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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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EVE Online: Quantum Rise Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CCP Games has released the final deployment of the two-part staged release of EVE Online: Quantum Rise, the ninth free expansion for the Sci-Fi MMO. The expansion features the ability for corporations to hand out custom medals for achievements they designate, a new certificate system to measure individual pilot skill, the introduction of the Orca capital ship, and a rebalancing of ship speed to improve combat viability.

Here's a list of some of the new featurs in Quantum Rise:

Stackless IO
Vastly outperforming previous network technology, Stackless IO brings reduced latency and faster response to EVE Online. With Stackless IO, the groundwork has been laid for pushing the limits of today's server technology to new heights.
We've migrated our key servers to 64-bit software, allowing the scale of player battles to surpass the previous limit of a few hundred on each side and improving performance in extremely high traffic regions of space.
Opportunities arise in the Tech 2 device market as newly discovered reaction methods yield alternatives to the rare and coveted minerals needed to build high end equipment.
Industrial Ships Get Love
The Orca has arrived, putting a new industrial capital ship in play. Several changes have been made to existing industrial ships to improve balance and tweak optimization.
Speed Rebalanced
Adjustments were made across the board to allow for significant and meaningful difference in speed between the ship classes. More viable ships in battle means more strategy and tactics in combat.
Ammunition Ammunition Cost Change
50% more bombs per production run with no change to quantity of materials needed to produce. More affordable ammo means more choices in how you want to blow things up, and that's always a good thing.
Earn official recognition for accomplishing certain levels of skill training in all areas from trading to combat. Certificates are a powerful tool to reinforce your bragging rights and bargaining power.
To learn more about EVE Online and its latest expansion follow the links provided below.

EVE Online Quantum Rise Features
CCP Games
EVE Online

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Dominions 3: The Awakening Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Shrapnel Games released a new patch for Dominions 3: The Awakening, Illwinter Game Design's third installment in the turn-based fantasy war game series. The patch brings the feature rich game to version 3.21 and introduces a variety of bug fixes and updates.

Features and bug fixes in 3.21:

New spirits to summon for Jomon: Ujigami, Mori-no-kami, Kenzoku, Jigami, Gozy Mezu.
R'lyeh dreamlands suffered from the same problem as Ermor once did. Dom-kill rate now multiplied by 5.
Battle enchantments did not expire when leaving the battlefield by unusual means (e.g. being immortal
and getting killed), fixed.
Shape changing could result in incorrect magic item loss, fixed.
Wishing for a non unique item could remove too many items from the world, fixed.
Game could crash due to too many large units on the battlefield, fixed.
Crash during turn generation fixed.
Improved cheat detection.
Many random events have some fixes.
Click over to the site below for more information.

Dominions 3 Downloads
Shrapnel Games
Dominions III: The Awakening
Buy Dominions III: The Awakening

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World Of Goo Developers Interviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GameCritics has published a new interview with 2D Boy's Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel about the company's unique puzzle title, World of Goo. The two developers discuss the struggles of independent game development, the success of the game, and their plans for the future.

Now that you're independent, what was the transition like? Also, has World of Goo been successful enough to sustain you both financially, or are you doing other things on the side?
Ron: The transition into indieness was one of the most exciting and one of the most stressful things I've ever done. It took about a year and a half of living off savings before we saw a cent and it's kinda frightening to see your bank account balance going full steam ahead towards zero. We had some opportunities to do contract work but decided that we'd rather be working on our game. If we ran out of money we could always get contract work later. Now that we've seen some sales numbers, I can say that while we're far from rich, we'll have enough money to fund our next game.

I've heard that the story of the game is a parable for the story of your studio, or yourselves. Is that correct, and if so, how?
Kyle: Yep. The overarching story of World of Goo is a big metaphor for the development process - curious and naive little goo balls, encountering a large international corporation and it's global pipe distribution system. Meanwhile, we're a curious and naive new indie studio, eager to explore, encountering large international publishing corporations with their global distribution systems. Or, more generally - hope, ambition, curiosity, etc, collide with a cold bitter reality. World of Goo Corporation, in particular, is a giant metaphor for some of the absurd experiences we've had along the way with publishers so far. I just hope not too many Goo Balls get chopped up by rusty spikes, or fall into infinite death pits.
Head over to the site below to read the rest.

GameCritics: World Of Goo Interview
World of Goo

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Wakfu: Turn-Based Combat, Death, PvP
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

RPGVault recently published an interview with Ankama's Graziella Marie and Camille Chafer about the company's upcoming tactical MMORPG, Wakfu. The interview covers a variety of topics related to the game including the turn based combat system, Player vs player plans, and the game's death system.

Jonric: Since you stated last time that Wakfu will use a turn-based combat system, why is this so, and what are the keys to success?
Graziella Marie & Camille Chafer: Wakfu's combat system is very different from those in more traditional MMORPGs. We were convinced that this was the right direction from the very beginning of our work on Dofus. We wanted to inject a good amount of strategy into the fighting system, and that suits the genre very well.
There are many activities for players who'd rather not get too deep into the combat aspect of the game. For example, they can become protectors of the environment, or train to become experts in one of many crafting professions.
Success in combat is based on good tactics and positioning of characters, but to add some spice to the concept, players will receive bonuses for finishing their turn quickly.

Jonric: Are you planning to have PvP, how important will it be, and what are the major features and elements?
Graziella Marie & Camille Chafer: A PvP system is in the pipeline, and this will become even more important when we implement the political system. We can't really say too much more about it for the moment, but we'll return to this important feature in the near future.

Jonric: How about the death system? Will it include penalties such as lost experience points? Will Wakfu have hardcore servers like Dofus does?
Graziella Marie & Camille Chafer: We decided to go for a system that penalizes characters when they die. They will lose some XP, with the amount depending on the characters' stats. At the same time, being players ourselves, we know how painful it is to see those hard-won points being eaten away, so we have developed a profession in which members can learn to bring their companions back to life, reducing the loss considerably in the process. The point of this scheme is to create an awareness of the negative aspects of dying, while simultaneously making things more interesting for role-players, or those who like to dedicate themselves 100 percent to their vocations.
We're pushing these negative aspects of dying even farther with Wakfu's "heroic" server - which exists already for Dofus. On it, character death is permanent.
To read the full interview and check out some exclusive screenshots head over to the links below.

RPG Vault: Wakfu Interview Part 2
RPG Vault: Wakfu Interview Part 1

MacRaider Site Receives New Home
6:00 AM | Marcus Albers | 1 comment

Back in August, IMG reported the devastating news that creator and proprietor of the Macintosh Tomb Raider information site MacRaider, Kerrie Reay, had passed away. At the time, her daughter Ceinwen Price informed us that she was uncertain of the future of the site. And in September, the old site went offline.

Inside Mac Games has now been informed that the MacRaider site has received a new home. Trevor Liddle, a friend of Kerrie's, has taken on the task of housing the content of the site permanently. While it is unlikely that the MacRaider site will receive the kind of frequent updates that Kerrie was known for, this wealth of information will continue to be available to both the Mac gaming and Tomb Raider communities. A heart-felt "thank you" goes out from all of us here at Inside Mac Games to Trevor for his efforts. You can find the new MacRaider home by following the link below.

New MacRaider Home

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