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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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American History Lux Released
9:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 4 comments

Sillysofthas released their latest game, American History Lux. The game lets you replay all the wars that have shaped U.S. history. Have fun and learn some history and geography while you're at it. AHL includes the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the Mexican-American War, the US Civil War, 3 separate World War theaters, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and finishes with the Iraq War.

American History Lux is available for download from The full registered version costs $20.

MGF: American History Lux

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Macgamestore: Sveerz Deluxe Now Available
1:02 PM | Tuncer Deniz

Skunk Studios' Sveerz Deluxe is now available from as a digital download for $19.95. A free demo is also available on the web site.

Bounce to the beat of this musical arcade puzzle game that has all the universe dancing. The Sveerz cruise the galaxy in their bass powered ship, singing tunes that you must repeat by clicking the little Sveerz. Enjoy 4 unique game modes, 2 player games, rhythm based beat synchs and synthetic voices that say your name! Your eyes, ears and memory are all you need to blast off with these adorable little space cadets.

For more, head over to

Skunk Studios
Buy Sveerz

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IMG Reviews N-Ball
12:56 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a review of N-Ball from Rag Doll Software. Here's a clip from the review:

N-Ball begins life as a motionless glowing orb in a Tron-esque world that comes alive under the gamers touch and through the magic of physics-based gameplay. Players control the ball through 2D side-scrolling levels with a simple left/right/jump control scheme. The ball takes care of the rest, accelerating through dips, bouncing off rubber surfaces, and rolling down planks. Each of the 40 levels unravels through a Mouse Trap-like topography of reactionary Newtonian gizmos: sleds, pulleys, rubber bands, rubber ladders, funnels, levers, baskets on guide wires, rotating pinwheels, balance scales, rolling spheres, and sticky surfaces. Each of these responds to the motion and momentum of the ball depending on how you hit them. Some objects are scripted, while others wait to be triggered and others can be played around with. Sometimes you literally have to wait for the level to "calm down" if you've thrown too much of your own energy into it. There are also many sequences in the game where you have to manipulate an object to progress. An early favorite of mine was pushing a sled to the tip of a ledge and then hopping aboard to safely slide down through a "red zone" that would otherwise send me back to the beginning of the level. At points the sled takes leaps of faith over large gaps and you have to make the split-second choice to jump off or see where it lands. Good stuff.
To check out N-Ball, follow the link below.

IMG Review: N-Ball
Rag Doll Software

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Heroes Of Might And Magic V Previewed
7:23 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamespot recently posted a preview of the PC version of Heroes of Might and Magic V, the upcoming fantasy themed turn based strategy game from Nival Interactive and Ubisoft. The preview examines the new features added in this latest addition to the series as well as those which remain true to past HoMM games.

Like fans of the series have come to expect, Heroes V's single-player games can be played in two different ways: one-off scenario maps (though we were unfortunately not able to try any of these) or story-driven single-player campaigns. The campaigns in Heroes V are built on the brand-new lore and fiction that Nival and Ubisoft have created for the Heroes series (so there will be no mentions of Erathia, Armageddon's Blade, or Sandro the Necromancer in the new game), and they tell the tale of a world at war. In the version of the game we played, successive campaigns are locked until the earlier missions are completed, though the game doesn't seem terribly demanding at the lowest (normal) difficulty setting.

Heroes V's gameplay seems to include equal parts exploration, town development, and tactical combat. Exploration happens on huge overland maps, just like in previous Heroes games, though the new 3D landscapes can now be rotated and zoomed to be viewed more closely--and as we saw, you'll be rewarded for tweaking this perspective, since groves of trees and other obstructing scenery conceal treasures that you can't quite see from a fully zoomed-out view. The overland still houses treasure chests containing caches of gold that can either be converted to experience points for your active hero character or stored away in your coffers for later use.

The Mac version of HoMM V is currently in progress at Freeverse Software and should ship sometime after the PC version.

To read the rest of the preview head over to Gamespot at the link below.

Gamespot: HoMM V Preview
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

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Burning Crusade Monsters Revealed
7:23 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has unleashed more information about The Burning Crusade, the upcoming first expansion for the ever popular World of Warcraft. A new bestiary reveals four new types of monsters players will face once they've installed the expansion: Ethereals, Fleshbeasts, Forest Trolls, and Gronn.

The Burning Crusade will introduce a whole new world and many new dungeons to the game. A multitude of strange, wondrous and terrifying creatures inhabit these wild, untamed lands. This page contains a few of the many new monsters that make up the vast and varied bestiary of the Burning Crusade. From arcane thieves to savage demigods, from nightmares of the ancient past to magnificent beasts never seen before, they all can be discovered in Outland and the still unexplored lands of Azeroth.
To learn more about the new creatures click on the link below.

WoW: Burning Crusade Bestiary
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Buy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

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World of Warcraft 1.10.1 Patch Notes
7:23 AM | Evan Holt | Comment on this story

After regular weekly maintenance by Blizzard on their World of Warcraft servers, the 1.10.1 patch was released. Although there is no Mac specific fixes, it does update the following:

- Druids
Nature's Grace will now correctly trigger after every spell critical strike.
Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the Omen of Clarity talent from casting.

- Paladins
Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the Seal of Command talent from casting.

- Warriors
Fixed a bug where the Deep Wounds talent did not trigger "on next melee" attacks when the player had initial aggro.
Thick Obsidian Breastplate: The effect from this item will now properly trigger from the Warlock "Death Coil" spell.
Jagged Obsidian Shield is now Bind on Equip.

- Professions
Blacksmithing: Titanic Leggings Pattern will now drop slightly less frequently.

- User Interface
Fixed a bug that crashed the client when players in Moonkin, Noggenfogger, Gordok Ogre Suit, Hallow's End form/costume attempted to create a guild tabard.
Fixed a bug that could crash the client when switching between windowed and full screen mode, involving third-party UI using DXT textures in .BLP files.
Fixed a bug that caused an increase in UI Addon memory usage. Memory usage has been reduced to previous levels.
Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client when certain friend list notifications were received.
In Simple Chat mode, the chat window and combat log should now again be in alignment.
Fixed a bug that caused the combat log window to interfere with side action bars when opening large windows.
The raid window will now properly come into focus on top of the raid group pullout.
The rest bonus indicator will now properly appear when a faction is shown on the experience bar.
Fixed a bug that was causing an error message to appear when opening the Alterac Valley battle map.
Food, drink, and mount icons placed on action bars are now properly grayed out when the player is in combat.

- World Environment
The Prophet Skeram is now properly affected by "Curse of Tongues" and "Mind-Numbing Poison."
Fixed a bug that occasionally permitted players to mount in indoor areas.
Fixed a bug that did not properly discount subsequent legs on chained flight paths according to reputation level.

- Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client during a login attempt if the available realm list changed around the same time.
Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client when certain combinations of models and lighting were in effect.

Log in to your account using World of Warcraft to obtain the latest update.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

Barefeats Shootout: XP vs OS X
7:23 AM | Evan Holt | 5 comments

Mac benchmarking site Barefeats has posted a lengthy shootout benchmarking OS X against Windows XP running on a MacBook Pro via Boot Camp. The test was to show how well particular Windows programs ran compared to running the same program under Mac OS X.

This test benches iTunes, CineBench, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 3 and two non-univeral applications Photoshop CS 2 and Halo.

The test results we posted were weighted heavily toward 3D games because those developers have been able to convert their applications more quickly to Universal Binary than many of the producers of productivity or professional apps. It also helped that there already existed editions for both Windows and Mac OS.

Isn't it interesting that Mac OS X excelled in the two CPU intensive tests (iTunes and Cinebench CPU Render)?

Other CPU intensive tests possibly will be added at a later date such as Mathematica . For the full shootout follow the link below to Barefeat's shootout.

Barefeats: Shootout XP vs OS X

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