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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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The Broken Hourglass: Fetish, Chapter 1
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

A new Planewalker Games informational update for the upcoming RPG, The Broken Hourglass, is now available. This time Planewalker introduces a new, two-part story set in Mal Nassrin, the location of the game. The tale, entitled "Fetish", is a look at a day in the life of young Anikka, a healer's apprentice.

Autumn light is always slanting light, when not even the noonday sun can hold shade perfectly beneath it. Somehow the shadows always slip away, sideways. It was a dusty saffron afternoon, when the weather should have cooled with the approach of winter, but had not. Annika stood in the doorway of a house not her own and listened to the sound of women weeping.

The boy was dying.  That was all.  The women had waited too long, cared too little, or been too poor, none of which mattered now.  Anikka only half-listened to the women's lament, though. Her new shoes pinched her feet and she was absorbed in trying, unobtrusively, to flex first one foot, then the other.  Nevertheless, when her mentor spoke,  all thoughts of grieving women and cramped feet fled as she lifted her head trying to see what he wanted before he named it.  Catching her eye, he gestured curtly to the bowl that sat by the boy's head, and then wordlessly turned his attention back to the women.
Read the first part of the story at the link provided below.

Fetish, Chapter 1
The Broken Hourglass

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Inside Mac Games Reviews the Razer DeathAdder
8:01 AM | Bryan Clodfelter | Comment on this story

Working over-time this week, the friendly folks at Inside Mac Games have posted their review for the Razer DeathAdder, a high-precision gaming mouse rumored to be the best ever made. Here's a random clip from the review:

It’s hard to be objective when reviewing mice. After all, the mouse represents the most personal link between the user and his computer (with the possible exception of the keyboard). Humans come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, but mice do not; meaning that picking out a mouse can be like picking out a new pair of shoes--if your latest new super-rodent is the wrong size, having the latest gigapixel x-ray sensor, Teflon pads polished to a nanoscopic gloss, and an internal vacuum to literally suck the moisture out of your right hand doesn’t do you a bit of good.
To check out the review, follow the link below.


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Inside Mac Games Reviews Postal
7:48 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the classic gore-fest, Postal, which recently received a Universal Binary update. Here's a clip from this "classic" review:

Right off the bat, Postal reminded me of a young Grand Theft Auto. In the first level, Home, Postal Dude carries a standard machine gun and several explosives. In the playing area, which is smallish but detailed, are a couple dozen hostiles with varying weaponry and a small population of roaming civilians. You must maneuver through the map, killing hostiles without dying. When you eventually reach your kill quota nothing happens. You must press the F1 key (default) to advance. This is supremely unsatisfying. If you die on your rampage you must restart the level, as there is no mid-level save feature. This shouldn’t be seen as a weakness, however, seeing as the game is relatively short.
Follow the link below to read the full review.

IMG Review of Postal
Running With Scissors
Buy Postal

Controversial Anti-Disney Video Game Gets Locked & Reloaded
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 15 comments

After a nearly ten-year hiatus, the cult-classic video game Los Disneys is back online. Once available exclusively for Macintosh, Los Disneys is now compatible with Windows and even allows for cross-platform network gaming. The game pits players against a fictionalized Walt Disney Corporation in the year 2015 where it is in tyrannical rule over the peninsula of Florida. Players must infiltrate the Magic Kingdom, blasting their way through a variety of enemies, to destroy the frozen head of Walt Disney and stop Eisner's doomsday device.

The new Los Disneys website builds on the mythology beyond the game, offering a wide array of new content including subversive Disney-related video, literary references, downloadable "souvenirs," a gallery of artist-depicted scenes from the game and Disney World Babylon, a discussion forum for disgruntled tourists and employees of the Magic Kingdom.

The year is 2015. Steeped in national debt, the United States reluctantly allows the Walt Disney Company to purchase the entire peninsula of Florida in the largest geographic acquisition since the Louisiana Purchase. Under its new president, formerly-ousted CEO Michael Eisner, the newly-sovereign state is renamed Los Disneys. Your job is to infiltrate the Magic Kingdom, blasting your way through animatronic pirates, holographic ghosts, tourists, security guards and even Mickey himself in an attempt to seek and destroy the frozen head of Walt Disney. However, doing so inadvertently triggers Eisner's doomsday device... unless you can stop it.

Los Disneys was designed and developed by filmmaker Jay Kristopher Huddy whose work has been the subject of articles in Entertainment Weekly, Details, Wired, and MovieMaker magazine. Village Voice critic Ed Halter described Huddy's game as "a work of ironic art that purloins mass-media culture in the pop traditions of Warhol and Rauschenberg." Since the original release of Los Disneys, Huddy has developed numerous projects for television and is currently producing a feature-length animation with longtime writing partner and Los Disneys contributor Paul Weiss.
Click over to the site below to learn more about the game.

Los Disneys

Lights Off For Apple's iPhone
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Delicious Monster has announced the release of a new iPhone game. Lights Off challenges players to turn off all the lights on a grid by pressing the right combination of squares. Instructions to install the game are available on Delicious Monster's site.

Lights Off is a fun and highly addictive puzzle game made even better with iPhone’s touch screen, created by Lucas Newman and Adam Betts.

The objective is to switch all of the lights out. Tapping a light toggles it, along with the four adjacent lights. Once you switch all of the lights out, you'll advance to the next level!
Head over to the site below for more information about the game.

Lights Off

id Software's Marty Stratton Discusses Quake Zero, Arena
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gameriot has posted a new interview with id Software's Marty Stratton. The Q&A covers a range of topics including more details about the recently unveiled Quake Zero, plans for the new Quake Arena game, and id's interest in competitive eSports.

Gameriot: Will QuakeZero have any updated graphics, sounds, etc?
Marty Stratton: John [Carmack] mentioned some spit polished type stuff in the keynote. Basically we'll do some new free rendering effects that we can throw to the video card and get cool little effects, new explosions, glow, and other things that won't tax the system. We really want it to play at 60 FPS or higher on EVERYONE's system, and we really don't want things to bog it down. There will be some polish above what's there because of what graphics can do now as compared to back then. We want people to play QuakeZero, with more features than ever, and go "wow this kicks so much ass", and then continue to play the game for a long time.

Gameriot: Can you tell some things about the new Quake Arena game?
Marty Stratton: Well, not really, *laughs*. It's in the infancy stage, just throwing around ideas and concepts for the next Quake Arena game. We're going to use QuakeZero as a beta test in deploying different systems, spectating ability, matchmaking, doing different tournaments, collecting data, all that stuff that goes into the game. On a high level, it'll be very much like Quake 3 Arena in that it's fast paced, primarily a dueling game but will have team aspects to it. High action, high energy, likely built on id Tech 5, and stylistically from just about every aspect including user interfaces, scoreboards and stats, we will be thinking of the game in terms of a sport. That means different things to a lot of different people but that's the core of what we want.
To read the rest of the interview head over to the site below.

Gameriot: New Quake Games And More
id Software

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