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Monday, May 1, 2006

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Jets'n'Guns Arcade Shooter Released
11:20 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Czech game developer Rake In Grass has released a Mac OS X version of its super cool arcade-style side-scrolling shooter named, Jets'n'Guns. The demo version, which weighs in at 19 MB, is now available for download from

Here's a brief description and features of the game:

Jets'n'Guns is a heavy piece of ground shaking rock blasting action dressed in full metal jacket colored to kill in graphics that will blow you eyes out!

Enjoy yourself in almost-insane-action of saving the universe from the deadly threat of twelve masters of destruction in the quest of 21 levels! Stand as one-against-many armed with fifty different pieces of classy armament fitted tightly to a swish body of only yours spaceship!

• Save the Universe in 21 levels full of thrilling action, shooting and demolition.
• Each level brings new scenario such as deep space, jungle, frozen ocean, lava planet.
• More than 200 original enemies, thread of fierce masters of destruction.
• Enjoy the total destruction through 57 different weapons!
• Upgrade your ship with 19 special devices!
• Various combination of weapons available - hundreds of possibilities how to equip your ship.
• Incredible graphic effects, using the latest features of the unique RakeX 2.0 engine.
• Sounds and sound-effects just like from a Hollywood movie.
• One hour of breathtaking original metal soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy.

The full version of the game is available for purchase from for $19.95. Head over to to check out the demo.

Rake in Grass
Buy Jets'n'Guns

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WoW: Road to Damnation
8:12 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Blizzard Entertainment has released a few more tidbits of information about the upcoming 1.11 patch for the popular World of Warcraft. In addition to adjusting the talent trees for the Mage class, Blizzard will also be including Naxxramas, a new 40 man raid dungeon. To heighten anticipation for the dungeon they have released a short story entitled Road to Damnation, which traces the dark choices which lead to Kel'Thuzad's eventual transformation into a lich.

From Road to Damnation:

A pack of wolves stalked Kel'Thuzad for miles, just out of spell range, before they fell behind. Glancing warily over his shoulder, he saw them snarl and flatten their ears before darting away. Thankfully the arctic winds were dying out as well. In the distance he could make out the summit, a bleak mountaintop, the sight of which gave him a sense of triumph and foreboding. The very peak of Icecrown. Few explorers had ventured onto the glacier, and even fewer had survived to tell the tale. But he, Kel'Thuzad, would scale its heights alone and look down on the rest of the world.

Unfortunately almost no maps existed of the frigid continent of Northrend, and he found them woefully inadequate, like the supplies he'd proudly packed for this journey. Uncertain of the path ahead and his ultimate destination, he could not teleport. Not sparing himself, he staggered onward. He had lost track of how long he'd been walking. Despite his fur-lined cloak, he was shivering uncontrollably. His legs felt like pillars of stone: awkward and numb. His body was beginning to shut down. If he didn't find shelter soon, he was going to die out here.

Eventually a glint of light drew his gaze: a stone obelisk carved with magical symbols, with a citadel beyond it. At last! He hurried past the obelisk and crossed a bridge of what looked like pure energy. The citadel's doors opened at his approach, but he stopped short.

To learn more about the upcoming content, and to read the rest of the tale, check out the links below.

WoW: Patch 1.11 Info
WoW: Road to Damnation
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

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Minions of Mirth Updated
8:12 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Prairie Games have announced the release of a new patch for Minions of Mirth. The versatile fantasy role playing game engine can be played in single player, multiplayer, and customized persistent world modes. This version includes a host of new features and bug fixes.

Here's a partial list of the additions now available in MoM:

+ Added over 50 new poisons! Several poisons require using your Alchemy skill to create ingredients. Thanks to Citrine.

+ Added Part I of the Tempest's Epic quest. Thanks to Kbro.

+ Added the new MoD gravestone marker. Thanks to Kaylon.

+ Added the second and final part of the Ranger's Epic quest. Thanks to Kbro. Updated journal entries, dialog, and added max times limit to Part I.

+ Added a new OSX icon. Thanks to

For more information about the game follow the links below.

Minions of Mirth Update
Prairie Games
Minions of Mirth

Tactical Ops: Crossfire UT2004 Mod Now Available
8:12 AM | Anthony Wang | 6 comments

From the team behind the original TacOps for UT99 and other developers comes Tactical Ops: Crossfire for UT2004, now available for download. TacOps: Crossfire is a free semi-realism first person shooter mod, with updated technologies to meet the demand of today's gamers, but keeping elements that made the first TacOps so popular.

From the official website:

The party on IRC is starting, the crowd is getting ready and we can't wait any longer and will join the available servers any second!
The day we've waited for so long has come and you finally get the chance to judge what we think represents a unique, fast and fun game. No more talk now, let's game!

The password for the Encrypted Client is:


Due to the fixed Serverpackage we've released 2 days ago you'll need the following Hotfix for your Client to work properly - it's MultiOS again and should not be hard to handle :)

Please click on the links below to download TacOps: Crossfire and to learn more information.

TacOps: Crossfire

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More HoMM V Hero Previews
8:12 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Ubisoft's official site for the upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V is offering more biographies of the many heroes offered in the game. This time the dark force of Necropolis and the Griffin Empire of Haven are given the spotlight, featuring characters such as Irina and Markal .

Irina (Haven)
Irina's earliest memories are of griffins, as she was born into a respected family of griffherders. She grew up knowing the ins and outs of those proud and dangerous beasts, and when called to war for the Empire she readily brought her gifts to bear where she could do the most good. Irina ensures that the griffins that fight by her side are exceptionally healthy and respond well to commands.

Markal (Necropolis)
A devoted student of all that Necromancy can offer, Markal has risen to the highest heights that one can achieve among the Necromancers -- while still being alive. Formerly the court astrologer and favourite counselor of the Griffin Queen Fiona, Markal established a strong (but secret) base of Death cultists within the Holy Empire. The religious leaders of the Church of the Light became suspicious of his nefarious activities, however, and when Fiona passed away her advisor was exiled.

Realizing that he will no longer circulate freely among the other kingdoms of Ashan once he receives the Kiss of the Spider Goddess, Markal furthers the goals of Heresh through diplomacy and, of course, skulduggery.

Freeverse Software will be bringing the Mac version of HoMM V to eager gamers sometime soon. Click on the links below for more information.

HoMM V Website
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

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Legion Arena Reviewed
8:12 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

PC Gameworld recently posted a review of the PC version of Legion Arena, Slitherine's role playing strategy game set in the time of the Romans. Choosing either Romans or Gauls, players can battle in more than 100 scenarios with over 20 unique units. Legion Arena only managed a score of 55% from PC Gameworld, in part because of comparisons to Rome: Total War.

Slitherine have been purveyors of fine strategy games for many years. Their game engines to date have been based around a similar concept to Rome: Total War, although establishing the whole ‘turn-based management with real-time wars’ system a long time before afore-mentioned heavyweight or its illustrious Medieval forebear entered the scene.

The fundamental difference has been that Slitherine have always had a unique combat system for the real-time element of the game. Rather than be able to control your units mid-fight, the emphasis is given to the preparation of the battle, where you can assign orders, routes, behaviours and tactics.

Freeverse Software is bringing Legion Arena to the Mac. For the rest of the review follow the links listed below.

PC Gameworld: Legion Arena Review
Legion Arena
Buy Legion Arena

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