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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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Stoked Rider PC Goes Gold, Mac Version Soon
11:48 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 1 comment

Bongfish Interactive has announced that the PC version of Stoked Rider featuring Tommy Brunner has gone gold. Bongfish's new title is the very first game focusing on the freeride aspect of snowboarding. A Mac and Linux version of the game are due later this year.

Here's some of the features of game game:

Starring Quiksilver's Tommy Brunner as main character and advisor.
64 square-kilometers of anywhere-to-go mountains
Presented in an unique rendering style capturing the bizarre snow-formations of Alaska's impressive peaks
Full dynamic gameplay powered by AGEIA's Phys-X technology
Sound effects produced by DJ Slime with support from austrian hardcore band Red Lights Flash
Innovative multiplayer mode allowing to share heightmeter challenges with your friends
The game is exclusively available for electronic distribution at (with a filesize of just 50 megabytes) for the price of 35.

Drop Point: Alaska
Buy Drop Point: Alaska

Macgamestore: March Madness Sale, Feeding Frenzy
2:55 PM | Tuncer Deniz has new hot deals on select Macintosh games for the rest of March. Sale on these items ends at the end of this month!

  • Civilization III: Complete - $46.95 ($3 off)
  • Command Conquer: Generals - $38.99 ($10 off)
  • Homeworld 2 - $19.99 ($10 off)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 - $34.95 ($5 off)
  • Tron 2.0 - $19.99 ($20 off)
  • All 3 In-One Aquarium - $19.99 ($5 off)
  • Big Kahuna Reef - $14.95 ($5 off)
  • also has one new digital download games available for sale, Feeding Frenzy. It's survival of the biggest in this action packed deep-sea challenge. Eat your way to the top of the food chain as you swim through stunning underwater environments and encounter deadly predators. Look out for the power-ups, mermaids, and bonus stages that you'll need to help you on your quest to unseat the vicious Shark King!

    Feeding Frenzy is available for $19.99.

    MGS: Civilization III: Complete
    MGS: Command & Conquer: Generals
    MGS: Homeworld 2
    MGS: Unreal Tournament 2004
    MGS: Tron 2.0
    MGS: All 3 In-One Aquarium
    MGS: Big Kahuna Reef
    MGS: Feeding Frenzy

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    IMG Reviews A Tale in the Desert
    12:17 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    IMG has posted a review of A Tale In The Desert, a popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that transports the player to an ancient land and presents the challenge of advancing Egypt by discovering technologies, learning new skills, organizing massive building projects, and creating a great civilization.

    To check out the review, follow the link below.

    IMG Review: A Tale in the Desert
    A Tale in the Desert

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    Kill Monty Updated To 1.0.5
    11:51 AM | Evan Holt | 4 comments

    Freeverse updated Kill Monty an arcade shooter, to version 1.0.5.

    Updated in this version:

    Added TRON's zombie, and changed the names in the options screen. Fisher Jen is now Jen-O-Tron, and Waterdown is now The Game Grid. The TRON enemies use the same attacking sound as the Agents.
    Picking up another gun while you have the death ray no longer cancels the deathray. It will however change the gun you revert to after you run out of ammo.
    Moved character/level select to its own subscreen in options, uncluttering the normal options screen (to make room for more normal options) and also to make room for more unlockable levels later on.
    Added the option for the large crosshair.
    Made the floor reflect alpha to allow for a transparent floor, and extended the walls below the floor (for the TRON level.)
    Mines are changed to be a bonus weapon now. Each pickup gives an additional 25 mines
    Kill Monty requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher and costs $12.95 U.S. to register.

    Freeverse: Kill Monty 1.0.5
    Kill Monty

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    Civilization III Complete Reviewed
    11:50 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

    A new review of the Civilization III Complete game anthology is now available from Applelinks. CIII:C includes the original game and its two expansion packs: Conquests and Play the World. Applelinks gave the collection an impressive 5 out of 5.

    From the review:

    Conquests, a series of scenarios that focus on historical conflicts, is included in the game. Focusing primarily on army-building and warfare (like, say, Age of Empires), it works well for those who view history from the POV of armed conflict. Personally, I prefer using economic strong-arm tactics to keep everyone in line (and avoid costly wars), but that's just me.

    The real draw of C3C then, is Play the World, which allows you to go head-to-head with other Mac players (strangely, there is no cross-platform support) in hotseat or play-by-email mode. I'm reminded of the board game Axis and Allies: games that could take entire weekends or longer. I'm not saying it's not totally worth it, I'm just saying it takes a honking long time to play a game. You know the frustration that sets in at the end of the game, while you wait forever for the computer to make up its mind about what moves to make? Imagine that with six other humans.

    For the full review follow the link below.

    Applelinks: Civlization III Complete Review
    Aspyr Media
    Civilization III: Complete
    Buy Civilization III: Complete

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    More HoMM V Hero Previews
    11:50 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

    The official site for the upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V recently released more hero biographies for the Sylvan faction. The current list features six hero characters including Anwen, Dirael, and Ossir. HoMM V is the latest in the fantasy turn based strategy series.

    Anwen defends the woods and their flora and fauna with a zeal remarkable even by Elven standards. Self-exiled in the trackless forests of Irollan, she cares deeply for them and has become their recognized protector. Woe be to the foe who would damage the forest or those who protect it -- when Anwen is summoned to war the Goddess Sylanna fights by her side, and her wrath falls like a storm upon those who would injure that which she loves.

    Hovering wasps, circling hornets, busy honeybees -- from childhood Dirael found these tiny flying creatures beautiful and fascinating, like precious buzzing jewels. She was so enamored that she became a Druid, to better delve into their lore and understand their mysteries. Eventually she responded to the call of the Harmony and went to war, and now she serves Sylanna by summoning hordes of her favorite creatures to sting and harass the enemy.

    Ossir is an experienced tracker and a prodigy with the bow; arguably the best shot in a nation famed for its talents in archery The respect he commands made him a natural choice when King Alaron was looking for officers, though Ossir would have preferred to remain in his beloved forests. All doubts were dispelled after his first battle, however, as his troops clearly benefited from his leadership.

    Freeverse Software is bringing HoMM V to the Mac sometime this year. To check out the full list of new hero bios head on over to the HoMM V website at the link below.

    HoMM V Website
    Heroes of Might & Magic V
    Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

    Mac Games News for Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    Toybox Games Releases Flip or Flop Home Edition11:54 AM
    Start-Up Gaming Company Seeks Feedback9:46 AM
    Macgamestore: Luxor: Amun Rising, Tumblebugs, & More9:29 AM
    Aspyr: CoD2 Alpha, Civ4 First Playable, Q4 GM8:32 AM
    Bugdom 2 Updated to 3.0.28:32 AM
    Credit Card Benefit Possibility: Virtual Gold8:32 AM
    Playing Dress Up In Azeroth8:32 AM
    The Sims 2: Night Life Reviewed8:32 AM
    Ultratron Updated for Intel Macs8:32 AM
    WoW Patch 1.10: Weather, Armour, Gold for Exp8:32 AM
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