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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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New Multiwinia Trailer Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple recently added a Multiwinia game trailer to its website. The real time strategy title from Introversion Software and Ambrosia Software returns players to the unique world of Darwinia. The game allows players to choose from six game modes on over 40 maps as they battle for stick figure supremacy.

Multiwinia is a multi-player real time strategy war game unlike any other. A chaotic war is raging in a fantastic fractalized world populated by bloodthirsty little stick men with a mission: follow your orders to annihilate their enemies. They will do your bidding no matter what the cost: order them to take that hill, flank the enemy or run screaming towards the flame turrets. The Multiwinians are bent on destruction, and if a few hundred of them have to be incinerated to get that flag, so be it!

While Multiwinia shares its rendering engine with Darwinia, there the similarity ends. Multiwinia is all about gaming with new friends online and doing whatever it takes to blast them to bits.
Multiwinia has 6 furiously-paced game types with 40+ maps to choose from, online or in single player mode. You must keep track of the entire terrain, as each map offers opportunities for sneak attacks, and there are power-ups that can change the game in an instant. To claim victory, balance battle rage with strategy, advancing on your enemies while protecting vital spawn points to keep your stream of new recruits flowing.
Visit the link below to view the trailer.

Apple: Multiwinia Trailer
Ambrosia Software
Introversion Software

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InstantAction Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Macworld recently posted a new review of Developed by GarageGames the service allows a variety of games to run directly in a web browser and gives players the chance to engage in cross platform multiplayer action. Some of the titles available to Mac users include Marble Blast Online, Think Tanks, and Fallen Empire: Legions.

Taking Fallen Empire Legions as an example, I guess Iíd have to say itís trying to sell a product that everyone else has already bought someplace else. Itís hard to get people excited about a free cross platform first person shooter when the graphics arenít of the same level as Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike: Source, Call of Duty 4, et al. Hell, Iíd even play Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 Arena instead of Fallen Empire Legion.

As a general rule, the major titles for the site are cheaper knock offs of games you want to play. While high end games are well-crafted units, the games at Instant Action come off as the cheap prizes you win at carnivals. They look like real games on the surface until youíre up close and realize there isnít much to them.

Rokkitball I applaud for being an original idea, or at least one that people arenít used to. The game is a 3-D multiplayer where you have to guide a ball into an enemyís goal. The catch is that the player with the ball is temporarily unarmed, and everyone else has a rocket launcher they can use to stop the opposing player. The game becomes part team-based FPS and part soccer simulator and was a good thirty minutes of fun.

But as fun as Rokkitball is, itís hard to guess the intended audience. Sports fans? FPS fans? Both? The other games on Instant Action seek to similarly bridge the gap between divergent gaming niches, like casual and hardcore gamers, and the results are likely to be missed by both groups.
Read the full article at the link below.


Protecting Your Brains In Plants Vs. Zombies
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Crispy Gamer has published a new review of Plants Vs. Zombies, PopCap Games most recent entry in the casual games market. The tower defense title challenges players to make use of a variety of plants to defend their home, and their brain, from a horde of hungry zombies. Crispy Gamer gave the game a "Buy It" recommendation.

From the review:

There's no one perfect strategy or setup that works for every situation, and it's the constant shuffling of different plants and positions that keeps you on your toes. This is especially true when the Adventure mode is over and the game moves on to the much more challenging Survival mode. Here, your arsenal no longer gets plowed away at the end of each level, letting you slowly build up a mighty fortress to protect against some truly fearsome (yet still somehow cute) hordes of zombies. With survival mode, what was a battle of attrition becomes a continuing battle of momentum and positioning, where a small hole in your defenses can quickly spiral into total defeat. After slogging through the game's overly long tutorial, this is where you'll happily spend days just trying to add one more day to your streak.

And then there are the mini-games, which take the game's core concept and turn it on its head in a variety of surprising and interesting ways. A mini-game might turn all the zombies invisible, or give them plant-like attack powers. Maybe you'll be asked to build your units into a specific star pattern on the field, or lay them all out before the zombies even start to march, or work them around a set of Portal-inspired portals. One mini-game even lets you take control of the zombies, using them strategically to take out increasingly difficult groups of plants. Some twists on the formula end up more interesting than others, but they all show a devotion to keeping the game's simple concept from becoming stale too soon.
Click over to the link below to read the full review.

Crispy Gamer: Plants Vs. Zombies Review
PopCap Games
Plants Vs. Zombies

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Discussing EVE Online's Council Of Stellar Management
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

MMOGamer recently posted the results of an interview with CCP Games' Petur Oskarsson, Valerie Massey, and Ned Coker. The developers discussed the effectiveness of the Council of Stellar Management for EVE Online. Made up of players who serve to voice the concerns of the game community to the developers, the council is entirely elected by the game's player base.

The MMO Gamer: When you first told me about the Council of Stellar Management last year, I was picturing either the game turning into a banana republic, with a new president every week, or a dictatorship where one guy goes on eBay and buys ten billion credits to bribe everyone.
How has it been working out?

Petur Oskarsson: It actually has been working out quite well. And buying ten billion to bribe people, sure, you can do that, but there is no guarantee that they will actually vote for you. They might accept the money and just cast a vote for someone else.

Valerie Massey: Have you ever seen anyone do something like that?

Petur Oskarsson: Well, yes. One guy was actually asking me if he could do that. And we said, sure, go ahead. But thereís no guarantee that they will actually vote for you. So, you can spend your money on that, but it might be for nothing.

The MMO Gamer: Morbid curiosity, which (council requests) were denied? Free ponies and rainbows for everyone?

Petur Oskarsson: Nobody actually thought of asking for that.
The denials were mostly because the players simply didnít understand the technology behind certain things.
So, they were simply were asking for features that either were technically impossible or extremely difficult to implement. I mean, we could do anything. But do we want to spend a year of development time changing the entire sub-structure of EVE just to get that done?
What became apparent in the elections and the candidates running was that people seem to vote based on play style, not based upon group allegiance in-game.

Read the rest of the Q&A at the page listed below.

MMOGamer: EVE Online Council Q&A
CCP Games
EVE Online

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