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Friday, April 28, 2006

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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa Released
11:18 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The digital download version of Pocketwatch Games' Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa is now available. The game is a fast-paced sim game set in the African Serengeti. Players build a unique ecosystem by buying and breeding animals and by balancing the food and water needs of each diverse species.

In addition to the building aspects of the game, players can “Be the Animal”. Take control over a zebra and feed it to a pack of lions, lead a great wildebeest migration across crocodile-filled rivers, or circle above a starving elephant as a devious vulture.

Each level requires that the player create a thriving ecosystem with a different set of animals. For instance, the player might be asked to create an ecosystem with 50 zebra and 15 lions. If the player can achieve this goal before time runs out, she wins the level!

Players can also earn Combo Jewels to bring rain to the desert or turn a dry mudflat into a teeming oasis. Players earn these by creating smaller populations of other animals within her main ecosystem. Smart players create balanced ecosystems so that they can earn multiple combo jewels simultaneously!

Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa requires MacOS X 10.2.8 or later. A free demo is available for download from our sister site, The full version can be purchased at for $19.95.

Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa
MGF: Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa 1.0.5
Buy Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa

Macgamestore: New Clearance Sale Ends May 1st
5:09 PM | Tuncer Deniz has announced yet another new clearance sale! The following games are now on clearance to make way for new and exciting Mac games. Prices are effective until May 1st, 2006.

The Incredibles - $14.95 (was $24.95)
ToySight - $10 (was $15)
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - $10 (was $15)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - $14.95 (was $19.99)
Rayman 3 - $14.99 (was $29.99)
Project Nomads - $14.95 (was $29.95)
Big Kahuna Reef (box) - $14.95 (was $19.95)
Tron 2.0 - $19.95 (was $39.95)
Black & White: Creature Isle - $9.95 (was $19.95)
Bionicle: The Game - $19.95 (was $39.95)
Hard Rock Casino - $9.95 (was $19.95)
Luxor - $9.95 (was $19.95)

Macgamestore: Varmintz Deluxe

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Ambrosia releases Universal Binary Darwinia
3:09 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Softwaretoday released the Universal binary version of Darwinia, bringing the game up to version 1.4.2. This latest release of the groundbreaking realtime strategy game is free to registered users of Darwinia and may be downloaded from

Here's a list of changes:

• It is now fully Intel compatible
• Functional key pad bindings
• Added difficulty settings
• Updated Ambrosia Toolkit for Intel/Mac compatibility
• Offering icon based control system for new users, yet still offering gesture based control system for existing users
• It is now up to date with Darwinia Windows 1.4
• Minor bug fixes and enhancements
To download Darwinia, head over to

Ambrosia Software
Introversion Software
MGF: Darwinia 1.4.2

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IMG Reviews Flip or Flop Home Edition
1:33 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a review of Toybox's Flip or Flop Home Edition, a unique casual game where you buy, renovate, and sell houses. Here's a clip from the review:

Flip or Flop Home Edition is a refreshing re-take on the über-popular Bewjewled paradigm for casual gameplay. It's hard to avoid games in this genre these days, and I'm as drawn to them as the next gamer. Usually, I'm happy enough to play the demo for about 30 minutes and then move on, having sated my need to see what graphics and gameplay tweaks have been incorporated. Flip or Flop grabbed me, though and the demo only made me want to check out the full title and, praise be to IMG, here we are.
To check out the full review, follow the link below.

Toybox Games

Apple Posts New Hot Deals
1:22 PM | Tuncer Deniz

J and R Computerworld has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible products including: print directly to CD/DVD's with the Epson Stylus Photo R800 8-ink Photo Printer for only $379.99; the compact Edirol FA-101 FireWire audio capture interface supports ten channels in and out at 24-bit/96kHz resolution for only $499.00!; Wacom Graphire (white) 6X8 graphics tablet with pressure sensitive pen & cordless mouse. Includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 for only $169.99; see the big picture with the Viewsonic VA712B 17" LCD Color Display for only $209.99!; be sure you're getting the best color from your display with the Pantone Eye-One Display LT monitor profiling and calibration device for only $149.00; and much more.

MacZone has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible products including: find out what's Inside Mac OS X Tiger training CD by Todd Howard. Bundle includes Tiger v10.4.3 for only $114.98; project a great image with the 6.4lbs. NEC VT48 SVGA projector for only $744.98; need a high performance black-and-white desktop laser printer? Get the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1320N for only $498.98; backup everything with the LaCie Big Disk Extreme 500GB triple-interface (FW800/400/USB 2.0) external hard drive for only $349.99; get a free Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard with your purchase of Microsoft Office: Mac Standard Edition for only $347.96; and much more.

Publishing Perfection has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible products including: the new Sony DSC-R1 10.3 megapixel digital camera for only $955.95!; or the 6.0 megapixel Nikon Coolpix S4 digital camera for only $399.95; make dimensional design in Illustrator easier with FoldUP!3D 1.5 from ComNet for only $379.95; speed up your productivity with the InDesign Idealbook from Logic Arts for only $59.95; get textures and much more with the Eye Candy 5 Bundle from AlienSkin. Includes Eye Candy 5: Textures, Eye Candy 5: Nature and Eye Candy 5: Impact for only $198.95; create, animate and render 3D scenes to popular vector and raster formats with Swift 3D v.3 from Electric Rain for only $165.95; get total photo and film restoration software with the Microtek ScanMaker i800 flatbed scanner for only $309.95 after $50 mail-in rebate!; and much more.

Ramjet has Hot Deals exclusive pricing on a wide variety of Mac compatible memory products including: 1GB DDR SDRAM Kit for PowerMac G4 MDD (Mirror Drive Door) for only $96.00!; 1GB PC-2700 DDR SO-DIMM module for G4 iBook for only $182.00; 2GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 RAM Module for the G5 iMac/iSight for only $283.00!; 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 RAM Kit (2/1GB modules) for the Intel-based Mac Mini for only $252.00!; 1GB DDR400 DIMM module for the original iMac G5 for only $97.00; and much more.

2006://CODE:MOTO at JavaOne Announced
12:58 PM | Tuncer Deniz

Motorola has announced its 2006://CODE:MOTO at JavaOne coding competition set to take place in San Francisco, CA on May 16 – 17. Java developers can compete in one of two categories:

• Best Java Gaming/Multimedia Application
• Best Java Productivity Application (consumer and/or enterprise)

Competitors can create their application in advance and then submit it at JavaOne, or they can take advantage of Motorola’s onsite lab to code their entry onsite at JavaOne.

Prizes include $500 in cash, Motorola mobile devices, marketing exposure from Motorola, and more.

For complete details and to register for entry, visit the web site below.

2006://CODE:MOTO at JavaOne

Iluminategames Releases Mitigo9
12:56 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Iluminategames has released Mitigo9, a shareware side-scroller shooter.

Mitigo 9 is an old school, side scroll shooter, where the player has to fight against enemy ships, giant insects, tanks, robots and much more. To help the player in this mission, there are twelve different upgrades, which can be combined in lots of different ways. You'll see action in different locations like space, forests, deserts,ruined cities, asteroids and more!
The shareware version is available for download from The full version costs $19.95.

Iluminate Games
MGF: Mitigo9 1.0

MacSoft's Parent Company Secures $12 million
12:03 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 11 comments

Destineer, the parent company of MacSoft, has announced that it has secured an equity investment of $12 million from private-equity firm The Exxel Group. Destineer plans to use the investment to help fund development of a group of un-announced games for videogame consoles and personal computers, as well as expand the company’s distribution and product development in Latin America.

“Exxel’s investment in Destineer is part of a trend that is changing how videogames get made,” according to Peter Tamte, Destineer’s founder and president. “Recently, we saw many big publishers shift their development funding to low-risk sequels and me-too knockoffs. Now, we’re seeing private equity firms step in to provide creative companies with funding to build truly innovative games.”

Paul Rinde, Destineer’s CEO, adds, “The venture capitalists of the videogame industry have traditionally been the large publishers, because they’re the ones who have funded most game development until now. But, this new trend of private-equity firms investing in the games industry gives creative companies like Destineer much more flexibility to make games the established publishers are less likely to create.”

Exxel’s investment is the second equity investment Destineer has secured outside the games industry during the past year. In mid-2005, Destineer also secured an investment from In-Q-Tel, a private venture capital firm funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Our friends at MacCentral have posted a related article with interview quotes from Peter Tamte. Here's a clip from the interview:
“The MacSoft business has been a pillar of our organization since we incorporated in 2001,” said Tamte. “It has provided us with stable and growing profits. And we’ve turned that cash into product development for our core technologies — that’s being used now to create games for a whole bunch of platforms, including simultaneous Mac releases.”

This doesn’t mean that MacSoft will stop porting high-profile Mac games, said Tamte, but he said that gamers will see a shift in Destineer’s portfolio from licensed titles to original titles. Tamte said that this is consistent with his vision of the company from the start.

Be sure to head over to MacCentral for the rest of the story.

MacCentral: Securing new funding, Destineer promises more Mac games Announces Alliance With
11:51 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Myth Tales is announcing that a forum service will be available for visitors to the forthcoming fan fiction site courtesy of the primary Myth game server on the internet Visitors will be able to discuss and comment on stories published in this active community area.

Myth Tales is a forthcoming site designed to promote interest and activity amongst fans of the popular Myth computer strategy games. It is intended as a not-for-profit publishing venue for fiction writers.

Writers ˆ as well as potential readers ˆ are invited to visit the pre-site for Myth Tales. Writers are asked to submit, for fun, short stories based on the Myth universe. Accepted stories will be published on Published writers may also be invited to contribute chapters to a collective novel called Corrin‚s Tale.

This ground-breaking series of fantasy games were first created by Bungie Software in 1997 with the release of Myth: The Fallen Lords. This was followed by Myth II: Soulblighter. After Bungie‚s acquisition by Microsoft, the series was taken over by Take 2 Interactive with the release of the prequel Myth III: The Wolf Age.

While featuring never-before seen levels of play technically, much of the success of the games was also due to the depth and detail of the fantasy world in which the games take place. Possessing a flavor and level of authenticity similar to Tolkien‚s Middle-Earth, the Myth Universe also included it‚s own unique storylines, histories and denizens.

Today, the Myth community is largely served online by seeks to add a new dimension to the Myth universe by expanding on the myths themselves.

For more, head over to the MythTales web site.

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HoMM V Hands On
11:21 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

IGN recently examined the PC version of Heroes of Might and Magic V, the latest in the long running fantasy turn based strategy series. This latest incarnation introduces 3D graphics and unique additions to gameplay.

The heroes in the game are important not only because you need one to lead any army over the overland map, but they grant all kinds of huge boons to the army they're in charge of. They'll grant power bonuses, defense bonuses, help recruitment, increase the chances of enemies joining their army, and learn a variety of spells that can significantly increase the chances of victory in the tactical gameplay mode. Every time enemies are defeated in battle, experience will be granted to a hero. When new levels are gained these skills and abilities are chosen one at a time. There are a limited number of slots each hero can potentially fill with perks and abilities so some thought has to be put into the choices.

Heroes can also pick up items scattered around the world to augment their power even more. These items are things that can be worn on the body but all have different attributes. For instance, one type of shield might grant luck while another simply grants a high defense bonus. There are nine slots total which a hero can use simultaneously with an inventory to carry any extra items. Any allied heroes can feel free to trade these items back and forth to get the right fit of character type and item.

To read the rest of the preview follow the link below.

IGN: HoMM V Preview
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

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Avernum 4 Reviewed
11:21 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Macworld's Game Room has posted a review of Avernum 4, Spiderweb Software's newest addition to the Exile/Avernum RPG series. Players are once again thrust into the perilous underground realm of Avernum where a mysterious evil is threatening to destroy everything. Avernum managed an orc smashing 4 out of 5 mice from the Game Room.

From the review:

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that you’re dealing with a very different class of game—graphically and aurally—than the RPGs you might be accustomed to playing on your Mac or console. The interface and graphics seem positively antique by comparison. But, from where I sit, that’s part of Avernum’s charm. What’s more, this game is incredibly scalable regardless of your hardware;even though Avernum 4 works just dandy (and natively) on Mac OS X, it even works on Macs That Time Forgot which still might be running Mac OS 8.1. (Yes, even OS 8.1!) And it works fine on Intel Macs using Rosetta (really, Universal Binary isn’t necessary).

Graphics and interface aside, the strength of Avernum 4, like all games from Spiderweb, is in the incredible storytelling. Exploring the game’s branching storyline and working through every subplot and mission will take you weeks, if not months, of gameplay. Spiderweb’s games offer some of the richest RPG storytelling experiences on any platform, and don’t let anyone tell you different. This is classic RPG gaming at its very best, and Avernum 4 serves you up countless challenges like a good dungeon master should.

The rest of the review and more information about the game can be found at the links listed below.

Macworld Game Room: Avernum 4 Review
Spiderweb Software
Avernum 4

Custer Commands Another Desktop
11:21 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

To honor a special request, IMG's own Brad Custer has designed this week's desktop after Asypr's title, Command & Conquer Generals Deluxe Edition.

Here's what he had to say about this creation:

At the beginning of March, Command & Conquer Generals Deluxe Edition from Aspyr Media started to ship and one loyal viewer has been patiently awaiting a desktop for the title. It's always nice to get email from the people who visit my section of IMG, so when one of my weekly emailers makes a request - I listen. I was able to design this week's wallpaper with the help of Apsyr Media and my trusty cable modem.
To check out his latest wallpaper, head over to Custer's Desktops.

Custer's Desktops

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IMG Podcast Episode 21 Released
6:00 AM | Blake Buck | Comment on this story

Today IMG released the twenty-first edition of the Inside Mac Games Podcast, the official podcast of Mac gaming. Each week we'll be covering all the news in Mac gaming in one tight package. This week's show is a tour de' force of Mac gaming, featuring Blake Buck, a writer for IMG, William Miller, an artist for Freeverse Software, Jusstin Ficarrotta, author of Kill Monty, and a Secret Guest!.

On the show this week's show:

Weekly News
  • Apple Releases Boot Camp
  • Should Microsoft Just Buy Apple?
  • Is Boot Camp Good For Mac Gaming?
  • Ryan Gordon Discusses Future Of Mac Gaming
  • Dofus Free Play Troubles
  • MS Buys Lionhead Studios
  • Wingnuts 2 Screenshots
  • Macologist Posts Intel Mac Benchmarks
  • IMG Reviews QBeez 2
  • Blizzard on Boot Camp, Future Mac OS X Dev
  • EV: Nova Board Games Announced, 50% Off
To download visit the IMG Podcast Homepage for instructions and shownotes by clicking the link below.

Episode 21 Homepage

Mac Games News for Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rusesoft To Publish Cold War12:00 PM
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space Demo Available8:42 AM
Macgamestore: Hearts of Iron 2 In Stock8:31 AM
Ventrilo Voice Chat Updated8:28 AM
Atomic Cannon Released for Mac OS X8:26 AM
Myst V Patched for Intel Macs8:26 AM
Neverwinter Nights 1.67 Released8:26 AM
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