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Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Path Of Magic Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Anawiki Games has announced the release of Path of Magic, the sequel to the Arthurian themed Runes of Avalon. The puzzle driven game gives players the task of matching groups of magical runes to help Evelyn find her way home after defeating Morganna la Fey.

Here's a list of the game's features:

- 51 great levels
- 6 spells (bonuses)
- 6 new enchanting images to reveal
- Three game modes: Quest, Endless and Time Attack
- JigSaw mini-game
- Mystic music & sound effects
Path of Magic is a Universal Binary application and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 27.3 MB hard disk space. The demo can be downloaded from at the link below.

Path Of Magic
MGF: Path Of Magic 1.0.1
Anawiki Games

IMG Podcast Posts Interview with Glenda Adams
7:12 AM | Michael Yaroshinsky | Comment on this story

The IMG Podcast Crew has posted an interview with Glenda Adams, Director of Technology & Development at Aspyr Media. In the interview we discuss Aspyr's major developments and releases over the passed few months, including Aspyr's latest announcement: Guitar Hero III for the Mac, as well as her thoughts on the Mac gaming industry and where it is headed.

To listen to the Inside Mac Games Podcast, select your podcast flavor by clicking a button below.

Aspyr Media

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Macgamestore: Blast Miner Available For Download
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story recently made Blast Miner available as a digital download. Developed by Cryptic Sea, the game is a physics-based puzzle game where players use explosives to blast chunks of gold out of a mine. Aside from its unique physics, Blast Miner also features a puzzle editor that allows players to make their own custom level campaigns to be posted on the blast miner website for other users to download and enjoy.

A physics based action strategy game where you use TNT, gas cans, and stones to cause huge explosions to dig through the earth. Its awesome, seriously just play it. Explosions people! You can't go wrong with that.
The full version of Blast Miner costs $19.95. Head over to the link below for more information.

Buy Blast Miner
Blast Miner
Pre-Order Blast Miner

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Cake Mania Comes To Mac OS X
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Red Marble Games has brought Sandlot Games' hit, Cake Mania, to Mac OS X. Players help the protagonist Jill save her grandparents' bakery by building a successful business. Players upgrade equipment, set up 4 different types of bakeries in exotic locales, and serve up confectionary delights to a variety of customers.

Welcome to the international hit Cake Mania! Originally from Sandlot Games, now brought to the Mac by Red Marble, Cake Mania offers hours of bakery fun. Jill, our hero, has returned from culinary school, only to find her beloved grandparents' bakery closed down. Business has taken a drastic downturn because a new Mega-Mart store opened in the neighborhood.

Help Jill save the day by opening a bakery, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' shop in this beautiful, fast-paced adventure.
The game requires Mac OS X 10.3.9. A demo can be downloaded from

For more information about the game follow the links below.

MGF: Cake Mania 1.0
Cake Mania
Red Marble Games

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Unreal Tournament 3: No Plans For Mac Editor?
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 13 comments

BeyondUnreal has posted a transcript of a recent IRC chat that gave fans of the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3 a chance to question Epic Games' staff about the anticipated FPS title. Among other things the Q&A session offered a brief discussion of the possibility of an editor being made available to Mac and Linux users.

VampyrCeil: Is the Unreal Editor really going to be available for Mac and Linux users this time around? Also, will it be able to import/export from/to third-party applications (specifically Blender 3D)?
[Epic]DrSiN: I don't believe there are plans for a Mac/Linux editor.
[Epic]DrSiN: Jeff?
[Epic]IctusBrucks: the editor imports .ase files for static mesh geometry
[Epic]IctusBrucks: the editor can export static meshes as .obj or .stl, so any program that can read those formats and export .ase can work well with UE3
[EPIC]WarTourist: Dunno...linux game exe in the box and mac version soon after. Not sure how the editor works
For the full transcript head over to the site listed below.

Beyond Unreal: UT3 IRC Chat Transcript
Epic Games
Unreal Tournament 3

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