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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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GooBall Goes Universal
6:01 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

Ambrosia Software yesterday announced the release of GooBall 1.0.2, which delivers the Universal Binary of the incredibly addictive 3D platform game. In the game players roll, jump, and slime their GooBall through dozens of fanciful worlds.

Here's a list of the updates and enhancements in the latest version:

-- Now a Universal Binary, fully compatible with Intel-based Macs
-- Physics engine changed from ODE to Ageia PhysX for improved real-life physics simulation
-- Various bug fixes and enhancements
The GooBall 1.0.2 update is free to all registered users, and can be downloaded from the GooBall product page or from

Follow the links below for more information.

Unity Technologies
Ambrosia Software
MGF: GooBall 1.0.2

Boot Camp Beta Expiration May Cause Problems
2:04 PM | Eddie Park | 3 comments

An article posted by CNET warns about possible complications regarding the open beta for Apple's Boot Camp, the application allows users to create a partition on their hard drives to boot into Windows. According to a statement gleaned from Apple spokesperson Lynn Fox, the Boot Camp Assistant Software will cease to work once the beta period ends. While all files will be left intact, CNET notes that deleting or modifying the partition afterwards may become a bit of a trial:

The fact that the beta Boot Camp Assistant software will cease to work is noteworthy because that tool has a simple way for users to delete their Windows partition. There are ways to do it without Boot Camp, but it is a more difficult and potentially thorny process.
While Apple is unlikely to simply leave beta users high and dry when the official version of Boot Camp rolls out, current users may want to take this message as a heads-up in preparation for the final release. The beta period, according to official agreement, lasts until the official version is released or when September 30th rolls around.

CNET - Clock is ticking on Apple's Boot Camp beta

Early Test Results: Eight Core Mac Pro versus Four Core Mac
6:01 AM | Anthony Wang | 1 comment

Barefeats has posted early test results comparing the recently announced eight core Mac Pro to the Quad core Pro Mac. They tested out a few applications including Photoshop CS3 and Aperture with marginal improvements over its predecessor.

Our 8 core (dual quad-core) Mac Pro arrived ahead of schedule. We stayed up late last night testing it against the 4 core (dual dual-core) Mac Pro running at the same clock speed (3GHz). We used the same 8 memory modules (total of 16GB) and identical models of hard drive. The 8 core had the Quadro FX 4500 graphics card while the 4 core had the Radeon X1900 XT, but this first round of testing is strictly CPU intensive.

Cinebench 9.5 UB used all 8 cores, dramatically illustrating it during the CPU render. As you can see from the screen dump below, it was rendering 8 different parts of the model simultaneously and registering 798% usage by Activity Monitor.

Also, please note, no games have been tested yet. Please follow the links below to learn more about the test results.

Barefeats Test Results

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The Broken Hourglass: Moonshine, Chapter 2
6:01 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Planewalker Games has announced the release of the second chapter of Moonshine, a new serial story based in the world of the upcoming RPG, The Broken Hourglass. Written by designer Sonja Littell-Trotter, Moonshine continues the four part tale examining the "seedy underbelly of Mal Nassrin."

One of the men glances up as I approach. His spine straightens, and he ambles toward me like a big dumb dog. The kid's called Knock; I've forgotten his real name if I ever knew it. Knock is a nasty piece of work. If things start going bad for him in a scuffle, he goes straight for the eyes, a tactic of which I do not approve. Knock hadn't gotten on well with Larius lately. He thought the old man was taking out too big of a piece of his prize monies. Truth is, we had to bribe the other owners to keep them from kicking up too much of a ruckus about Knock's technique. Larius and me had dues as well. Our bosses took their cut and there wasn't always enough left to soothe grandiose expectations.
Head over to the Planewalker website to read the rest of the chapter.

Moonshine, Chapter 2
The Broken Hourglass

Sigma Chess 6.1.4 HIARCS 11 Released
6:01 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Sigma Chess 6.1.4 HIARCS 11 has been released and includes both the Sigma Chess graphical interface and the latest HIARCS (Higher Intelligence Auto Response Chess System) 11.1 chess engine. A Universal Binary which is compatible with Intel and PowerPC processors the HIARCS engine also supports multiprocessor/multicore hardware, taking advantage of the latest Mac computers.

Here's a list of features included in the latest update:

· The new HIARCS 11.1 single and multiprocessor/core chess engine in UCI form
· Universal binary supporting all Intel and PowerPC Macintosh computers
· HIARCS can also be used with other Macintosh chess GUIs like Shredder, Jose and Scatha.
· 100 to 240 Elo stronger than HIARCS 10 on PowerPC and Intel based Macs
· Now can reach 2900 Elo on fast hardware - beyond World Champion strength!
· New Tournament book with the latest opening theory for study and preparation
· Nalimov tablebase support of up to 6 pieces for perfect play in the endgame
· New Sigma Chess 6.1.4 Graphical User Interface with new features like
Sigma Chess 6.1.4 HIARCS 11 is available now for Intel and PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) Macintoshes running MacOS X v10.3 or later. The single processor version of the game costs $49.95, while the multiprocessor version costs $99.95. Existing owners of Sigma Chess HIARCS receive a discounted price.

Follow the links below for more information and links to the downloadable demo.

Sigma Chess 6.1.4 HIARCS 11
HIARCS Chess Software

Apple Games Features iPod Tetris
6:01 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games' latest feature drops in on Tetris for the iPod, one of a growing number of game titles available for the portable multimedia device. Like the many other incarnations of the ubiquitous game, Tetris for iPod offers the addictive and familiar falling block action fans of the genre enjoy. The Apple Games feature includes an overview of the game and a collection of tips and tricks.

The basic gameplay, however, is what you remember: Drop seven different types of pieces, known as Tetriminos, to the bottom of the screen, stacking them so they form complete lines across the playing field. Those lines disappear, giving you room to drop more Tetriminos. The game ends when the pile reaches the top of the screen.

There are three ways to play Tetris: Marathon, the traditional method in which you try to score as many points as you can in the game’s 15 levels; 40 Lines, which challenges you to clear 40 lines from the screen as fast as possible; and Ultra, in which you go for as high a score as possible in three minutes. The game keeps track of your greatest achievement in each mode, and when you start a new Marathon session, you can begin at any level you previously achieved.

No matter which game mode you choose, you’ll certainly give your brain a workout. In fact, one study found increased energy efficiency in the brains of subjects who played Tetris for several weeks. So now you truly can say you’re doing something important when you pull out your iPod and fire up a Tetris session.
To read more click on the links below.

Apple Games: Tetris for iPod
Apple Store: iPod Games

Winter Wolves Releases TV Station Manager
6:01 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Winter Wolves has released TV Station Manager, a unique simulation game which puts you in control of a small independent television station about to go bankrupt. Hired to put the company back on track the player must buy or sell rights to display various programs from 16 different categories, manage exclusive advertising deals, and arrange everything on a weekly schedule. Success depends on matching programs with the proper timeslot and advertisers.

Here's a list of the game's features:

- Buy or Sell rights to display programs on your TV! With 16 different program categories, from Action to Gossip, Documentary to Kids, and three different types (movies, series and daily programs) you surely will find something that suit your tastes!
- Get exclusive advertising deals, based on specific public target and minimum attendance.
- Arrange everything into the weekly schedule. Put the right program at the right hour, and place the ads on the best program to earn money!
- If you're not satisfied about the current market offer for TV programs, make your own TV Show with the "Production Studio" ! Choose which actor/actresses will take part, decide the plot, the setting, and produce your own masterpiece!
- Check the situation with various statistics on the Company Management Screen and decide promotional campaign to attract a specific segment of the public.
The game requires Mac OS X, a 450 MHz or faster processor, 256MB RAM, and an OpenGL Graphics Card with a minimum of 16MB of memory.

The demo of TV Station Manager is available from Follow the links below to download the demo and learn more about the game.

TV Station Manager
MGF: TV Station Manager 1.0
Winter Wolves

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Getting To Know The Creatures Of Eschalon
6:01 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a post on the official forums, Basilisk Games has released a few tidbits about some of the creatures lurking within the company's upcoming fantasy RPG, Eschalon: Book 1. The preview includes brief descriptions of the monsters along with a graphic representation. Eschalon: Book 1 is the first in a planned trilogy of titles focusing on classic RPG gameplay.

Monsters, eh? You're right- we don't want to give anything away, but we can talk about a few creatures we've already shown in screenshots or have previously mentioned in an interview:

Fanged Salamander
A common menace throughout the land. Dangerous in numbers.

A winged fiend from the underworld. Found above ground near dungeon and cave entrances.

Acid Grubb
You think they're dangerous when they're alive? Wait 'till you kill one of them...
Follow the link below to check out the rest of the monsters.

Basilisk Forum: Mini Bestiary
Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book I
Buy Eschalon: Book I

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