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Friday, September 14, 2007

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iWin Releases Jewel Quest II
7:33 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

iWin has released Jewel Quest II for the Mac. It is the third title in the Jewel Quest series in which players complete a series of match-three puzzles in an Indiana Jones-like story. The game is available at

Africa, 1944. Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel matching adventure across the world's richest continent. Rearrange precious relics to turn tiles into gold as you advance through relentlessly challenging puzzles. The wilds of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery. Filled with puzzles of skill, treasure, and twists, Jewel Quest 2 is the adventure you've been waiting for.

Jewel Quest II is available for $19.95 through As always, a free demo version of the game is available for download on the web page.

Jewel Quest II
Buy Jewel Quest II

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Inside Mac Games Reviews Pet Pals Animal Doctor
7:40 AM | Marcus Albers | 1 comment

Inside Mac Games has posted a review for the vet simulation Pet Pals Animal Doctor from Legacy Interactive. The game let's you work with 35 different animal patients. Here is a clip from the review:

When you enter the patient room, you must first listen to the owner’s description of the problem. A member of the nursing staff will then make his or her remarks (which range from optimistic to annoyed) and the fate of the animal is placed in your hands. Following procedure, your first task is to question the owner more specifically about their pet. You are given a choice of five questions, and you must discern the three that are most relevant—a scoff-worthy task. The real meat of the game follows, as you utilize your medical tool belt to diagnose and treat the animal.
Follow the link below to check out the full review.

IMG Review of Pet Pals Animal Doctor
Pet Pals Animal Doctor
Legacy Interactive
Buy Pet Pals Animal Doctor

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Frogames Releases Penguins Arena
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Frogames, an independant video games developer, recently announced that Penguins Arena – Sedna’s World, a unique and colorful first person shooter, is now available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Developed with the Torque Game Engine, Penguins Arena puts players in the role of a penguin fighting for the dominance of his tribe through fierce snowball fights. The game features short combat rounds, magical reincarnation, and both LAN and internet multiplayer modes.

Penguins Arena  is a prize-winner of the Intel® Game Demo Contest  among 145 entries from 29 countries around the world! Penguins Arena  has won the 1st-place prize in the Best Game on the Go category and the award  for the Best use of Torque in a game demo!
It all begins when a penguin legend comes to life in the form of Sedna, the ancient Penguin Goddess. Global warming, pollution ... Penguin tribes are endangered. Sedna utters them that there is room for but one tribe. And so the purging begins.
Then it’s the player's turn to join the snowball battles and drive the other tribes into the sea. Penguin Arena is a thrilling and innovative First Penguin Shooter with very short rounds and where the magic of reincarnation, combined with the supernatural ability to return to the game as a ghost, ensures that the character has every chance to change its tribe’s fate.
"We wanted Penguins Arena to be a nervous game" said Christophe CANON, co-founder of Frogames “Our only purpose was to create a cool video game that is fun to play and, dare I say, slightly addictive !”.
Indeed Penguins Arena is a fun, cartoonish and challenging game with an underlying message that’s as real as today’s headlines. What a great way to combine fun, computers and gaming to convey an urgent environmental message to people of all ages.
It is also a real First Person Shooter with some incredible innovations : no blood, just snowballs ; very short rounds ; reincarnations system and the player can interact with the game even when its tribe is eliminated. And of course it's a multiplayer game (LAN and Internet).
Penguinss Arena - Sedna's World can be purchased from the Frogames website for $19.95 USD. Follow the links below for more information.

Penguins Arena: Sedna's World

Football Manager 2008 Screenshots
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Worthplaying has posted a large collection of new screenshots from Sports Interactive's upcoming Football Manager 2008. The latest version of Football Manager will allow players to select their favorite club or international team and guide them to success in Cup matches, Leagues, European Championships and even major international tournaments.

Fan feedback on the previous version of Football Manager was, as always, taken very seriously by the Sports Interactive team, resulting in over a hundred new features, including a brand new advisory system to help new players through the different aspects of the game. This Football Manager 2008 the most accessible Football Manager yet, without losing any depth for the more experienced player.

With all-new features, improved gameplay and a depth only seen from Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2008 offers a management simulation that is second to none. To whet the appetite of every Football fan, SEGA and Sports Interactive have unveiled the key new features available in Football Manager 2008.
Click over to the site below to view the new screens.


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Penumbra: Black Plague Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Paradox Interactive announced recently that the company has secured the publishing rights to Frictional Games' Penumbra: Black Plague. The highly anticipated final chapter in the Penumbra story will thrust players into a creepy environment of horror, as they are challenged in this unique action adventure experience.

"Penumbra: Overture has been referred to as the scariest adventure game to appear in years, and with Penumbra: Black Plague, the developers have managed to push the boundaries of horror even further, said Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President of Paradox Interactive". "Their unique and innovative approach to gaming adventures made Penumbra a fan and media favorite and we are convinced that Penumbra: Black Plague will have an even bigger impact on the gaming community".

"Penumbra: Black Plague is horrific, life-like, interactive and unique and we are thrilled to be working with Paradox Interactive to introduce this game to a worldwide audience, said Jens Nilsson, Co-Founder Frictional Games". "We've worked with Paradox in the past and their support for our vision and ideas has made it possible for us to keep on developing games that we believe in."
Penumbra: Black Plague is scheduled for release during Q1, 2008. There is no official word yet on a possibility of a Mac version. Penumbra: Overture for Mac is currently in beta testing.

Head over to the Frictional Games forums at the link below to read more about the decision to end the Penumbra story with Black Plague rather than follow the original plan to release the saga as a trilogy.

Frictional Games Forum: Penumbra Black Plague Discussion
Frictional Games
Penumbra: Overture

Penny Arcade Adventures Q&A
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra has posted a new interview with Hothead Games' Darren Evenson, lead designer of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. The Q&A covers a variety of topics related to the new game based on the popular comic features Gabe and Tycho.

You've got a point-and-click interface with RPG-type battles. What was the inspiration for that? Why did that come about, from a design standpoint?
Last summer, we had actually conducted a survey on the Penny Arcade site, scanning the PA fans for what some of their favorite games were. RPGs, especially. A lot of them mentioned some of the old-school RPGs from the early to mid-90s, so that's what we based our RPG elements off of. As far as the adventure gameplay, that's a great way to tell a story, and we're fortunate enough to have Ron Gilbert involved with the adventure-making of our game. He's been involved since last summer. We've been very fortunate to have his help.

The transition from adventure to RPG seems pretty seamless. It's not a big mental stretch. Did you have to work on that, to integrate the gameplay systems?
It really came together quite nicely, especially for the storytelling aspect of it. It really seemed to meld together quite well. It's neither a hardcore RPG with a thousand stats and customizations - so it's approachable to everyone, and the adventure gameplay is not a hardcore point-and-click pixel-hunter adventure game, either. It's just a great blending of the two that lets Mike and Jerry tell their story.

To read the rest of the interview head over to the site listed below.

Gamasutra: Penny Arcade Adventures Interview
Penny Arcade Adventures

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