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Thursday, December 14, 2006

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Nexuiz Updated, Map Pack Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Version 2.2.1 of Nexuiz, Alientrap's freeware FPS death match game project, is now available for download. This new version brings new weapon models and item models, new HUD graphics, support for multiple campaigns, and a host of bug fixes.

Alientrap has also released a map pack offering 35 maps and a campaign mode. The maps include Quake 3 community maps, Nexuiz community maps, and some new maps from Nexuiz developers.

Here's a partial list of changes in version 2.2.1:- two new crosshairs, added crosshair alpha setting to menu
- new shotgun model
- new MG model
- new armor/health models and HUD (thanks to tZork and Morphed)
- cells now stand on the floor instead of floating in the air for consistency
- MG muzzle flash now attached th the player, won't lag behind himAvailable under GPL, Nexuiz is free to download. The Alientrap team accepts donations from those interested in supporting the project.
Follow the links below for more information.

Nexuiz Update Changes
Nexuiz Downloads

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Apple Games Features Armado
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Tricky Software's Armado is the subject of the latest Apple Games feature. The article offers a review of the game and a list of tips and tricks to aid players in their adventures with the questing armadillo.

Each mountain presents Armado with a variety of challenges, from increasingly nasty ants to spiders that pop out of holes to rolling boulders and logs sent careening toward him. Luckily, hes equipped with a few tricks of his own, including rolling and jumping, with the later also allowing him to strike his opponents and knock them out of the way, earning points in the process.

Armado can only roll for a certain amount of time, but he can quickly replenish that meter by picking up gems he finds along the way those items also give him points. Multipliers double, triple, or even sextuple the points he earns by grabbing gems or defeating enemies, while magical rings give him special powers, such as super strike, improved armor, or faster movement. The effects from multipliers and magical rings last for only a short while, however.
Check out the entire feature at the link provided below.

Apple Games: Armado

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