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Friday, October 6, 2006

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Virtual Programming Readies Two Mac Titles
7:50 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 4 comments

Virtual Programming recently announced that it will be releasing two new Mac titles, Heretic Kingdoms and Championship Manager 2006. According to VP, both games will be released in the 4th quarter of 2006.

Heretic Kingdoms is an RPG is set in the world of the Heretic Kingdoms, a world where God is dead and religion heresy. You are cast as the young female Inquisitor, assigned to stamp out the last remnants of religion. On instructions to destroy a relic which the Inquisition considers a significant threat, you are drawn into a battle between two warring secret societies – a conspiracy of mages whose goal is true power, and a shadowy cult seeking resurrection of the Dead God.

Championship Manager 2006 boasts a brand new Gameplan 3D match engine, where players can watch their match unfold in the same way they watch the match on TV - but with the ability to adjust tactics, player positions or formations - or simply use the Highlight Filter to select the moments they want to watch. Interact with your squad as you speak with your players for the first time: make promises to individual players to improve their mood or form. But as in real life, if promises are broken, trust is lost and there are consequences - with the new player status screen, monitor the mood and form of every player.

When released, Heretic Kingdoms will be available for $29.95 via digital download. Championship Manager 2006 will also be available via digital download for $39.95. For more on Virtual Programming, visit the official web site.

Virtual Programming
Heretic Kingdoms

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IMG Reviews DropTeam
1:38 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 13 comments

IMG has posted a review of Battlefront's DropTeam. Here's a clip from the review:

DropTeam’s fundamental concept sounds promising: experience armored ground combat in the distant future by piloting tracked and wheeled vehicles through numerous single-player missions and multiplayer maps. Ride (or more accurately, plummet) into battle and duke it out in gorgeous environments, all the while experiencing realistic weaponry, accurate physics, and rewarding team-based combat that doesn’t mock the intelligent gamer. If that sounds good to you, check out DropTeam’s promotional material—it certainly promises all of that, and much more. Unfortunately, all of the writing in the world doesn’t change the fact that nearly every single one of those claims is a steaming pile of bunk.
To check out the full review, follow the link below.

IMG Review: DropTeam

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Battle for Wesnoth Update
7:50 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

The Battle for Wesnoth beta was recently updated to version 1.1.11, the first release candidate for the upcoming 1.2 patch. The update includes a variety of bug fixes and updated language translations.

Here's a list of the updates in 1.1.11:

Version 1.1.11:
* Python AI
- there is now wesnoth.get_version()
* WML engine
- [event]s can now be written also inside [era]s (the [event]s are
included in every scenario played using that era)
- complex missiles frames are now in macros
* language and i18n:
- updated translations: Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German,
Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
- updated MANUAL: Japanese, Swedish
The latest beta is available for download at For more information follow the links below.

Battle For Wesnoth 1.1.11 Forum Topic
MGF: Battle for Wesnoth 1.1.11
Battle For Wesnoth

Tetris For iPod Reviewed
7:50 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Pocket Gamer recently released a review of Tetris, the iPod version of the classic Russian block puzzle game. To win players must clear rows of blocks by correctly rotating and stacking shapes as they fall from the top of the screen. Pocket Gamer gave Tetris a score of 7 out of 10.

From the review:

So how does it work with the iPod's controls? Well, it's okay. Scrolling left and right moves pieces horizontally while they're falling, while the RWD and SKIP buttons rotate them anti-clockwise and clockwise respectively. The central Select button 'soft drops' pieces, speeding up their fall, while the Play/Pause button does a 'hard drop', plonking them straight to the bottom.

It feels a bit unintuitive. We wanted to use the Select button to rotate pieces, for example, and got a bit tangled up between hard and soft drops for a while. You do get used to it, and Tetris certainly isn't as hampered by the iPod's controls as, say, Pac-Man. But be warned, if you're playing this on a train journey for your first few games, you may end up swearing like a trooper.

To read the rest of the review click on the link below.

Pocket Gamer: Tetris Review

Mini-Golf For iPod Examined
7:50 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Applelinks has posted a review of Mini-Golf for the iPod, one of Apple's recently released iPod games. Mini-Golf gives players the chance to try their hand at three miniature golf courses in colorful 2D style. Applelinks gave Mini-Golf a score of 4 out of 5.

From the review:

Anyway, Mini Golf gives you 54 holes across three separate courses: Tommy Totem's Tiki Putt Putt, Cleopatra's Mini Golf Oasis and Krazy Klown's Sideshow Golf-n-Fun. What I like about each course is that, for the most part, they feel like they could be real miniature golf courses. Yes, there are some hazards in the game that would be impossible to pull off in real life, but there's a logic to most of the holes (although that logic does get fuzzier as you progress through the courses). Each course has holes that are quite simple and some that seem to be there only to make sure you max out your strokes at least once (the stroke limit is a ridiculously high 10, but I guess that's acceptable when there's no one behind you waiting for a turn). Considering that you have to get par or lower on each course to unlock the next, these holes may prove incredibly frustrating to some. Yet, I hit par on Tommy Totem the first time I played it to unlock the next course, and although I didn't fare so well on Cleopatra's Oasis, my wife beat it on her first try to unlock Krazy
The full review is available at the link listed below.

Applelinks: Mini-Golf Reviewed

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Fool's Errand Creator Discusses New Titles
7:50 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Gamasutra recently interviewed Cliff Johnson, creator of the award winning Fool's Errand and its soon to be released sequel The Fool and His Money. The interview covers his early days as a film student, his experiences in the gaming industry, and more information about the much delayed The Fool and His Money.

With the release (of The Fool and His Money) under 2 months away, Johnson’s eagerness to talk about the game in detail is probably a good sign that this date might actually be the one. “Bushwhacked by buccaneers and robbed of the fourteen treasures, the Fool discovers that a new bewitchment now plagues the Land of Tarot,” he enthuses. “Traditional wealth has been abandoned, and in its stead, words and letters have become the new currency. Continuing from the narrative of the first, the story is a complete adventure in itself, illustrated in storybook silhouettes and described in text. As the Sun provided a map to help the Fool on his Errand, this time, it is the Moon who guides the Fool with a silvery map to guide him on his road from rags to riches.”

“There are familiar challenges of words and wit with new twists and turns,” he continues. “And other enchantments, unfamiliar, that tease and tantalize with hands-on visual mischief. For every challenge solved, a piece of the Moon’s map is transformed. Solving the secrets of the map promises to deliver to the Fool the gift of prophecy. All told, the game provides about 40 hours of puzzlement for you and yours to unravel through discovery, wit, and aplomb.”
Looking beyond the release of the The Fool and His Money, Johnson also offered eager fans a glimpse of things to come.
He also notes that he intends to finish the Fool’s story with The Fool's Paradise, and has intentions to continue the story of the number 3, with 3's a Crowd, and 3's the Charm. “Growing up with The Lord of the Rings books gave me trilogy on the brain,” he adds wryly.
The currently scheduled release date for The Fool and His Money is December 4th.

To read the rest of the interview click on the link below.

Gamasutra: Playing Catch Up With Cliff Johnson
Fool's Errand
The Fool And His Money

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