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Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Depths of Peril Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Soldak Entertainment has announced the release of its single player RPG, Depths of Peril for the Mac. In the game players take the role of a faction leader engaged in defending the barbarian city of Jorvik. Along the way players venture forth to complete quests and fight monsters while at the same time preparing to defeat rival factions in the race to rule the city.

As a faction leader, you must deal with rival factions through diplomacy, trade, and in time, war. Between battles and raids against other barbarian factions, you build the most powerful faction possible, to withstand your enemies. Building the power of a faction involves exploring a fantasy world, slaying dangerous monsters, solving quests for the city, avoiding deadly traps, and plundering loot to share within your faction.

But in this world, actions actually have consequences, so take care. Annoying the powerful and aggressive Legion of Fear faction will cause them to declare war and destroy you. Ignored orc uprisings in the Black Forest might lead to attacks on the town or even more trouble. Protect ally covenants that are being raided, because friends are hard to come by.
System Requirements:
Minimum specs:
• OS X 10.4 or 10.5
• 1.5 GHz processor (PowerPC or Intel)
• 128MB RAM
• GeForce 2 (or other equivalent)
• 150MB of hard drive space
Recommended specs:
• 2.0 GHz processor (PowerPC or Intel)
• 256MB RAM
• GeForce 3 or better (or other equivalent)
The game costs $19.99 and can be purchased from the site below. A 70MB demo for Depths of Peril is also available.

Buy Depths Of Peril
Depths of Peril Demo Download
Soldak Entertainment
Depths of Peril
Buy Depths of Peril

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Flying Menaces: StarCraft II Units Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

IncGamers has posted a new preview of two Zerg flying units from the upcoming StarCraft II, the highly anticipated next installment in the popular sci-fi real time strategy series from Blizzard Entertainment. The preview offers an examination of the classic Mutalisk unit and a new recruit to the Zerg airforce: the Corrupter.

The Mutalisks has always been the main airborne force of the Swarm, especially considering the mutations that these beasts can undertake to become even more specialized opponents of the Terran or Protoss forces. With the Swarm under the direct influence of Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, they have done away with many old gene strains, improved some and evolved completely new ones. The Mutalisk is no longer alone in the forefront of aerial battle, they have been joined by the Corruptors, a new breed of Zerg evolutional ingenuity of the genetic.

This breed of flying Zerg are capable of corrupting (infesting) the flying vessels of Terran and Protoss in order to turn them against their allies, and opening fire upon themselves. The effect is only allowing the veichle to remain in the air stationary, and the effects have only a short duration, but by the time the infestation is weeded out, the vessel will have been irreparably damaged, and is destroyed. The amount of damage that it can cause in the meanwhile is frightening, and defeating these Corruptors becomes highest priority on the battlefield, even if that means the Mutalisks will have a field day with the remaining force.
Check out the rest of the preview at the link provided below.

IncGamers: Flying Menaces
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Buy StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

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Will Wright Doesn't Trust Focus Groups
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

SPOnG recently posted an article featuring comments from game designer Will Wright on the relative usefulness of focus groups to decide which game concepts to pursue. If Wright and Electronic Arts had listened to early focus group reaction to The Sims the game would never have started a blockbuster franchise.

"That's when I learned not to trust focus groups," says Wright. "I'm more suspicious when somebody says, 'That's a great idea!' than when they start pushing back and say, 'That's a horrible idea!', because if they say it's a horrible idea, then I know it's unexplored territory.""

Will Wright is the innovator and he was speaking about initial focus group reaction to the idea of The Sims - it was uniformly negative. His reaction also speaks highly of Electronic Arts which, despite the negativity, supported the game and reaped the rewards.
Head over to the site below to read the rest.

SPoNG: Will Wright, I Distrust Focus Groups

iPod Monopoly Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

iLounge has released a review of Monopoly, now available for owners of iPod multimedia devices. The game features the classic play of the original board game along with new additions like adjustable difficulty levels and customizable rules. iLounge gave the game a grade of B+.

From the review:

By the standards of EA’s previous board game translations for the iPod, Monopoly is not only fun, but legitimately replayable and educational. Though the company hasn’t included some of the streamlined or expanded variants on Monopoly popularized in recent years, it does give the player an initial choice to use the Atlantic City (U.S.) version or London (U.K.) version of the board and currency, with Park Place replaced by Park Lane, Illinois Avenue by Trafalgar Square, and so on. For mostly historic reasons, the U.S. version teaches less about geography than it does the general benefits and consequences of real estate investment; the U.K. version is bettered by more famous locales.

Either city map is presented from two perspectives, simultaneously. For visual interest, you’re provided with a close-up forced isometric 3-D view of the current player’s location on the board, which is often framed by a zoomed-out view of the full 11-block grid. You can use a management screen to highlight any of the properties on the board, view its “deed” with development and mortgage expenses, as well as its current “for sale” status. There aren’t any fancy visual effects, but this dual view lets you understand where you are and what’s available at all times, should you want to focus on that; alternatively, you can just keep rolling the dice to move around and enjoy the animation in the forced 3-D part of the frame.
The full review is available at the link provided below.

iLounge: iPod Monopoly Review

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