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Monday, July 6, 2009

Out Of The Park Baseball 10 Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Out of the Park Developments has released an update for Out of the Park Baseball 10. The latest incarnation of the sports simulation series features 2009's major league rosters, a redesigned pitching system, and improved AI. Version 10.2.16 fixes a handful of bugs.

Whatís New in this Version:
- Fixed problem with disabled list notifications for minor league players
- Fixed problem with crash when scouting accuracy set to ďHighĒ

About Out of the Park Baseball
The latest in the award-winning series, is the most immersive, realistic, and customizable baseball management simulation game on the market today. OOTP 10 provides what fantasy baseballers truly desire - the ability to control every aspect of a baseball team. With online or solo play, real Major League rosters, historical simulations, and purely fictional leagues, OOTP 10 has all of the bases covered!
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OOTP Developments: Updates & Patches
OOTP Developments
Out Of The Park Baseball X

LEGO Batman Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Macworld has posted a review of LEGO Batman: The Videogame. In the game players can explore an interactive LEGO Gotham City as Batman and Robin, capturing infamous villains, and even taking control of the villains themselves. Macworld gave the game a score of 3 out of 5 mice.

From the review:

If it wasnít already abundantly clear that the gameís developer, Travellerís Tales, seems to have gotten lazy by trotting out another entry to the Lego series, upon playing Lego Batman you realize they havenít fixed anything that plagued the previous Lego entries. Vehicles are still ghastly to maneuver, though now they have segments where you have to control vehicles down alleys or through canals, and have added camera problems to the difficulties. The kid side of me was psyched I got to pilot some pretty cool Lego sets, but the game reviewer in me is beginning to suspect that this series is more interactive toy commercial than game.

Itís hard to strike fear in the hearts of criminals when youíre a two-inch piece of plastic with pathfinding issues. Similarly, the respawn formula hasnít been fixed (if you die in a spot, youíll likely respawn at the same point and get caught in an infinite death loop) but Iíve gotten better at pressing the K key on the keyboard and switching to the other character in time to avoid this game flaw.

You control Batman and Robin as they confront three chapters of crime fighting. Adorable Lego Batman and Robin each have grappling hooks that can be used on certain blocks to climb up buildings. They also have boomerangs to disarm foes from a distance, and each has a variety of fighting moves that will easily (perhaps too easily) take out baddies.
Check out the full review at the link below.

Macworld: LEGO Batman Review
Feral Interactive
LEGO Batman
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Diablo III: Dungeon Graphics,, Loading Screens
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Community manager Bashiok, in recent posts on the Diablo III forums, has revealed new information about the game. This time the discussion covered the graphics used for various dungeon levels, paying for services on, and the lack of loading screens. Diablo III is Blizzard Entertainment's long awaited return to the popular action RPG franchise.

On dungeon layouts:
I think there's a nice juxtaposition between the larger more epic dungeons and the others that may be less epic but have very specific tones and themes associated with them. When you step inside one of the more epic dungeons, like the Tristram cathedral (and considering its past, shouldn't it be epic?) you immediately know you're somewhere important. Somewhere that looks and feels magical in its presentation and lighting, as opposed to, say... a cave. Still cool! Caves are still awesome, but you probably don't want magical purple and green lighting in a cave, it's probably going to have a much different and subdued feel. If it's a natural cave it may have light streaming in from cracks above, or if it's a mine it might have lighting from lanterns. Much earthier and natural. Then you walk into some ancient tomb of a powerful wizard, oh crap, this place clearly has something else going on. The lighting is a bit unnatural, maybe some sickly greenish hues to set a theme and mood.

That type of theming adds a lot to keeping the scenery changing and interesting. If you're just fighting demons against a grey or brown backdrop for hours and hours, days and days, maybe years and years... it gets boring. Interesting, themed, and contrasting scenery all help ensure visual longevity.

I think before too long we'll have shown a nice cross section of the dungeon types and looks. It's been too long staring at the one dungeon. Each one has a very unique look and feel, so it's really cool going in to each one and having a total change of scenery. It's all very exciting and we're all looking forward to sharing it with you and seeing the fan reactions just as soon as it's ready.
Head over to the GameBanshee page below to read more.

GameBanshee: Bashiok Diablo III Comments
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo III
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Blizzard's Tom Chilton Discusses WoW's Future
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has posted a new interview with Blizzard Entertainment's Tom Chilton, lead designer for World of Warcraft. In the two part interview the game designer discusses content in the upcoming 3.2 Call of the Crusade patch and other plans for the future of the popular MMO. With patch 3.2 there's a new 80 player battleground called Isle of Conquest. Tell me about it.
TC: What we're trying to do is create another epic-feeling battleground. We haven't done that since Alterac Valley, other than Wintergrass, which of course isn't instanced, so it's sort of in its own category. Alterac Valley is one of our most popular battlegrounds. We hadn't done another one like it because they tend to be harder to build and test, especially harder to test. With a battleground like Warsong Gultch, for example to take the other extreme - much easier for us to test. Even within the design team we can get together a 10 versus 10 fight, test it out, quickly iterate on it and then feel pretty confident that it's going to be good when it gets released. It's much more difficult for us to do that. We do have the QA manpower but it's a lot harder to organise. At the same time there's a strong desire among a lot of players to see more things like Alterac Valley. So we're trying to take a lot of the best ideas from some of the different battlegrounds, like Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin, and even Wintergrass with the siege vehicles, and create a new battleground that feels epic and different than the other ones. You're doing things you don't always do in any other battleground. There's getting into a Zeppelin and flying the gunship and shooting the cannons from there and parachuting off into their base and all kinds of mayhem. What's your personal philosophy on the implementation of new classes and races? Is implementing a new race easier than a class because a new class can create so many problems for balance?
TC: I would say that's very true. It's easier from a game design perspective. It's generally harder from a production perspective. From the art, animations and that sort of thing, it's a lot more taxing on that side of it. We have to take that into consideration when we make that decision. With classes, it's a very design driven approach as to whether or not we do a new class, because we don't feel that we can support the pace of adding a new class with every single expansion. We feel like we will dilute the classes too much if we do that. It will only be a couple of expansions before, I would say three, four expansions down the road, I would worry that our classes would become less distinct and interesting, and the new stuff may not feel as cool. Regarding new races, what possible new races are there left in the Warcraft universe that are suitable for being playable?
TC: There are a lot of them that we already know about that are creatures that are out there. I don't want to give away too many of the things that we have going on in our minds for different possibilities. But there are certainly possibilities that don't necessarily limit us to coming with completely new things that players will never have seen before. In fact one of the things that we learned from doing the draenei is that it's important to seed the race in the world. It was harder for players to Ďgetí the draenei thing because they kind of came out of nowhere. They'd been referred to in previous Warcraft games but nobody had really ever seen or dealt with them. So it was a little harder to do, whereas with Blood Elves it was a lot easier. What we learned from that is we do wherever possible want to seed that potential, even if it's in a small way. An example I could throw out there would be, in Blackwing Lair we had the drakonid race. We always looked at those and said, oh that would be a pretty cool player race - it would be cool to play as one of those guys. There's not a lot there as far as, where did they come from and what are they? But they are in the world and it wouldn't be completely inconceivable that a player would end up being able to play that, and we could continue to expand on the depth of that race and that sort of race.
Read the full Q&A at the page listed below. WoW Patch 3.2 Interview Tom Chilton On WoW's Future
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
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