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Monday, October 29, 2007

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Pet Doc Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Runesoft recently started shipping Pet Doc for the Mac. The game, originally developed by Radon Labs, puts players in the role of a vet who must work to become the best vet in town and grow a clinic into a thriving business. To succeed players expand existing buildings and learn to treat and heal a variety of animals.

Did you ever dream of being a pet doctor? With "Pet Doc" this dream might come true. Start up your own practice and treat all those four-legged and feathered pets. Each day people will come to you with their pets: guinea pigs, rabbits, budgerigars, cats, dogs and even horses. Soon you will learn more about treating and healing animals and you will decide when to build which building.

Sometimes it might become necessary to accommodate the animals and take care of them for a couple of days, so that they get well again. You can build extra stables and accomodations for them. Playing with the pets and bear company are among your daily duties as well as feeding them, cleaning up and the daily treatment of your little patients. But although working with these lovely pets is a lot of fun, even the best pet doc needs some time out. You can go to town and buy yourself a new outfit. Or you can saddle one of your horses and go for a long ride at the beach or through the nearby forest.

System Requirements:
- Mac: OS X 10.3.9 or higher
- G4/5 at 1,4 GHz or Intel Mac
- Radeon 9600 or GeForce 5200 or better with 64 MB Video RAM, Also works on GMA950 (MacBook, Mac Mini Intel)
- 512 MB RAM
Follow the links below for more information about the game.

Pet Doc

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Unreal Tournament 3 Site Update
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

The Unreal Tournament 3 website was recently updated with a variety of new information about the upcoming next installment in the popular first person shooter franchise. Among other things the update includes new information about weapons, vehicles, and characters.

Make sure you check out a major update to the Unreal Tournament 3 website. We have included new vehicles, characters, weapons, game info and more cool stuff. More updates to come too! Don't forget that the release of the PC version is right around the corner.
Click over to the site below to check out all the new content.

Epic Games
Unreal Tournament 3

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Macgamestore: Mahjong Roadshow Download Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has released Mahjong Roadshow, a new puzzle game for the store's growing catalog of downloadable games. The game features 50 levels, seven locations, an arcade style mini game, and a community-based level editor.

You'll make your way from garage sales to the auction block in search of priceless treasures from antiquity! Leave no tile unturned as you sift through rooms full of everyday objects to find the most valuable collectibles on earth! Could it be an invaluable artifact or just a worthless trinket? Can you separate the clever counterfeit from the genuine article? The only way to find out is to play Mahjong Roadshow!
Head over to the link below to visit the store and download the game.

Buy Mahjong Roadshow

ControllerMate Update Adds Leopard Compatibility
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

OrderedBytes, LLC has released an update for ControllerMate, a utility which allows users to assign complex keyboard and mouse actions to input devices like joysticks, trackballs, and gamepads. Version 4.3.2 adds a variety of additions and improvements to the utility including compatibility with the recently released OS X 10.5.

[NEW] Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility
[IMPROVED] Mouse Button building blocks may now simulate additional mouse buttons
[IMPROVED] Beep building blocks may now use sounds from a user's Library/Sounds folder
[FIXED] Fixed a bug that prevented new building blocks from being dragged from the Palette window in some cases
To download the update click over to the link listed below.

MGF: ControllerMate 4.3.2
OrderedBytes, LLC

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