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Friday, December 7, 2007

GameTap Deluxe Player Released For Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

GameTap has released version 3.5 of its Deluxe Player, adding a variety of new enhancements to the service including compatibility for Intel Mac users, who previously could only access the service with the Lite Player. Although the Deluxe Player for Mac still does not allow users to play any Windows titles, it does offer all the service's other games.

Here are a few of the new features in version 3.5:

• Game play begins faster
• No registration required
• Quicker navigation
• Faster updates
• Simpler, more direct navigation to your favorite GameTap features
• Improved game search
• Cleaner interface
• Improved Buddy hub makes it easier to find, talk to and play with your buddies
• Global access to the Challenge Lobby
• GameTap Avatar and profile available directly from the toolbar
• New Download Manager
• Improved Storage Manager
• Standardized window and display controls
A $60 Gold subscription is required to play some of the newly available titles. Click over to the links below for more information.

GameTap Deluxe Player Download
Player Release Notes

IMG Posts Holiday Buying Guide 2007 - Part II
2:25 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG's Michael Philips is back with Part II of his IMG Holiday Buying Guide 2007. Be sure to check out the article by follow the link below.

Be on the lookout for Part III of the buying guide on Monday.

IMG Holiday Buying Guide 2007 - Part II

Ankh II: Heart of Osiris Released
1:34 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 5 comments

Runesoft has released Ankh II: Heart of Osiris for the Macintosh. Deck 13's award winning sequel is now available directly in boxed format from Runesoft.

The new game take players through fifteen scenes in ancient Egypt, half of which are completely new, while the other half are improved versions of familiar locations. Some familiar characters are also returning including Assil, Thara, and the Pharaoh. New additions to the quirky cast include a burning bush that believes it is God.

System requirements are Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, G4 or later, 512 MB RAM, 64 MB Graphics Video card, and 1 GB hard drive space.

For more, follow the link below.


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StarCraft II: Q&A Round 23
6:07 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The 21rd Q&A focusing on answers to fan submitted questions about StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment's long awaited sequel to the original StarCraft, is now available. SC II will pick up the storyline four years after the end of Brood War and will introduce competitive new multiplayer action for players to enjoy.

Chat with Devs:
After my chat with Dustin this past week, he wanted me to remind everyone that there are still several new units being created and tested for all three factions. What you have seen of the Protoss and Terran factions are in no way finished and more new units will be introduced, as well as the likeliness of current units being replaced.

1. Will the Campaign have as many videos as the original Starcraft? (
There will be several more in-game cutscenes, which are at a much higher quality than the original StarCraft pre-rendered movies. And while StarCraft II's single player will likely feature a few less pre-rendered movies, they will be much longer and more epic than anything seen in the original StarCraft.

2. Is the ghost unit going to be able to use the EMP Shockwave and -within short time interval- the Nuclear Strike as well? (

4. Will there be some sort of wall structure in StarCraft, for any of the races? (
Aside from building current structures close to each other to form walls, such as a line of Terran Supply Depots, no, there will not be walls that can be built. On the other hand, there will be some new wall structures in the single player mode and these doodads can also be accessed in the map editor.

5. Will the game feature a mechanic similar to Warcraft 3 where if a selection of units contains more than one unit type then the whole selection will move at the speed of the slowest unit to maintain cohesion? (
No, units in the same selection will not move at the same speeds. The slower units will need to be micromanaged by the players to keep up with the larger group.

For the rest of the Q&A follow the link provided below.

StarCraft Forums: SC 2 Q&A Batch 23
StarCraft Forums: Ask Your SC2 Questions Here
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Buy StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Electronic Arts has released an update for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, one of several Intel Mac only titles brought to the platform using TransGaming's Cider technology. The patch brings the game to version 947 and fixes a handful of problems encountered by users playing the game under Leopard.

Fixes in version 947:

-Fixed a crash when entering and exiting EASO on Leopard

-Fix for dock icons not showing up properly on Leopard

-Fix for an intermittent crash on quit

To download the update click over to the link below.

MGF: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 v947
Electronic Arts
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008
Buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008

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Professor Fizzwizzle Level Design Contest Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Grubby Games has announced Professor Fizzwizzle's MEGA Level Design Contest. Using the Professor Fizzlewizzle and the Molten Mystery level editor participants are challenged to create and enter their best level in one of three categories: Best Kids Level, Best Regular Level, and Best Advanced Level. Those without the skill or desire to create a level can still have a chance at winning by playing the creations of others and offering the most constructive feedback.

Winners in each of the four categories will receive a Fizzpack Collector's Edition CD, and runners up will win a free downloadable Grubby Games title of their choice.

Calling all Fizz-geniuses! It's time for Professor Fizzwizzle's MEGA Level Design Contest! Use the "Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery" level editor to create a masterpiece, and you could win great prizes!

Here are the competition categories:
Best Kids Level - Design something to delight the kids! Nothing too hard; this category is about fun, not frustration!
Best Regular Level - We're not looking for hair-pulling stumpers here; come up with something small, but elegant and clever!
Best Advanced Level - Pull out all the stops! Try to stump everyone on the planet! Bonus marks for a visually appealing design.
Best Feedback/Comments - Just play the levels created by other people, post comments, and you can win! Whoever posts the most helpful constructive feedback will take the prize!
Head over to the Grubby Games website at the link below to read the contest rules.

MEGA Level Design Contest Rules
Grubby Games
Prof. Fizzwizzle 2
Buy Prof. Fizzwizzle 2

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Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Virtual Programming recently released Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition for Mac OS X. The expansion expands the timeline of the game into the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, allowing players to continue to the year 1820. Napoleon's Ambition also features new units, an improved interface, an enhanced trading system, and a variety of customization options.

Here are some of the expansion's features:

Expanded Timeline to 1820
The expanded timeline to 1820, will encompass the wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon. New leaders, rulers, advisor wars, countries and national ideas have been added as well as dozens of new units to give more tactical choices.

Historical Options
For those gamers looking for an even stronger historical experience, this option is the one. In addition to hundreds of new events, players will be able to see their rulers, leaders and advisors appear on the accurate historical dates.

Improved Interface 
A new added map mode for trade displaying all goods will be produced in each respective province, including its value. This means more pages for the ledger including information about colonies and leaders, and several  improvements to the interface.

Enhanced Trading System
An all-new system to auto send merchants will allow players to choose the trading centres they most want to focus on, and the game will take care of the rest. This system also includes a new rule for trade overseas. The only way players will be able to access markets is to use war or diplomacy to allow merchants in. Get there first and reap the profits!
System Requirements:
• Europa Universalis 3
• OS X 10.3.9 or higher
• Intel or PPC G5
• GeForce 5200, Radeon 9600 or GMA950
• 64 MB VRAM, 512 MB RAM
• 700 MB hard disk space
• Broadband connection for Internet play
• Internet connection for registration
Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition costs $19.95 and is available from Virtual Programming's website at the link below.

Virtual Programming
EU III: Napoleon's Ambition

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