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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Martians Vs. Robots Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Tommy Twisters, a developer of computer games and children's books, has released their latest creation: Martians Vs. Robots. The arcade game takes the basic shoot'em up action of Asteroids and combines it with strategic planning and multiplayer options. It is now available from the company website as a digital download for all major operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Players can choose to play the side of the stealthy and technologically advanced Martians, or the Earthling-created Robots, guilty of wiping out the human race.

Martians Vs. Robots' multiplayer mode delivers a combination of arcade game play with a mix of strategy and planning.  Players work together by gathering resources and researching new weapons and ships while battling around asteroids, gravity wells, and other spacial anomalies. Other multiplayer gameplay options include classic deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the core, and gauntlet. Also included is a single player arcade mode where players take on the role of Martians, trying to gather our solar system's remaining resources before the Robots.  Players can research new technologies and build more ships to propel themselves to victory and limit the reach of the robotic menace.

Who could have believed it? The Earthlings invented a race of robots and wiped themselves out! Now the Martians are the only ones left in our solar system that can clean up the mess. They better hurry though, because the Robots are growing fast and consuming all the crystal ore to be found! It’s a race for resources! And no matter how well the Martians were able to hide from the humans, a confrontation with the Robots is inevitable!

Game Features:
• Classic Asteroids style single player arcade mode
• LAN or Internet Multiplayer (supports up to 24 players at a time)
• Randomly generated maps
• Build your own custom maps and share them!
• Full technology trees for each side that your team can research together
• Multiple ships for each side and a full arsenal of weapons to go with them!
• Homing Missiles, Beam weapons, EMPs, Cloaking ,Teleporters , and more!
• Real Physics mode (for those who are brave enough!)
• Gravity Wells, weapon turrets, and more!
Martians Vs. Robots costs $19.95 and requires Mac OS 10.4 or higher. For more information about the game, please visit the website at the link below.

Martians Vs. Robots
Tommy Twisters

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IMG Reviews The Movies: Stunts & Effects
7:28 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the expansion for Feral Interactive's expansion for the game The Movies, The Movies: Stunts & Effects. Here's a clip from the review:

For those not familiar with the term, "machinima" are movies created, not with professional animation, but through a game. Usually, this involves complicated in-game scripting languages and editors, but The Movies (and M:S&E) streamlines the process, making it easy for most anyone. However, because The Movies and M:S&E are machinima and not true animation systems, they have a large but limited number of actions (scenes) that can be performed on each set, many of which are tied to the set itself. For example, while most sets have scenes with people meeting, the sets that involve moving vehicles do not.
Follow the link below to read the full review.

IMG Review: The Movies: Stunts & Effects
The Movies: Stunts & Effects
Feral Interactive
Lionhead Studios

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Eschalon Book II: Modules & Languages
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Basilisk Games has released its second weekly Q&A update featuring answers to one or two questions from forum members about the upcoming Eschalon: Book II, the next title in the company's old school RPG series. This time readers learn about support for languages other than English and the potential for players to add their own modules to the game.

Question #2:
[RezoApio] One question about translation: will B2 be available in other languages ? or will you offer fans the possibility to translate? This also leads to the question of moding B2 btw.

There is definitely more thought being put into translatability this time around. For Book I, much of the game's text was stashed away in proprietary files which made it very hard to give to others for translations. For Book II, we are keeping nearly all of the text in common format files outside the the game where translation will be much easier to do. What we have to work on now is a way to substitute the game's default fonts if the translated text contains Cyrillic characters. I don't believe this will be much of an issue, but it is something that we'll need to experiment with as the framework reaches a more finalized stage.

To more specifically answer your question: Basilisk Games will not handle non-English versions ourselves, but I expect that alternate language packs would probably start appearing a few weeks after release.

As for modifications, Book II is being designed to handle add-on modules correctly (as many people know, Book I was supposed to have an add-on but we could never get it to work properly). As for how easy it may be for players to create their own modules, again it is a little too early to make promises. We realize the benefit that can be gained by having an active mod community, but there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed before we can just release our production tools to the community and let everyone do want they want. It has always been then plan that Book III would be the game that is fully modifiable. Book II's framework will get us closer to that goal and may even allow for minor modifications (such as language packs mentioned above) but I cannot promise that you will be able to design your own adventures (then again, ingenious fans may find a way on their own! )
Read the entire Q&A at the link provided below.

Basilisk Forum: Eschalon Book II Question Of The Week
Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book II
Buy Eschalon: Book II

Apple Games Features The Sims DJ For iPod
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games latest feature steps onto the dance floor with a review of the recently released The Sims DJ for Apple's iPod multimedia device. In the game players attempt to keep the dancers happy by selecting the right mix of songs. If successful they win Simoleans to pay upgrade their Sim. The article features an overview of the game and an examination of the skills available in the game.

Pleasantview might be a nice place to live, but it’s become a bit staid. The town needs a DJ to liven up the nightlife, and we think you’re the right person for the job. We’ll get you started with a collection of songs in the rock, pop, rap, R ‘n’ B, dance, country, and world music genres, but make sure you buy additional tunes from your iPod library to bolster your mix skills.

Watch the icons above the Sims’ heads to see which genres they prefer and choose a song that you think will get most of them out on the dance floor. Stop the sliders at just the right spots to create the perfect mix and earn the most cred points from the crowd, as shown by their cumulative happiness and unhappiness scores. Switch to a tune from another genre to get more wallflowers moving and grooving, which earns you additional cred points, but watch the current dancers’ reactions.

Luckily, you have at your disposal DJ talents that help you sway the dancers’ attitudes. For example, you can convince a Sim to like the current music genre and switch them back to their original tastes when the time is right. The Free Drinks, Mirror Ball, and Scratch mini-games let you influence many Sims simultaneously, assuming you have the skills to succeed.
Check out the full article at the link below.

Apple Games: The Sims DJ
Buy The Sims DJ

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Dwarf Fortress Now Available For Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

An IMG reader has informed us that Bay 12 Games recently released a Mac version of Slaves To Armok, Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress. The single player fantasy game drops players into a randomly generated persistent world, either in control of a dwarven outpost or in the boots of an adventurer.

More about Dwarven Fortress:

The world is randomly generated with distinct civilizations spanning over 1000 years of history, dozens of towns, hundreds of caves and regions with various wildlife.
The world persists as long as you like, over many games, recording historical events and tracking changes.

• Command your dwarves as they search for wealth in the mountain.
- Craft treasures and furniture from many materials and improve these objects with precious metals, jewels and more.
- Defend yourself against attacks from hostile civilizations, the wilderness and the depths.
- Support the nobility as they make demands of your populace.
- Keep your dwarves happy and read their thoughts as they work and relax.
- Z coordinate allows you to dig out fortresses with multiple levels. Build towers or conquer the depths.
- Build floodgates to divert water for farming or to drown your adversaries.

• Play an adventurer and explore, quest for glory or seek vengeance.
- Meet adversaries from previous games.
- Recruit people in towns to come with you on your journey.
- Explore without cumbersome plot restrictions.
- Seamlessly wander the world -- 197376 x 197376 squares total -- or travel more rapidly on the region map.
- Accept quests from the town and civilization leaders.
- Retire and meet your old characters. Bring them along on an adventure with a new character or reactivate them and play directly.
- Z coordinate allows you to move seamlessly between dungeon levels and scale structures fighting adversaries above and below.
- The combat model uses skills, body parts, wrestling, charging and dodging between squares, bleeding, pain, nausea, and much more.
Dwarf Fortress is free to download and play. Bay 12 Games accepts donations from those who wish to contribute to the ongoing development of the game.

Dwarf Fortress
Bay 12 Games

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