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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Help Beta Test Fish Tycoon
11:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Last Day of Work Software has put out a call for Mac gamers interested in beta testing their upcoming game, Fish Tycoon. Fish Tycoon is a fish breeding sim game where you breed and care for exotic fish in a true real-time virtual aquarium.

From the developer:

We need some experienced and observant testers for our upcoming Fish Tycoon for MAC. If you are enthusiastic, have a good eye for bugs and typos and have a MAC OSX (or OS10) , go to our support and drop us a note with the following information:-Your name/email, your previous beta testing experience (if any) and something interesting about you. Please note that you need to be over 18 and be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
The object of Fish Tycoon is to discover the 7 Magic Fish of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle. You start with a small selection of fish, some money and a tank. You must breed your fish, care for them, help them grow, and cure them if they get sick. Along the way you can buy supplies, medicine and special chemicals; you can research technologies or invest in advertisement. All of this will be financed by selling exotic hybrids in your shop.

The game runs in real-time, so that if your computer is turned off or you exit the game, hours later small fish will have grown larger and new surprises await you.

If you're interested in beta testing Fish Tycoon, head over to the company's support depart and provide the information requested above.

Last Day Of Work
Last Day Of Work Support Page
Fish Tycoon
Buy Fish Tycoon

Macgamestore: Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 1
11:44 AM | Tuncer Deniz

Solitaire fans listen up! Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 1 is now available as a digital download purchase from The game is available for $19.99.

Super GameHouse Solitaire brings together your favorite solitaire games and a bunch you've probably never played before. Each volume is a mixed compilation of classic solitaire games and solitaire games with a GameHouse twist.

For more, head over to A free demo is also available.

Macgamestore: Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 1

MacWorld Posts Article Explaining Middleware
11:40 AM | Evan Holt | Comment on this story

Middleware is a growing concern for the Mac community as PC game developers use it more and more. Peter Cohen from MacWorld has written an excellent article describing it in layman's terms and how it impacts our platform.

First let’s understand what middleware is, and why it matters to gaming on the Mac. Within the context of game development, middleware is used to help manage everything from complex physics to online gaming to digital-movie file playback and lots more. It saves game developers from having to “roll their own” solutions to these complex problems, typically at a fraction of the cost it would for those developers to make the technology themselves.

Still, middleware ain’t cheap. Licensing middleware typically costs game makers thousands of dollars, often tens of thousands of dollars. And middleware adds costs and layers of complexity to Mac game making.

For a in-depth read about 'Middleware' follow the link below to Peter's article.

MacWorld: Middleware messing up Mac game development

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IMG Posts Civilization IV First Look
11:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 5 comments

If you're a fan of the Civilization series of games, you'll want to check out our first look preview of Civilization IV. Here's a clip from the preview:

The first big difference between Civ IV and the rest of the franchise is that Civilization IV has made the jump to a 3D engine. Strategy gaming may not be the best genre to go to for spectacular eye-candy, but Civ IV is undeniably good-looking. Of course, other than copious amounts of screenshots, there hasn't been all that much published about the switch from the old 2D isometric view to 3D. By this point, it's kind of a given that this is the direction games are going in, and besides, the thing that people love about Civilization has never been its graphics. People play Civ games for the gameplay.
Civilization IV for the Mac is due out in the late Spring/early Summer by Aspyr Media. To check out the entire preview, please follow the link below.

IMG First Look: Civilization IV
Aspyr Media
Civilization IV
Buy Civilization IV

Apple Updates Hot Deals
11:33 AM | Tuncer Deniz

MacMall has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible products including; Sony SDM-S205KB 20" LCD Display with DVI for only $599.00; MicroTek ScanMaker S400 flatbed scanner for only $119.99 after $20 mail-in rebate!; Enfocus PitStop Pro 6.5 & Instant PDF 3.5 for only $627.99; Epson PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Portable Photo Printer with Built-in Color LCD for only $199.00; LaCie 120GB USB 2.0 Safe Moble Hard Drive with Fingerprint Access Control for only $293.99; X2Gen MG17R 17" LCD Display with Speakers for only $129.99 after $99.00 mail-in rebate;and much more.

Ramjet has deals on a wide variety of Mac compatible RAM including; 512MB DDR SDRAM DIMM for the PowerMac G4 DDR (Mirror Drive Door) for only $48.00; 512MB DDR SO-DIMM for iBook G4 for only $63.00; 1G DDR2-233 PC2-4200 for iMac G5 w/built-in iSight for only $88.00; 1G DDR400 DIMM for original flat-panel iMac G5 for only $135.00!; and much more.

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More on Lugaru 2 Graphics
8:04 AM | IMG News | 1 comment

Wolfire has again updated their development blog for Lugaru 2, the 3D rabbit action game for Mac OS X. The most recent posts discuss their much-improved environmental graphics effects, including heat haze, water refraction and depth of field.

Here's a clip from one of the posts:

I added depth of field effects that can be used for cutscenes. The camera can focus on any particular distance plane, and everything is blurred based on distance from this focal plane. This lets us focus on a nearby object and blur distant ones, and vice versa, to add another depth cue and draw attention to different areas.
Be sure to head over and have a look for details and screenshots of the effects in action. And stay tuned to IMG for more information as the game nears release.

Wolfire Software
Lugaru 2

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More New Servers For World of Warcraft
8:04 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The World of Warcraft phenomena seems to show no signs of slowing down. Blizzard Entertainment recently announced the addition of another four game servers to the many already available. The new servers will offer players the chance to create new characters in either the Player versus Player, Player versus Everything, or Role Playing servers.

Here's a list of the new servers:

Duskwood - PvE
Zuluhed - PvP
Anetheron - PvP
Steamwheedle Cartel - RP PvE
For more information head over to the World of Warcraft website at the link below.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

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World Of Warcraft Reviewed
8:04 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Yesterday Gamers Info offered a new review of Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft. Updated to cover the new content added in recent patches, the review explores the expanding opportunities for adventure in the lands of Azeroth. It covers the four major patches since version 1.5 was released.

From the review:

The Darkmoon Faire is fairly complex. Basically, it's a Faire that shows up once a month, alternating between Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. You can turn in various things - such as small furry paws or thorium widgets - in order to get faction with the Faire. As you do, you get tickets, and you can redeem the tickets for a variety of things up to epic necklaces.

Also, various cards (the 2-8 and Ace) in various suits (such as Demons or Elements) drop in the world now. If you get a full set, you can take them to the Faire in exchange for an epic trinket. The Faire also sells cheap alcohol and food, has the opportunity for you to get non-combat pets, and even has a cannon that you can get shot out of!

To read more about the additional content follow the link below.

Gamers Info: WoW Review
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

Ageia Launches "PhysX" Physics Processor
8:04 AM | Evan Holt | 7 comments

Ageia has finally officially announced their PhysX physics processor according to TG Daily. Ageia won't manufacture the PhysX cards themselves, but license the technology to card manufactureres instead. ASUS and BFG have already announced that they will bring these cards to the PC platform and with partners such as Destineer and Aspyr, hopefully we will see this come to the Mac.

Follow the link below to see some interesting in-game screen shots of how the physics processor can help games. Napalm flows down over walls and staircases, fabrics sway in the wind and a gravity grenade pulls nearby objects towards it before exploding outward. Exciting things to come for sure by creative minds that will harness this technology.

If you take a situation from a first person shooter of today, a player could throw a grenade at opponents and miss by a few feet. This miss might cause some damage to the opponents but nothing more. However, the explosion could have damaged the structure the opponents were hiding in so that it fell down and buried them. Such interaction, Ageia believes, will change the strategy of gameplay as well as immersion for the player.
Prices for the card are expected to range between $100 to $400 U.S.

TG Daily: Ageia Announces "PhysX" Physics Processor

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