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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Apple Games Features EA's Ciderized Games
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Apple Games' most recent features offer an examination of four of the Cider powered game titles recently released by EA. The articles showcase Battlefield 2142, Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Need For Speed: Carbon.

Battlefield 2142:
Battlefield 2142, however, throws in a new game mode: Titan. Available only when you head online for multi-player mayhem involving up to 64 gamers, Titan gives each side a massive flying warship that the opposition must destroy. A commander controls each Titan, unleashing deadly attacks on ground troops and vehicles and maneuvering the massive ship around the battlefield, trying to avoid the missiles that will take down its shields. Once a Titanís shields have been depleted, the opposition can board it, fighting their way to the central reactor core and ultimately destroying it.

As you gain experience points during battles between EU and PAC, you attain military ranks (over 40 in all) that unlock better weapons, grenades, mines, and more than 40 other items. Those high-tech toys let you customize your soldier class, giving you an edge against the opposition. Battle-hardened players get to lead squads, giving them access to other important unlockable items, and they can even apply to be commanders, who survey the entire map and call in EMP strikes, order supply drops, and more.
Click over to the links provided below to read the rest of the feature articles, which also include tips and tricks to give players an edge in the games.

Apple Games: Battlefield 2142
Apple Games: C&C 3 Tiberium Wars
Apple Games: Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix
Apple Games: Need For Speed Carbon
Electronic Arts
Battlefield 2142
Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Need for Speed: Carbon
Buy Battlefield 2142
Buy Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
Buy Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Buy Need for Speed: Carbon

Intel to Acquire Havok
6:00 AM | Evan Holt | Comment on this story

According to Engadget, Intel is acquiring Havok, an in-game physics company.

Renee J. James, vice president and general manager of Intel's Software and Solutions Group said:

"Havok is a proven leader in physics technology for gaming and digital content, and will become a key element of Intel's visual computing and graphics efforts"
Currently, Havoc is used in well over 150 PC games such as BioShock, Halo 2 and Half Life 2. Last September Blizzard licensed Havoc for use in their upcoming games. Companies such as Aspyr and MacSoft have refused to license Havok when porting PC games because the licensing fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hopefully this move is a step in the direction of finally making Havok a feasible and affordable physics platform on the Mac.

Follow the links below to both Engadget's coverage and Intel's announcement.

Intel to acquire Havok, in-game physics company
Intel: Intel To Acquire Havok

Barefeats Benchmarks iMac Update 1.1
6:00 AM | Evan Holt | 4 comments

Barefeats recently benchmarked the latest generation of iMacs with both version 1.0 and 1.1 of the iMac update from Apple.

We wanted to zero in on the difference between the ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro drivers found in the iMac Update 1.0 versus 1.1. We received email from readers hoping and praying that the latest update would make their 3D accelerated games go faster.
Prey, Quake 4 and World of Warcraft were used as benchmarks on both the 2.4 and 2.8GHz iMacs.

Follow the links below to see the shootout and download the official update from

Barefeats: Shootout - iMac Update 1.0 versus 1.1
iMac Software Update 1.1

Colin McRae - 1968-2007
6:00 AM | Marcus Albers | 1 comment

It is with great sadness that we report that Colin McRae, his son Jonny, and two family friends were killed in a helicopter crash in Lanarkshire, Scotland on Saturday, September 15th.

For those who may not know, McRae was an accomplished rally racer who lent not only his name but his expertise to Codemasters' popular Colin McRae rally racing series. Mac developers Feral Interactive are in the process of porting the 2005 incarnation of the series to the Mac under the title Colin McRae Rally Mac.

Those of us at Inside Mac Games wish to extend to the McRae family our deepest condolences. Both the racing world and the gaming world have lost a great man.

Codemasters Colin McRae Tribute Page
Colin McRae News at Feral
Colin McRae Rally
Feral Interactive

Freeverse Offers 30% Discount
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

Freeverse is currently offering a 30% discount coupon code for a limited time on all their products. After entering the code montyrules customers can choose from the company's selection of games and other software. The discount offer expires on September 21, 2007.

As I mentioned above, I've managed to finagle a very sweet deal for all of you readers. Actually, it's more for my own motive of sweet revenge, but regardless, you get to save some cash on all the games and applications from Freeverse!!!

Here's how you take advantage. Up until Sept 20th, go to our website at, and order one or more of our great games or applications. During the checkout process, use the following coupon code: montyrules

Click the 'Update' button, and you should see an instant 30% discount on your order! That, my friends, is cash in a flash.
Head over to the Freeverse site for more information.


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Future Pastimes Announces New Cosmic Encounter Board Game
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Future Pastimes has announced that a new enhanced board game edition of the Eon Products version of Cosmic Encounter will be released by Fantasy Flight Games. The release is scheduled for summer of 2008. The new Cosmic Encounter Edition will be cross-promoted with Cosmic Encounter Online, as well as with other Cosmic platforms which are in proposal stages. Board gamers and online gamers will find attractive possibilities and special incentives to experience Cosmic in all mediums.

"Fantasy Flight Games has a stellar reputation for quality production, exciting properties and a dedicated following of sophisticated gamers", said Olotka. "Their system of global merchandising and localization with multi-language editions is perfect for Cosmic Encounter's worldwide audience." Fantasy Flight contracts for production runs in many of these languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Scandinavian (Dk, Se, Nw), Korean, Japanese, Chinese (various dialects), Dutch, Russian, Czech, Croatian and Hungarian.

Early discussions between Future Pastimes and Fantasy Flight Games have produced some intriguing possibilities for the new Cosmic Encounter. The new board game will include some aliens from Cosmic Online which have never been in any printed version. Every effort will be made to also include aliens and other game ideas submitted by players according to Olotka. Fans can add their ideas and wishes for the new Cosmic to the Cosmic Encounter Online forum thread Fantasy Flight Cosmic Board Game Wish List. †Details will be found on the Fantasy Flight and Cosmic Encounter Online websites as development progresses.

Cosmic Encounter has previously been published in eight languages and more than a dozen editions over three decades. It has won numerous design awards and countless accolades. It was called "One of the most original games of modern times" by Games Magazine. It was inducted into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame in 1997. To see all of the Cosmic Encounter awards and accolades go to the Press page at Cosmic Encounter Online.
Head over to the sites below for more information.

Future Pastimes, LLC
Cosmic Encounter Online
Fantasy Flight Games

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StarCraft 2 Terran Gameplay Video Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has released a hefty new gameplay video featuring Terran Units in action from the highly anticipated StarCraft 2. The video weighs in at 681 MB and shows the terran war machine preparing for battle. Blizzplanet is offering a description of the gameplay video for those who are unable to download the large file.

The first thing you notice in the Terran Video demonstration is how beautiful the tileset is. Grass seems to move with the wind, and shadows. The scene starts with a Command Center, Barracks and Factory hovering across the field. They rotate in mid-air before landing. Buildings move faster than then used to in the original Starcraft. Command Centers carry five SCVs which you can deploy upon landing, for easy expansion of your base.

Factory and Barracks share addons by ordering them to lift off and land to switch. By landing the Barracks on a Tech Lab, you get access to upgrades such as: Research Stim Packs, Research U-238 Shells, Research Combat Shield, Research Flare, and Research Caduceous Reactor.

The Reactor Addon doubles the production capacity of buildings. In short, you can see on the Barracks UI two units trained at once, and leaving the Barrack in duos (at a pace of two units at a time).
Head over to the site below to read more.

StarCraft 2 Terran Gamplay Video
Blizzplanet: New SC2 Video
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Buy StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty

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