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Thursday, April 9, 2009

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Geneforge 2 Universal Update Adds 32-bit Color
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Spiderweb Software has announced the release of Version 1.1 of Geneforge 2, the second title in the fantasy RPG series chronicling the history of the Shapers and the Rebels. The latest patch is a Universal Binary version of the game and includes 32 bit color, making it compatible with modern Macs.

Geneforge 2 is a fantasy role-playing epic with a science fiction twist. In Geneforge 2, you explore a huge world, choose which side you will fight for, and make your own horde of completely obedient mutant monsters.

You are an apprentice Shaper. You are being given the power to create life and mold it to serve your own needs. The whole world fears and respects the Shapers. Your secrets are many, and your power is absolute.

If you need a servant, you have but to create it, and it will gladly die for you.

But when you and your teacher are sent on what seems to be a simple mission, things go horribly wrong. Monsters roam the countryside. Your allies turn on you. Your teacher disappears. And you find yourself in the middle of a conspiracy to use forbidden powers and overthrow Shaper rule.

Many factions want your help. All have their own rewards to offer. Will you stay loyal to your people? Or will you fight to remake the world?

Geneforge 2 has a huge and open storyline. You can join with any of several factions and reach dozens of different endings. Help the rebels, or fight them. Fight your enemies, or use stealth and diplomacy. When you finish the game, start over, join a different group, and experience a completely different game. No matter what you choose, Geneforge 2 offers an enormous adventure with plenty of replay value.
Visit the link below to download the latest version.

Spiderweb Software
Geneforge 2

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DOFUS The 21st Spell Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The 21st Spell, Version 1.27 of Ankama's online game DOFUS, is now available. The update features a variety of new content for the Flash based fantasy MMO, including new special class spells, new alignment quests, new challenges, and a focus on player vs. player combat.
Here's a list of some of the new features:

Each class (Cra, Feca, etc.) will have its own special spell. This 21st spell can be obtained with a Doploon token. Players can get that token by defeating a Dopple in their class temple. A Dopple is a powerful creature with the spells of one of the playable character classes at their disposal. Doploons can be exchanged for experience and items, and that’s why they’re so sought-after by players.
PvP quests appeared with DOFUS version 1.26 and are aggression contracts against other characters. The experience gained with these quests has been increased by 50% in order to make PvP a real alternative to PvM for making characters evolve.
Among other new things, there are the Strokens. Each time players win a PvP fight, they get 2 Strokens, as well as experience and Kamas (in-game currency). These are tokens and are connected to one character. Payers can accumulate them before exchanging them for specific rewards to the NPC which gives the PvP quests in their city (Bonta or Brakmar). These rewards include Characteristic Scrolls – which are used to improve the characteristics of a character (Strength, Agility, Chance etc.) – or Spiritual Gems (soul stones which enable players to challenge a powerful dungeon monster in an arena).
If a player is designated as the target of another player and wins a fair fight, that player will then get half the reward (1 Stroken and half of the experience).
In order to avoid endless PvP or PvM fights, healing power has been reduced. With each blow taken, only part of the Health Points lost will be restored. Therefore, the maximum number of Health Points of a character inexorably diminishes during each fight– regardless of the number of heals received. This new system emphasizes the tactical aspect of the game.
War between Bonta and Brakmar continues! 10 new alignment quests (level 40 – 50) are now available! An additional Order quest has been added for each order. Both cities have three orders and joining one of them enables players to specialize as warriors, priests or spies. When specialized, players can access the second rank of their Order and receive alignment rewards (Attack, Resurrection, Liberation, itemouflage or immobile camouflage potions). These rewards are linked to PvP fights but cannot be used in combat.
Challenges are missions given to players for each fight. If they complete their mission, they will receive experience bonuses and items at the end of the fight. 37 challenges (including 3 hidden ones) have been added to the game.
More details about this update can be found at the page listed below.

DOFUS 1.27
Ankama Studio

The Sims 3 Available For Pre-Order
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gametreeonline recently announced that the online portal is now accepting pre-orders for The Sims 3, the upcoming continuation of the popular life sim. The game will add new twists to the formula with customizable personalities, goal oriented gameplay, movie creation and editing, and an online community.

How will you create the universe!

The freedom of The Sims 3 will inspire you with endless creative possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief! Create millions of unique Sims and control their lives. Customize their appearances and personalities. Build their homes — design everything from exquisitely furnished dream homes to quaint cottages. Then, send your Sims out to explore their ever-changing neighborhood and to meet other Sims in the town center. With all-new quick challenges and rewarding game play, The Sims 3 gives you the freedom to choose whether (or not!) to fulfill your Sims’ destinies and make their wishes come true.

Explore the ever-changing neighborhood -- and take your Sims to meet friends in the park, discuss fine art at the gallery, visit neighbors' homes, converse with less-than-savory characters in the graveyard and more! Who knows what might happen? Admire the natural beauty of the beach, the mountains, and more.

Create any Sim you can imagine with new easy-to-use design tools that allow for unlimited customization of facial features, hair color, eye color, and more. Fine tune your Sims' body shape from thin to full-figured to muscular.

Select up to five individual personality traits such as brave, artistic, kleptomaniac, clumsy, paranoid, and romantic, to create an endless number of truly diverse Sims. Influence the behaviors of your Sims with the traits you've chosen. Will you create a neurotic romantic with a heart of gold, or a geeky super-genius with an evil streak?

Everyone can customize everything -- design and build your dream house and decorate it to fit your Sims' personalities. Customize everything from floors to décor, shirts to sofas, wall-paper to window shades.

Enjoy the challenge of fulfilling your Sims short- and long-term goals and reap the rewards. Your Sims can pursue random opportunities to get fast cash, get ahead, get even, and more. Choose whether or not to fulfill your Sims' destinies by making their wishes come true. Your Sims can skyrocket from Latrine Cleaner to Astronaut, from Rabid Fan to Sports Legend, or even from Roadie to Rock Star!

Download free & exclusive new content to enhance your game including new Sims, houses, furniture and more. Make your own movies & show them to the world. Share your own Sims, houses & more with anyone.
The Sims 3 is scheduled to be released on June 2nd, and costs $49.95. Head over to the page below for more information.

Electronic Arts
The Sims 3
Buy The Sims 3

Apple Games Features Prince Of Persia
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Apple Games's latest feature article examines Prince of Persia, the latest game iteration to be inspired by the 1989 original. In this version players take the role a new prince who must use his special gifts to assist the Princess Elika in her efforts to heal the lands. Apple Games' article takes the form of an interview with creative director Francois Emery, and includes sidebars detailing the game world's history, the prince's powers, and tips and tricks for success.

To reach that final act, you’ll find yourself jumping, swinging, running, and fighting your way through the lands overwhelmed by Corruption. Some of the Prince’s physical abilities are new to this game, including sliding down slopes, using his gauntlet as a grip while quickly descending walls, and roof- and wall-running. “We wanted to offer a more action-oriented experience that’s focused on the impressive acrobatics you must perform to reach your goal,” Emery explains.

Elika’s skills are comparable to the Prince’s, but she brings with her several magical abilities, including extending the Prince’s jumps, teleporting the pair between healed lands, and saving the Prince any time he’s about to fall to his doom or lose a fight. That last ability means it’s impossible to die in the game, but rescuing the Prince from a fall means he must start the current series of obstacles from the beginning, while protecting him during a fight gives the enemy a chance to regain some of its lost health.

“We wanted to enhance Ahriman’s presence with strong enemies, rather than multiple ones,” Emery relates. “You’re not overwhelmed but rather must go head-to-head with the evil source of power in the world. Those duels also serve as a direct link to the original Prince of Persia, in which you were fighting guards one at a time.”
Read the full article at the page linked below.

Apple Games: Prince of Persia
Prince Of Persia

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