follow the link below for more information.

iGame Radio

Prince of Persia Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Mac|Life has posted a new review of Prince of Persia, the latest version of the popular franchise to make its way to Macs. In the game players take the role a new prince who must use his special gifts to assist the Princess Elika in her efforts to heal the lands. Mac|Life gave the game a score of 4 out of 5.

From the review:

Even though the prince and his helper, Elika, can do dozens of things, the game helps players along to avoid frustration. You won’t need perfect timing to run along a wall, grab a hanging ring, and leap across a chasm. Even if you do fail, Elika automatically rewinds time several seconds, putting you back on a safe platform.

The forgiving mechanics usually give a sense of empowerment and exploration, instead of robbing the game of its challenge. We maintained the characters’ agile confidence while running though the vibrant world, leaping before looking and nearly always catching a pillar, platform, or other just-within-reach object.

Elika rewinds time whenever you’re about to die, such as on the pointy, losing end of a sword fight. These interspersed battles punctuate the quieter, acrobatic substance of the game. Your attacks feel countered by enemies, with the give-and-take patter of a conversation. Unfortunately, we still met enemies that beat up on us for 10 constant minutes, through what would have been dozens of lost lives. Those fights can drag the otherwise well-tuned pace.
Head over to the page listed below to read the full review.

Mac|Life: Prince Of Persia Review
Prince Of Persia

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