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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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New Avernum 5 Screenshots
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Spiderweb Software has released two new screenshots for Avernum 5. The game is the latest installment in the popular Avernum RPG series and takes a new direction with the Avernum story, allowing players to play as a group of soldiers from the above ground world of the Empire. A5 will feature gameplay improvements, an intricate plot, and larger battles.

From the Avernum 5 website:

The surface world is ruled by the Empire. Its power is absolute. Its control is unchallenged. And, as a soldier of the Empire, you have a good, comfortable life ahead of you. But then a rebel named Dorikas tried to assassinate the Empress, and everything went wrong for you.

The villain fled somewhere into Avernum, an underworld nation of eccentrics, misfits, and barely civilized monsters, most of whom hate the Empire. And that is where you are going. You must find Dorikas, while dealing with spies, betrayal, and assassins at every turn.

The enemy is waiting for you. You will only survive his attention with the help of these strange cave dwellers. If, of course, they don’t kill you first.
Avernum 5 is planned for a Winter 2007 release.

Head over to the site below to view the new screenshots and learn more about the game.

Avernum 5 Screenshots
Spiderweb Software
Avernum 5
Buy Avernum 5

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Geneforge 4: Rebellion Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Scorpia's Lair recently posted a new review of Spiderweb Software's Geneforge 4: Rebellion. The latest in the popular shareware RPG series, G4 drops players into the middle of a war between the Shapers and the Rebellion. Scorpia's Lair called the game a "pleasant (and inexpensive) alternative to the glut of “action/RPGs” on the shelves these days."

From the review:

Geneforge 4 is structured around the usual “linear path with side quests” model. Certain things must be done to advance, but you can always hold on those while you run off on other errands.

While there are some nuisance (”FedEx”) jobs, most are related one way or another towards helping a faction. And no one will ask you to clean out their cellar. A big plus right there.

What puts a twist on this is that the game does not offer any clear moral choices. You start on the rebel side, but you can also work for the Shapers as a double agent. Or, you could walk the tightrope between the two, doing what you see fit for yourself alone.

And there’s a third faction, the Trakovites, who believe that shaping in and of itself is wrong. They are mostly in the background, hated by both sides which think they’re insane and should be wiped out.

So how you go through the game is at your discretion. You get the rebel perspective, the Shaper point of the view, the refugees’ opinions, and the Trakovite’s convictions. From that, you decide who is right.
To read the rest of the review click over to the link below.

Scorpia's Lair: Geneforge 4 Review
Spiderweb Software
Geneforge 4

Hothead Games Developer Interview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A recent podcast from Gamasutra features an interview with Hothead Games' Vlad Ceraldi and Joel DeYoung, developers of the upcoming Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness, about the challenges faced by game studios. The discussion covers a variety of topics including employee quality of life, staffing and outsourcing, and maintaining a focus on quality.

In the first part, Hothead Games' Ceraldi and DeYoung describe the challenges studios faces from quality of life for older employees with families, staffing and outsourcing pressures, new technologies, and as-yet still small installed bases. The two talk particular Hothead strategies such as taking advantage of alternate distribution platforms, adopting novel production models for games using a best-fit supplier model and scalable staffing to maximize efficiency. They also discuss how these strategies don't mean that a developer has to sacrifice on quality.
Click over to the site below to listen to the podcast.

Gamasutra: Hothead Games Podcast Interview
Penny Arcade Adventures

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Gameplay Video
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

The official Enemy Territory: Quake Wars community site recently announced the release of a new gameplay video. The video, titled Objective: Teamwork, gives a glimpse of the team oriented aspects of the game and features both Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood and id Software's Kevin Cloud.

Built using id Software’s revolutionary MegaTexture rendering technology, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars features strategic team play, persistent character promotions, and the universe’s most powerful weapons and vehicles in heroic objective-based battles as the Global Defense Force faces off against the alien Strogg invasion. Battles rage on stunning battlefields inspired by tropical, arctic, temperate, urban and desert locations both online and offline against lethal A.I. combatants. With unmatched graphics, physics, networking, and story-driven military missions, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars transports players to the front lines of the ultimate war for Earth.

As the invasion begins, players choose to battle as one of five unique classes in either the human Global Defense Force (GDF) or the barbaric Strogg armies, each augmented with specialist weapons and combat hardware. Troops utilize more than 40 conventional and futuristic vehicles, deployable structures, and defense systems like quad-bikes, tanks, and alien walkers for intense ground assaults; or helicopters and anti-gravity ships to lend firepower from the air. Throughout each battle, teams establish bases, deploy defense structures, artillery, radar, and advanced forward-command systems into enemy territory while constructing and demolishing obstacles to speed progress and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.
Aspyr Media is currently hard at work on the Mac version of the game.

Click over to Gamespot at the link below to download the video.

ETQW Community Site: Team Gameplay Trailer
Aspyr Media
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (don't use)

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The Broken Hourglass: Mashiz Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Planewalker Games' latest informational update for The Broken Hourglass, its upcoming RPG, reveals more about locations within the Tolmiran Empire. Although the game takes place within the walls of Mal Nassrin the new feature uncovers details of Mashiz, a former smuggler's paradise and likely home to a rebel insurgency.

Although The Broken Hourglass takes place entirely within the city walls of Mal Nassrin, from time to time we like to offer you a glimpse into the rest of the Tolmiran Empire. This month features a side trip to Mashiz, the former smuggler's paradise strategically located between the trade routes of Mal Nassrin and the mountain wastes beyond the Imperial borders. Why is Mashiz unique among Imperial provinces, and why is it widely considered to be the most likely home to the next anti-Imperial uprising?
Check out the rest of the article at the link below.

The Broken Hourglass: Mashiz, Narimir's Troubled Neighbor
The Broken Hourglass

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