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Monday, January 19, 2009

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Diablo III: Vanishing Items, Stash Size
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Diablo III Community Manager Bashiok has offered a few more tidbits of information about Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming action RPG sequel. This time the discussion covers how long items dropped in town remain on the ground in Diablo III and the possibility of increasing the stash size in the game.

Kitsunestrife (USWest):Please let us drop items in town without fear of them disappearing over time. I know there is a stash, but thatís like for items that you want to travel with you, whatever land you want to be in. But Iíd like to have items stay where they are when I drop them in town.
At least have this option open in single player mode. Thatís one thing I loved about Diablo 1.
Bashiok: It could potentially and probably fairly easily drag down game performance, or worse yet potentially affect server performance in online games. Weíre actually using 3D items that drop to the ground, but even Diablo II sprites cost something - performance wise. If items stay forever then itís essentially an infinite amount of storage, and if not and they disappear when you save and exit, how is that communicated to the player so they donít lose important items. In regards to it being possible in single player, again game performance comes into it. Allowing the player to substantially degrade game performance is never a good idea, they will do it, and in essence itís the gameís fault for allowing them to. Itís also a better approach to not change up unspoken rules in different areas of the game whenever possible. Making items disappear in multiplayer but not single player would be potentially be a very devastating piece of information not to have.
Ayynoo (USEast): Could we have a larger stash in Diablo 3? the stash in Diablo 2 is painfully small, and it requires us to make like 10 mules to carry things we want but dont have space for. i think that is one major shortcoming in Diablo 2, i would really like it if the problem was solved in Diablo 3.
Bashiok: I donít think there could ever be enough space to keep some players from shuttling items to mules. Itís going to happen. But making it a comfortable amount of storage, as well as having ways to easily and safely get items to and from characters are definitely goals to have.
Head over to the Blizzplanet page below to read more.

Blizzplanet: Dropped Items Degrade Diablo 3 Performance
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo III
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Wheel Of Fortune Super Deluxe Digital Download Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has announced the digital download release of Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe for the Macintosh on its web site. The game was created by Encore Software.

From the website:

Spin the Wheel, call a letter, buy a vowel and solve the puzzle! This super-sized version of Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe is packed with more puzzles and excitement than ever before! Players can go head to head with a friend or compete against the computer's contestants. Game play is incredibly realistic with vivid graphics, challenging puzzles, and the ever-present danger of landing on "Bankrupt"! Experience all the fun of the #1 TV game show on your Mac today.

ē More than 2,500 puzzles from the TV show
ē Single Player, Multiplayer and AI Challenger game modes
ē Customizable characters
Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 to later, PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel Mac, and 256 MB of RAM. A free downloadable demo of the game is available on The full version costs $19.95.

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John Graham Discusses Overgrowth
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Earlier this month MacGamer posted a two part interview with Wolfire Software's John Graham about Overgrowth, the upcoming sequel to Lugaru. Graham discussed the game's new engine, terrain creation, mod friendly design, and how Overgrowth ties into Lugaru.

MacGamer: What types of assets will we see in Overgrowth?
John Graham: Overgrowth's major assets will be high-detail terrain, buildings, uniquely-styled weapons, procedurally animated character models, customizable clothing and a comprehensive map editor. We've been focusing mostly on terrain so far because it will be the most viewed asset in the game. Starting with terrain is very helpful from a development standpoint because once we iron out how our landscapes will look, we can safely and artistically address how buildings will look on the landscape. When our building tools near completion, we can then determine with certainty how characters should move around in the environment with respect to both terrain and buildings.
Additionally, the mod support we're going to put into Overgrowth will create a greatly expanded asset list. We want to do everything we can to encourage players to make custom levels, campaigns, buildings, weapons and clothes. We are already starting to gather support for our modding community on the Overgrowth ModDB page.

MacGamer: How does Overgrowth tie into its predecessor, Lugaru?
John Graham: Overgrowth will take place in the same world as Lugaru where animals are forced to use paws, claws and medieval weapons to engage each other in combat. Overgrowth will pick up a few years after Lugaru left off. While Overgrowth will be inheriting Lugaru's tried and true fighting system, it will also benefit from every cutting edge feature our brand new Phoenix Engine has to offer. Fans can expect better graphics, better physics and animation, more combat moves, more parkour moves, more weapons, more character types and better mod support.
Click over to the link below to read the full interview.

MacGamer: John Graham Interview 1
MacGamer: John Graham Interview 2
Wolfire Software

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Macworld has published a new review of LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Brought to Macs by Feral Interactive, the game follows Indyís escapades through the jungles of South America to the mountaintops of India. Macworld gave LEGO Indy a score of 4 out of 5 mice.

From the review:

Doing justice to these two enterprises is a tough task, but Lego Indiana Jones succeeds by preserving the spirit of the movie franchise and the innocence and quirkiness of the Lego legacy. The game encapsulates the three movies into three satirical game episodes; the developers pay tribute and lovingly mock the source material at the same time, making for a humorous and enjoyable experience that new and old fans will like. Certain plot elements and adult-themes are omitted to keep the game family friendly; you wonít see any little Lego men with swastikas, nor will you see the more mature scenes of the second movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Instead, the game is painted in a light-hearted brush, which translates to (mostly) well-timed slapstick elements and a focus on physical comedy.

The gameplay combines elements of adventuring and platforming. You guide Indiana and one of his friends around obstacles, over pits, and into various fights. Each character has a special ability that will help assist you in your quest: Willie breaks glass with her voice, Short Round can crawl into small spaces, and Henry Jones Sr. can read hieroglyphics. Youíll often be tasked with assembling little Lego contraptions to get around obstacles or youíll have to chase down a key in order to unlock a door. Occasionally, youíll have to drive a vehicle through a small area, and the controls are so stiff and unintuitive youíll be thankful that these segments are brief.
To read the full review head over to the link below.

Macworld: LEGO Indiana Jones Review
Feral Interactive
LEGO Indiana Jones

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