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Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Fever Frenzy Released
6:07 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Rainbow Creatures, together with Legacy Interactive, has released Fever Frenzy for the Mac. Fever Frenzy takes place in 4 crazy hospitals, at the time when an unknown disease strikes the Earth. The player takes the role of one of the two game characters, trying to cure the patients and fighting back the virus at the same time through a series of minigames.

Take the role of one of the two game characters, try to cure the patients and fight back the virus at the same time through a series of minigames. The game brings the service genre to you in an unique pack of funny twisted diseases like the Baboonic plague, Bipolarbear disorder, Mother goose bumps, 3rd degree sideburns, fast paced action, and original minigames.

You manage the day-to-day routine of various hospitals, diagnosting and curing the patients. All patients have their unique personalities and voices, and each of them features its own original disease. Manage 4 hospitals in 40 levels, in later levels you will be challenged to bring parents in time to kids patients, repair falling beds, play one big minigame at the end of each hospital and more. You will be also able to upgrade your character and get special "perks" that add powerful abilities.

Fever Frenzy has made it into the top 10 on several PC portals.

Online purchase of Fever Frenzy is available at the Rainbow Creatures site for $19.95. The game requires OS X 10.3.9 and supports both Intel and PowerPC machines.

Players can download the free demo of Fever Frenzy for Mac at at the link below.

Fever Frenzy
MGF: Fever Frenzy 1.0

Macgamestore: Monopoly Here & Now Available For Download
6:07 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story recently announced the availability of Monopoly Here & Now as a digital download. GameHouse's modern take on the classic board game, MH&N allows players to challenge their friends and family or play against AI opponents on a board full of modern properties, locations, and tokens.

What would MONOPOLY be like if it were invented today? Find out as this classic family favorite gets a modern makeover for today's would-be billionaires! Load your account with millions, roll the dice, and move all-new tokens around the board. Buy and sell all-new properties featuring popular destinations from across the United States. Challenge your friends and family to exciting MONOPOLY fun, or play against an advanced AI with multiple difficulty settings. Today's properties, today's tokens, today's millions, MONOPOLY HERE & NOW EDITION is timeless fun for tomorrow's billionaires.
Click over to the sites below to download the demo or purchase the full game.

Buy Monopoly Here & Now
MGF: Monopoly Here & Now 1.0

iQuiz for iPod Reviewed
6:07 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Applelinks has posted a new review of iQuiz for iPod, one of Apple's game titles released for the portable multimedia device. The game offers a variety of trivia puzzles to test a player's knowledge and the ability to create and add new quizzes. Applelinks gave the game a score of 4 out of 5.

From the review:

This ability to customize the game isn't its greatest asset, however. That accolade goes to Music Quiz 2. More than just a predetermined list of questions to answer, Music Quiz 2 looks at the music on your 5G iPod and actively generates questions based on your collection. So, it's not a matter of what you know about music, it's what you know about your music, which makes things much more interesting.

The majority of the visual punch is packed into Music Quiz 2, which attempts to take on the sights and sounds of a modern prime time quiz show. Visually, this is mostly done with static renderings of a sound stage, although some animations are thrown in. There's also a creepy woman who smiles at you a lot and makes you thankful you don't have to go any long trips with her. The music contains that in your face bombast of most TV game show themes, but considering Music Quiz 2 is about your music, you don't have to listen to it for long.
To read the rest of the review head over to the site below.

Applelinks: iQuiz for iPod Review
iTunes Store: iPod Games

New iPods Require Second Game Purchase For Some
6:07 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

iLounge is reporting that consumers who have upgraded to one of Apple's recently released iPod Nanos (with video) or Classic iPods will have to purchase new copies of the games for the new devices even if they already own versions compatible with older iPods.

iLounge has confirmed with Apple that past purchasers of iPod games will have to re-purchase the titles to play them on the recently-released iPod classic and iPod nano (with video). According to an Apple representative, the games will need to be repurchased because they were “reformatted” for the new iPods.

Reformatted iPod games currently include EA’s Tetris and Sudoku, as well as Namco Networks’ Ms. Pac-Man. An additional 15 titles are yet to be converted for play on the iPod classic and new nano. Each game sells for $4.99, and no further guarantees of compatibility with other devices, such as a computer, iPhone, or iPod touch, are made by Apple.
Head over to the site below to read more.

iLounge: New iPod Game Issue

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