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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Free iPod Ms. Pac-Man Demo Available On iTunes
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Apple's iTunes store is now offering a free demo version of Ms. Pac Man, a pellet gobbling arcade game for fifth generation iPods. The demo offers a replayable sample of the game to tempt players into purchasing the full $4.99 version.

Enjoy the retro action with the undisputed queen of the arcades in Ms. PAC-MAN, now for the iPod. Chomp your way to a champion score as you gobble dots, chase down delicious bouncing fruit, and eat up the ghosts when they're feeling blue. Choose from a demo or full version of the game where you can learn the twists and turns of four unique maze designs in the 256 levels of the classic game.
Follow the links below for more information.

Apple : Ms. Pac Man
Apple Store: iPod Games

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Fallout Mac Programmer Interviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

No Mutants Allowed has posted a new interview with Tim Hume, the man responsible for the Mac version of the original Fallout RPG. Among other things the Q&A covers the difficulties involved with porting the game to the Mac, and Interplay's lack of interest in the project.

What was Interplay's attitude towards the port? Did you have proper time and support to work with?

Interplay didn't seem too concerned. (This was when Apple was at its low point -- it was during the period they were allowing Mac clones.) Tim Cain said that he was almost never asked by the higher-ups how the Mac version was progressing. So, Interplay wasn't pressuring me, but I was pressuring myself to get the Mac version done at the same time as the PC version. Trying to keep up with all the PC programmers was tough. Most Mac games come out months after the PC version, and I didn't want that to happen with Fallout. I wanted to the Mac to benefit from the same initial excitement that the PC version would have. I ended up getting the Mac version done one week after the PC version. Of course, that was due to a bug that was crashing the Mac, but wasn't showing up so bad on the PC. I don't think the Mac version sold well though. I don't remember Interplay even publicizing it.
While I was finishing Fallout, I had to start looking for another job. Interplay was basically abandoning its Mac development and viewed me as just a Mac programmer. My Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from UC Irvine didn't matter to them. So, I was going to be out of work after Fallout was done. I'm thankful to Feargus Urquhart for letting me know ahead of time so I could get another job lined up. I ended up starting my new job before Fallout was done. I had to finish it in the evenings as a contractor. That was pretty hard, emotionally. I had worked a lot of extra hours and a lot of weekends, and then I was going to be out of a job. Not much of a "Thank You."
Check out the full interview at the link below.

NMA: Fallout's Tim Hume Interviewed

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Last Man Standing Mod Status Update
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Platinum Arts has released an update on the status of version 4.0 of their Last Man Standing Coop Mod. Made for Doom 3, the mod allows players to face off against hordes of monsters in a battle to survive as long as possible. Version 4.0 will include a variety of gameplay improvements and over 20 of the best community created maps.

Here are some highlights from version 4.0:

* Lots of lag tweaks! Hell has been optimized and is running with a huge FPS improvement
* Ragdoll fixes.  Now zombies ragdoll instead of disintegrating
* The in game scoreboard now shows the high scores so that players know how many points they need to reach the top 10 list
* A new scoring system has been added where the score for killing a monster is multiplied by the skill level to give those players playing on high skill levels more points
* Boss health is displayed
Platinum Arts has also announced work on a new project, currently under the working title Platinum Arts Sandbox. When released Sandbox will allow users to create and interact with a 3D world using the tools provided.

Finally, a new Myspace page for the Last Man Standing mod is now available and currently features a gameplay video. Follow the links below for more information.

Myspace: Platinum Arts
Platinum Arts
Doom 3: Last Man Standing Coop Mod
id Software
Aspyr Media
Buy DOOM 3

Online Postal Magazine Unveiled For Game's 10th Anniversary
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Running With Scissors recently unveiled the new Postal Nation online magazine in celebration of the original game's 10th anniversary. The premiere issue features a thank you letter to the game's fans, an interview with an actress from the upcoming Postal film, and exclusive screenshots from Postal 3.

-To all our POSTAL fans around the world including Elvis.
-To all the parents who trusted and understood us and let their daughters become POSTAL BABES.
-To all the developers and publishers who supported us in private (we understand).
-To the ESRB for sharing Running With Scissors belief that everyone in the game industry has a social and moral responsibility.
-To all the media who did their best to condemn us and are now unemployed.
-To all the politicians who used us for their selfish gain and are out of office (and to those in office your day will come).
-To all the organizations who spoke out against us, yet never seen or played the game.
-To all those who made us their scapegoat, we’re still here, honest and true to our fans and ourselves.
-To every member of Running With Scissors including the losers I fired who take credit for work they never did.
-THANK YOU for 10 unbelievable and outrageous years.  From the very beginning we had one goal - to make games that are fun to play and funny to watch.  And remember violence belongs in games not on the streets.
To read more of the Postal Nation head over to the link below.

Postal Nation
Running With Scissors

Widget Monkey Games Website Launches
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

David Janik-Jones (aka forum regular DaveyJJ), original founder of Widget Monkeys and partner in design studio, has launched a new game development and publishing website. Widget Monkey Games will highlight and sell David's own shareware games, and be a new portal to distribute and promote games being developed by indie game designers and studios using the Unity game engine.

Games published by Widget Monkey Games will be available for both Mac and PC. The goal is to distribute fun and accessible games that feature innovative ideas and game play. To kick things off WMG will be distributing the latest version of Turret Wars, an action game from WMG's first publishing partner, Sector3.

Widget Monkey Games' own titles in development include The Illusionist (due late summer 2007) and SPQR (due winter 2007). The Illusionist is a single player and online card game for 2-4 players who play rival Victorian-era magicians/illusionists set in a dark and crowded London. The goal of the game is to become the City's most prominent performer by having the highest number of Prestige Points at the end of the game. Prestige Points are earned by creating/assembling astounding illusions and "performing" them at various classes of theatres in the city. Strategy, timing and elements of luck all play a role in your rise to prominence, as do the political machinations and jealousy of your peers.The online play will feature head-to-head competition against players from around the world, an online chat lobby, and a full online high score system to ensure your fame.

In addition, Widget Monkey Games will be distributing the highly anticipated full version of Banana Warehouse later this year, as well as developing a fun-to-play 18-hole golf (or soccer) game in the future. And maybe a wildly innovative 3D billiards game. Finally, Widget Monkey Games features a Showcase page that illustrates some of the best work being done by game developers in Unity, and a Partners page with links to Unity- and game-related websites.
Widget Monkey Games promises more game developers will be joining the site as partners in the coming weeks.

Click on the link below for more information.

Widget Monkey Games

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Battery Acid Games Releases Biofilm
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Yesterday, Battery Acid Games announced the release of Biofilm, a new "bacteria based" real-time strategy game. In Bioflim players must mix and match bacteria types in order to succeed at the goal of propagation. The game features two campaigns, 15 mini levels, six bacteria types, and an original soundtrack by Rob Westwood.

Play with the various types of Bacteria in this Real-Time Strategy game based around them!

In a soup of bacterial life propagation is the only goal. In Biofilm players are introduced to the hidden complexities and dangers of their world. With massive cell numbers feeding on the nutrients in each level and cell types playing off the skills and weaknesses of others, strategy and foresight are key to success.

Play through the campaigns or get into quick games with practice mode. Either way, experiment and play around with the variety of cells given to you!
- Mac OS 10.3.9 and up
- G5 or Intel CPU recommended
- ATI Radeon 7000 or nVidia GeForce 2MX or Intel GMA950 graphics hardware minimum
To celebrate Biofilm's release Battery Acid Games is offering a limited time 50% discount on the price of Mountain Tanks, a trajectory battle game. Those interested should enter the discount code "INFECTED" at checkout before the offer's 7 day time limit runs out.

The full version of Biofilm costs $18. The game is available for download at the Battery Acid Games website. Follow the links below for more information.

Mountain Tanks
Buy Mountain Tanks

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