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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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X3: Terran Conflict Coming In April, X3: Reunion Re-Ported
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 10 comments

In its recent newsletter X-Universe News revealed that the sci-fi space action title X3: Terran Conflict is on its way to Macs in April courtesy of Virtual Programming. VP is also working on a re-port of X3: Reunion, a game previously released using TransGaming's Cider virtualization software.

Virtual Programming Ltd, a specialist software developer for the Macintosh platform, is pleased to announce that in April 2009 it will release X3:Terran Conflict for MacOS. Director of New Business for VP Ltd, Mr Mark Hinton, on the process of porting Terran Conflict for the Mac, said, "We have developed a brand new technology to bring PC games to the Mac platform, and X3:TC has proven to be quite a demanding game. However, we are very excited about it and believe the Mac community will be too."
VP Ltd has also been working on a re-port of X3: Reunion and according to Mr. Hinton this should be released 3-4 weeks after the release of X3: Terran Conflict. This re-port should please many Mac X gamers who have openly voiced their disappointment in the previous port of X3: Reunion, produced using Cider technology.
Visit the page listed below to read more.

X-Universe News: Mac Ports
Virtual Programming
X3: Reunion

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InstantAction Officially Launched
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

Beta testing for InstantAction has concluded and the browser based game technology has been officially launched. Developed by GarageGames, creator of the Torque Game Engine, the service allows a variety of games to run directly in a web browser. Some of the titles available to Mac users include Marble Blast Online, Think Tanks, and Fallen Empire: Legions. In addition to running games InstantAction allows for social networking, stat tracking, achievements and other online services.

"The growth of games played in a browser is one of the fastest of any platform that we track. However, it has been limited by relatively unsophisticated graphics and development tools," said Evan S. Wilson, senior research analyst of Pacific Crest Securities. "InstantAction represents the best example that we've seen of advancing browser-based games to a level that gamers have come to demand. It removes several previous limitations that have prevented developers from pursuing games for the browser and this will further accelerate the growth of the category."

For the first time, developers and publishers can leverage InstantAction Technology to bring console-quality games -- built with idTech, Python, Torque, Unreal, or any other technology -- to the web. This makes games more accessible and viral by allowing players to share a game with friends just as easily as they share video links -- by sending a simple URL. Those friends can join live game sessions with just one click.

"Bringing InstantAction Technology to market has the potential to completely change how developers and publishers think about game distribution," said Brett Seyler, Vice President of InstantAction Technology. "Our early conversations with developers and publishers have generated a lot of excitement for this amazing technology, as the industry realizes that the web will transform games as much as it has with all other media from photos, to music, to video."

Deployment of games is supported by the InstantAction Technology Cloud, a suite of web services that enable connective community features. Using these services, data can be saved in the cloud allowing players to access their accounts, games, game progress, game settings, and characters from any machine anywhere. Rich social features such as stats tracking, chat, matchmaking, achievements and profiles are all available to customers utilizing InstantAction Technology cloud services.

The beta goals achieved include:
-- Stability and quality: It's now easier and faster to load games, play with most hardware configurations, and stay connected through intensive gameplay.
-- Games from all genres: now spans many genres, including First Person Shooter, Real-Time Strategy, Flight Simulation, Mech, Platformer, and more.
-- Play in all major browsers and on both PC and Mac platforms: now supports IE, Firefox, and Safari browsers on both Windows and Mac OS.
-- Huge Community: reached its 1,400,000th user registration in February. Users can jump into any multiplayer game and make new friends while engaging in combat, joining a clan, or just wasting some time.
-- Live Development: The innovative live development process allows players to participate in the development of the site and games.

For more information click over to the links provided below.


iPhone Releases: Aspyr's VooDude, HermitWorks' Space Trader
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media has announced the release of VooDude, the company's third application release for Apple's iPhone.  Voodude allows users to create and manipulate their own personal, portable Voodoo doll within an iPhone or iPod Touch. Features include the ability to shake, pin, burn, or toss the doll. Users can also map any photo to the doll's head.

More about VooDude:

At your mercy...

Have your own personal voodoo doll with you everywhere you go by downloading Voodude for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Voodude acts as your stress relief buddy – use the accelerometer and touch screen to shake, pin, burn and toss him – he’ll respond to your slightest whim!

Plus, you can personalize your Voodude by mapping any photo you want on his head – use a picture from your photo library or snap a photo with the iPhone camera. Whether you want to enact revenge or just get some laughs, Voodude gives you the ability to create your own custom Voodoo dolls to put through the wringer and then share with friends.

Voodude Key Features:
• Use the accelerometer to shake and scramble Voodude
• Ragdoll physics
• Touch screen interactivity puts Voodude at the mercy of your fingers
• Personalize your Voodude by face-mapping
• Save each of your custom Voodudes to bring them out later for further enjoyment
• Email your creations to other Voodude users
HermitWorks has also announced a new iPhone/iPod Touch title, this one an adaptation of the company's 3D trading game, Space Trader. Scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2009 Space Trader: Moon Madness will allow phone users to pursue their fortunes as an interstellar trader, with the goal of making as much money as possible within the time limit.

More about Space Trader: Moon Madness

Space Trader: Moon Madness is a 3D trading game set in a science-fiction universe. The game offers you the chance to seek out power and riches as you become increasingly proficient as an interstellar trader of highly sought after merchandise. Assume the role of a Space Trader trying to make a profit buying and selling commodities, everything from medical supplies to food and precious metals. The goal is to make as much money possible within the time limit. Visit various locations in search of the best deal and be sure to look for side quests to help you achieve the highest score.
Innovative first person controls:
Space Trader: Moon Madness uses the same dual-analog controls that most gamers used to first person console games are already used to. The left pad controls movement through the level, while the right pad controls the direction that the player faces. Tapping on a character while standing near them initiates dialogue. Icons along the top of the screen open different screens relating to Travel, Contact Lists, Mission Log, Inventory, and Finances. These first person controls are very easy to pick up and get into the game... a first on the iPhone.
Fully interactive and explorable environments:
Able to travel anywhere in the level, upstairs and down in a fully 3D world. Meet new contacts, find bonus items and discover secrets. There are no invisible barriers or arbitrary limits in Space Trader: Moon Madness
Large sized game on a small size device:
Space Trader is designed with replayability in mind.  The variety of characters and price fluctuating commodities make each player experience unique. Random disasters and missions with multiple outcomes scenarios create a new experience each time you play the game on your iPhone.
Challenge yourself to unlock all the achievements in Space Trader: Moon Madness. Compete with friends and rivals to see who can discover every secret first.
Aspyr's VooDude is available now from Apple's iPhone App Store for $0.99. Pricing for HermitWork's Space Trader: Moon Madness is not yet available.

Click on the links below to learn more.

Space Trader: Moon Madness Video
Aspyr Media
HermitWorks Entertainment

Hothead Games Bringing Braid To Mac
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Hothead Games has revealed plans to bring Jonathan Blow's Braid puzzle game to Macs. Originally released for the XBox 360, Braid grants players control over time to help them solve a variety of unique puzzles in colorful settings.

Hothead Games' unique collaborative effort marries indie studios’ creative game designs with Hothead Games’ multi-platform development and digital distribution expertise to bring award-winning titles to new gaming platforms.
Among the first to join in this effort is Jonathan Blow, whose 2008 launch of Braid via Xbox LIVE® Arcade amazed gamers with its innovative game play and distinctive art style. Hothead Games is partnering with Blow to bring his ground-breaking game to the Mac® platform and has secured exclusive digital publishing rights to that version.
“We focus on finding new distribution opportunities so that they can focus on what they do best: developing their next great game,” said Hothead Games COO Joel DeYoung. “We’re committed to working with indies and helping them be successful, so look for lots more announcements to come.”
Keep an eye on IMG for more details as they become available. Head over to the sites below for more information.

Hothead Games
Buy Braid

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