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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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OSX SkyFighter 1945 Universal Binary Released
9:51 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

OSX SkyFighters 1945, the popular WWII era combat flight sim, is now available in a Universal Binary, allowing owners of Intel Macs to run the game at native speeds. Current owners can upgrade for free to the universal binary version.

OSX SkyFighters allows you to fly quick dogfights, or more complex missions, even design and create your own missions with the included mission builder feature. For a real kick in the pants, networked dogfights of up to 8 players at once can also be flown, and are very addictive. Create your own custom paint job for the aircraft you fly. When you fly a network game, others see you in your custom paint job, and you can see them in theirs. In fact, every texture in the program can be changed and customized by you.
OSX SkyFighters is available for $29.95 as a digital download. Head over to to download the demo.

OSX SkyFighters 1945
OSX SkyFighters 1945

Macgamestore: DeepTrouble 2 Now Available
3:34 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

CodeBlender's DeepTrouble 2 is now available for sale through as a digital download. The game is available for $25.

DeepTrouble 2 is the exciting sequel to the original action game DeepTrouble. This time the underwater aliens are fiercer than ever. As the most experienced pilot of the Excalibur '7' series fighter and reconnaissance craft you are tasked with uncovering the dark secret of the underwater aliens and their colony-world. The many different types of enemies will put your combat and strategic skills to the test as you navigate deeper through dangerous underwater passages and enemy territory.
For more, head over to

Macgamestore: DeepTrouble 2

IMG Posts One on One With Glenda Adams
12:32 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 8 comments

Inside Mac Games has posted the 28th part in an ongoing conversation between old friends Glenda Adams, Mac gaming goddess and Director of PC and Mac development at Aspyr Media, and Tuncer Deniz, publisher and editor-in-chief of IMG.

Topics covered this time around include Aspyr's upcoming releases including Civilization III and Civilization IV, the Apple switch to Intel, dual-booting, and more.

One on One With Glenda Adams

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HOMM V: Artist Interview, Writing Contest, Hero Bios
9:52 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The official website for Heroes of Might and Magic V is featuring an interview with one of the artists responsible for defining the way players will view the new game. Olivier Ledroit, also known for his work on graphic novels such as The Black Moon Chronicles and The Crimson Gate, discusses his involvement with HoMM V. The interview covers a range of topics including how he came to be involved with the project, and the unique opportunities offered by working on a computer game.

5. What particular interest do you find in working on a video game? How much is it different from your usual work?

For me the most interesting things in videogames is the fact that they allow us to animate the universes that are created. It is very impressive to be able to walk in a man-made universe, just like if you were part of it.
I already worked with videogame industry in the past, but it was more difficult to see a direct link between what I had created and what was displayed on the screen.

For Might&Magic, I took care to create characters where you could remove some details without breaking the general silhouette. Even if most of them cannot be translated as such in a videogame right now, we hope that this will be possible in the future.

The creativity of artists like Ledroit has helped to inspire fans to create their own Might and Magic themed works, many of which take the form of fan fiction. In honor of their dedication to the universe Ubisoft is sponsoring a contest for the best fan written Heroes Fables. The top five entries will receive a Heroes of Might and Magic goodie bag and will be featured on the US and UK Might and Magic portals. All qualifying submissions will be included in a downloadable Heroes Fables story book for interested readers to peruse.
Calling all writers, wannabe writers, and all-around Heroes of Might and Magic fans - Ubisoft is looking for your Heroes Fables!

Yes, thatís right. Weíve seen your Heroes Fables, and have been impressed with the dedication and creativity shown by fans to expanding on the history of the new world developed by Nival. Your efforts help make this world more robust and satisfying for everyone.

The official site has also posted a collection of new hero biographies in recent days which reveal more about the game and may offer inspiration for those interested in entering the contest. The biographies cover the heroes of Necropolis and a second look at the Academy faction's heroes.Lucretia
Seduced and turned to the Necromancer ideals by Sandro himself, this ex-Bull Duchy countess immediately showed thirsts for both blood and power. Already a talented courtesan when still alive, Lucretia's vampiric embrace granted her a couple of centuries to hone her natural gifts for seducing, backstabbing, and politicking. Promoted to the rank of Undead Princess, she is a spiritual and (im)moral leader to other vampires that dream of re-creating her escapades.

Galib is a Djinn, a spiritual being, lord among the many elemental spirits that roam the plane of magic, invisible to the untrained eye. Galib is not a servant, but a friend and ally to the Mages of the Silver Cities, and he sits as one of the Circle in the Wizardsí ruling council to defend the interests of his. Many of his human counterparts have learnt to randomly deflect enemy spells, but Galibís inherent magical nature permits him a measure of control over where the deflected spell goes. Enemies avoid using magic against him, knowing that Galib could cause their spells to bounce back and strike their own troops.Freeverse Software is currently hard at work on bringing HoMM V to the Mac.

The submission deadline for the Heroes Fables contest is April 14, 2006 at 9 AM PST. Winners will be announced on or after April 28.

To read the contest rules, check out the full interview with Olivier Ledroit, and study the latest hero biographies click on the links below.

HoMM V Website
Ubisoft Forum: Olivier Ledroit Interview
Ubisoft Forum: Heroes Fables Contest
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

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Dofus Reviewed
9:51 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a recent review Applelinks examined Dofus, a flash based fantasy MMORPG which offers players a colorful world to explore and a strategic turn-based battle system. The game features 11 playable classes and a large number of skills. Dofus received 4 out of 5 from the Applelinks.

From the review:

Dofus uses a turn-based battle system which has action points to determine how many skills can be used in a round, movement points to determine how far you can move on the battle grid, and health points which determine how much damage you can take before you die. The participants in the battle go in order based on their initiative, and their round ends when their time runs out or when they end it early because they've done all they can do. Each skill takes a different amount of action points and has varying ranges, and some skills need to have line-of-sight or have the player be on the same line as the enemy. The combinations of how the skills work together to change the battlefield, knowing the weaknesses of the enemies and the element types of the attacks they use, and the randomness of the damage done mean each battle is exciting and different. Winning a battle requires thought and planning, not just the ability to move the mouse and press the keys the fastest. The only aspects of the battles I dislike are the lack of a taunt ability to encourage an enemy attack you and the lack of a resurrection ability (which means if you die in battle, there's no way to rejoin it).
To read the full review and learn more about the game follow the links below.

Applelinks: Dofus Review
Dofus Official Site
Ankama Studio

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