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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spore Galactic Adventures Confirmed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Electronic Arts has confirmed work on Galactic Adventures, an upcoming expansion for Will Wright's Spore. The expansion, which will likely focus on the final phase of the game, will be one in a planned line of products in 2009 devoted to Spore .

Maxis, makers of The Sims, present the next big bang - SPORE. Create your unique creature and guide it on an epic journey through a universe of your own creations. Play any way you choose in the five evolutionary stages of Spore: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. How you play and what you do with your universe is entirely up to you. Spore gives you a variety of powerful yet easy-to-use creation tools so you can create every aspect of your universe: creatures, vehicles, buildings, and even starships.

CREATE Your Universe from Microscopic to Macrocosmic—From tide pool amoebas to thriving civilizations to intergalactic starships, everything is in your hands.
EVOLVE Your Creature through Five Stages—It’s survival of the funnest as your choices reverberate through generations and ultimately decide the fate of your civilization.
EXPLORE Other Players’ Galaxies—Will your creature rule the universe, or will your beloved planet be blasted to smithereens by a superior alien race?
SHARE with the World—Everything you make is shared with other players and vice versa, providing tons of cool creatures to meet and new places to visit.
Galactic Adventures is tentatively scheduled for release sometime this Spring.

Electronic Arts
Buy Spore

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New Kivi's Underworld Demo Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Soldak Entertainment has released an updated dem for Kivi's Underworld, the company's casual action RPG title. The latest demo version adds bug fixes and changes introduced in patch 1.001. In Kivi's Underworld players adventure as one of 20 character classes against a variety of dangerous foes.

Kivi's Underworld is a casual hack and slash game. Explore the mysterious underworld as a mighty Warrior battling opponents, rain down fire on your enemies with the Fire Mage or adventure with any of the 20+ classes. Can you save the lumen people?

In the Kivi's Underworld demo, you can play the first 6 adventures, unlock and play 6 of the characters, and see many of the monsters, traps, and items from the full game.  The demo is also less than 50MB.  You can see the minimum and recommended System Specs here.
Head over to the link below to download the new demo.

Kivi's Underworld Demo
Soldak Entertainment
Kivi's Underworld

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Vote For Your Favorite Dark Templar
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment is asking StarCraft fans to vote for their choice of Dark Templar designs to used in the upcoming StarCraft II. The choices include the design seen in the original StarCraft, a dual scythe wielding armored warrior, and the option for a random choice between the two upon unit creation.

Dark templar are powerful psionic warriors whose forebears were exiled from the protoss homeworld of Aiur over a thousand years ago. They were banished for their refusal to join the Khala, the communal mind link shared by all protoss of Aiur. Driven by individuality and a thirst for knowledge, dark templar have developed along a very different path than the carefully regulated mainstream of protoss society. They remain willful and often fiercely independent, with their closest allegiance being first to clannish warrior bands and then to the Nerazim, the great tribe to which all dark templar belong.

By their nature the Nerazim are a diverse group of freethinkers motivated by their regard for one another and tribal bonds rather than abstract notions of authority. Different clans take great pains to distinguish themselves through variations in weapons, armor, markings, and dress. For example, the famed hunters of the Zer'atai dress in the bones of slain zerg; the Boros are known for their blank-faced helms and heavy armor; and the Lenassa wear distinctive cloth wrappings and bear wickedly curved warp blades.

Regardless of clan, reputation and personal responsibility are paramount in the eyes of any Nerazim: individuals must always be accountable for their actions. As a result, deeds rather than words act as the dark templar's guide. Individual clans can be prone to feuding and rivalry, but they are quick to band together against a common threat, such as that presented by the zerg. Judging the total power of the Nerazim is almost impossible, for most are nomadic folk scattered across dozens of star systems in small ships and hidden enclaves. It's quite possible that their combined strength is enormous.
Dark Templar Choices:
• The first option represents the Lenassa tribe of dark templar, which made its debut in the original StarCraft. This unit carries a single warp blade, and a cloth shroud covers its face.

• The second option represents the Zer'atai tribe of dark templar, who wield dual scythes and wear an ensemble of heavy armor and the bones of slain zerg.

• The third and final option is to have both tribes represented: When you build a dark templar, either the Lenassa or Zer'atai dark templar would spawn randomly.
Voting will be open until the first week of February. Click over to the links below for more information.

StarCraft II: Dark Templar Vote
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Buy StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

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Baldur's Gate Retrospective Part 2
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

RPG Vault has wrapped up its Baldur's Gate retrospective with a comment from the lead designer of the successful RPG and its sequel. The Dungeons & Dragons RPG series led players on a series of adventures through the Forgotten Realms setting and along the way cemented its position as a classic in the genre.

James Ohlen: Lead Designer, Baldur's Gate
I had a lot of fun as lead designer on Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. Those games were a chance for me to bring everything I love about Dungeons & Dragons to a computer game. I remember trying to cram every creature, setting and class that I could think of into the latter in an attempt to outdo the first game. As much fun as those titles were to make, we did go a little crazy, and built a world that really was just a pastiche of everything that had been done in fantasy. The main city in Baldur's Gate II had a beholder cult, a lich, vampire assassins, a crazy illusionist, etc. While we did try hard to bring it all together into a consistent story, in the end, the world still felt a little like a comic book.
Check out the page linked below to read more.

RPG Vault: Baldur's Gate Memories 2
Baldur's Gate

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