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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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ANKH Carton Adventure Heading To Mac
8:46 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 5 comments

Runesoft today announced it will be releasing the award-winning 3D graphic adventure, ANKH, later this year. The game, which was named the 2005 German Game of the Year, was originally developed by Deck 13. According to Runesoft, the Mac version is in final testing and should be available before Christmas.

In "ANKH" the player can do his/her utmost to help young Assil get rid of a curse that has been cast upon him. The player can expect classical adventure elements, enveloped in a magical 3D world with state-of-the-art graphics that really take your socks off: there are new details to discover throughout the game, all of which have been endearingly developed and animated.

Story: Egypt. Many, many years ago. Young Assil has a problem: he partied too much and as a result, a curse has been cast upon him. Although Assil actually just wanted to spend a night out with his friends - he managed to enter a new pyramid, threw a humongous party and has now promptly fallen from grace with the gods. The consequence: a curse has been cast upon him and he has to find a way to break it...

- Innovative 3D cartoon adventure
- Impressive, detailed and endearingly animated graphics
- classic Point&Click navigation
- dozens of funny characters
- Tons of black humor
- Over 100 items to use
- numerous challenging puzzles and riddles

System requirements: MacOS 10.3.9, G4/5 or Intel Mac at 1 GHz, 384 MB RAM, 32 MB gfxcard.

More information on "ANKH", head over to the official website.


Macgamestore: Snowy: The Bear's Adventures
3:01 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures is now available at for $19.95. A free demo of the Mac game is available on the MGS web site.

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures is all about awesome action and the coolest cartoon-style animation you've ever seen. The game stars an adorable polar bear who's trying to reach his home in the Frozen North. Standing in his way are hundreds of crazed monsters! To help Snowy to safety, you must run, jump and kick your way through 88 levels filled with goodies to grab.

Our hero's only defense is the snowballs he tosses that freeze his enemies in their tracks. This allows him to give them the boot! You'll enjoy trying to take out more than one monster at a time and using the bonuses that pop up when an enemy bites the dust. One allows Snowy to toss snowballs faster. Another plops him inside a miniature helicopter and lets him take out monsters without getting hurt. We challenge you to download this classic game today and get busy trying to top all the other Snowy fans with the highest score in the land!

88 levels of non-stop fun
Four visually stunning game worlds
Smooth cartoon-style animation
Amusing, not scary, monsters
Special Kids Mode with easy gameplay
Combos and other means of scoring points provide replay value

To check out Snowy or to download the demo, follow the link below.

Macgamestore: Snowy: The Bear's Adventures

Hollow Ground Special Edition Public Beta Released
2:46 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aescapia has released a public beta of its tactical 3rd-person Mac game shooter, Hollow Ground Special Edition. Hollow Ground SE 2006 public beta 0.2 is now available for download on the company's web site.

Hollow Ground is a one or two-player tactical arcade game taking place in a post-apocalyptic future. Four mercenaries have to make an unwelcome journey to rid a war-weary world of a new threat of extinction, a terrible biomechanical weapon of mass destruction.

The latest version can be downloaded directly from Aescapia's site.


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DeepTrouble 2 Universal Binary Released
2:37 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

CodeBlender Software today released a Universal Binary update for their Mac game, DeepTrouble 2. The universal version runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

Some bug fixes and improvements  are also included in the DeepTrouble 2 v2.0 update. Please note that this update needs OS X v10.4 Tiger or later. If you are using an older version of OS X you need to use version 1.1.7 of DeepTrouble 2.

DeepTrouble 2 is the exciting sequel to our original and popular action game DeepTrouble. This time the underwater aliens are fiercer than ever. As the most experienced pilot of the Excalibur '7' series fighter and reconnaissance craft you are tasked with uncovering the dark secret of the underwater aliens and their colony-world. The many different types of enemies will put your combat and strategic skills to the test as you navigate deeper through dangerous underwater passages and enemy territory.

DeepTrouble 2 features 11 levels with gorgeous and detailed graphics made possible by the use of OpenGL's vertex and fragment shaders. Bump mapping, dynamic shadows and other advanced techniques add to the highly detailed graphics. OpenAL is being used to bring out great sound effects that will immerse you into the game together with the suspenseful music.

Minimum System Requirements:

• G4 800 Mhz or faster
• Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
• 256 Mb RAM
• 32 Mb AGP Video Card - GeForce 2MX, ATI Radeon 7500 or better

To download the Mac game demo of DeepTrouble 2, follow the link below to, which is hosting the game.

Macgamefiles: Deep Trouble 2 2.0
DeepTrouble 2

GameRanger Goes Universal
2:16 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

GameRanger, the popular online gaming matching service, is now a Universal Binary. GameRanger users can upgrade to version 4.6 by launching the GameRanger application and allowing itself to auto update.

In addition to Universal Binary support, GameRanger 4.6 now includes support for Age of Empires III, Civilization IV: Warlords, and Imperial Glory, and improved network transport system for games including Raven Shield, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Quake, and more.

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Burning Crusade FAQ Updated
8:26 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has once again updated its FAQ for The Burning Crusade, the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft. Over a dozen new entries provide insight into raids, dungeons, and additions to the world. The Burning Crusade will increase the level cap, add controllable flying mounts, and introduce a new continent to explore.

- Are there any plans to introduce new outdoor raid encounters, such as Lord Kazzak and Azuregos?
We definitely have plans to implement additional outdoor raid encounters. We'll announce more details on this content as we get closer to introducing it.

- Are there plans to allow for pet scaling in the end-game raids and dungeons?
Yes, we do plan to implement a scaling system for hunter and warlock pets so that they remain viable as players progress into more dangerous areas of the game.

- Do the Draenei and Blood Elves have their own starting area in Azeroth?
Yes. Each of these races will start in brand-new starting zones, both of which are in Azeroth.
Click on the link below to check out the Burning Crusade FAQ.

Burning Crusade FAQ
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Buy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

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Dominions 3: The Awakening Reviewed
8:26 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Out of Eight recently reviewed Shrapnel Games' Dominions 3: The Awakening. The fantasy turn based strategy game offers a huge assortment of nations, spells, and units. Out of Eight gave Dominions 3 a score of 8 out of 8.

From the review:

Despite the number of options, the game is actually quite easy to play; complexity really just results from all of the different spells and units available. There's always something to do each turn as well: between casting global spells, crafting magical items, patrolling for rebels, preaching, conducting research, pillaging provinces, performing sacrifices, and capturing slaves, you're never just sitting around in Dominions 3. Plus, Dominions 3 rewards overall strategy instead of being able to issue specific commands during battles and quickly activate special skills; we’ll leave that juvenile reflex stuff for the mindless console games.
The full review is available at the site below.

Out Of Eight: Dominions 3 Review
Shrapnel Games
Dominions III: The Awakening
Buy Dominions III: The Awakening

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