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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Massive Nexuiz 1.5 Update Released
8:20 AM | Andy Largent | 5 comments

Nexuiz, the freeware first-person shooter, has received a large update to mark version 1.5 of the project. The release includes new game modes, engine speed optimizations, and new maps.

The team says this release is an attempt to correct any of people's initial bad experiences by providing speed improvements and a singleplayer mode. Here's a full breakdown of the new features:

- Many new gamemodes, new maps, new characters
- "Instant Action" button in menu
- Advanced Bot AI
- Redo of all the character skins (pant/shirt color like Quake1)
- Completely new menu
- Majority of sound effects redone
- Smoother netcode
- Engine optimizations
To download version 1.5 or get more information, head over to the Nexuiz site.


IMG Reviews TubeTwist
9:51 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

21-6 Productions has partnered with game publishers GarageGames to release their second Mac title: the highly inventive and addictive puzzle game TubeTwist. Inspired by previous puzzle games The Incredible Machines and Mouse Trap, 21-6 has managed to create a title that is equally as addictive to play and rewarding to win as the best puzzle games out there.

To check out IMG's review of TubeTwist, follow the link below.

IMG Review: TubeTwist

Apple Posts Latest Hot Deals
9:48 AM | Tuncer Deniz

Small Dog Electronics has great deals on a wide variety of products for your Mac, including the Small Dog  iPod (5G) Bundle featuring speakers, earbuds, case, FM Transmitter and charger for $199.00; LaCie Biggest Disk 1TB FW/800/USB 2.0 external hard drive for $1319.00; M-Audio Podcast Factory for $139.00; Allume Internet Cleanup 3.0 for $26.50; LaCie 321 21.3" LCD Display for $1399.00; Tune Transfer and "iCan iPod" book from Valuesoft; and much more.

Ramjet has great deals on a wide variety of RAM upgrades for your Mac, including; 1GB DDR2 DIMM for the new iMac with Intel Core Duo for $132.00; 1GB DDR2 DIMM for iMac G5 iSight for $88.00; 1GB DDR DIMM for iMac G5 for $135.00; 512MB DDR RAM module for PowerMac G4 DDR (Mirror Drive Door); and more.

Virtual Programming Offers Multi Currency
9:47 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Virtual Programming has announced that their online web store
now supports payment in the currency of your location. Previously, all orders were charged in UK pounds sterling.

VP will now display all product prices in UK sterling, Euros and US dollars.
Upon creating an account and placing an order, all products will be
displayed only using the currency based on your territory.

Virtual Programming

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HOMM V Developer Diary
8:20 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

As the PC version of Heroes of Might and Magic V grows closer to release more details about the game have begun to emerge. Some of the latest information comes in the form of a new developer diary on the official website. The diary reveals the continuing process of building a user friendly interface for town construction in HoMM V. Descriptions and screenshots reveal the struggle to balance usability and visual quality.

The very first interface test we made was actually quite close to the final solution being implemented now. It was half a screen used to display all available buildings (quite similar to previous Heroes games), with the whole town itself shown on the other half.

Another test was made later last year, showing only the town itself, with a camera centered on the building to be done. You would cycle through all of the buildings one by one, getting the view centered on them, switching from one position to the next. With this solution you could see the town details up close and the graphical quality was used to its full extent.

Freeverse Software is currently working to bring HoMM V to the Mac. To check out the diary entry follow the link below.

HoMM V Developer Diary
HoMM V Website
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

Eschalon: Book 1 Interview And Screenshots
8:20 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

RPGDot is the latest gaming site to interview Basilisk Games about Eschalon: Book 1, their upcoming "old school" RPG. Thomas Riegsecker, the game's lead developer, discusses a variety of Eschalon's features including skills, character creation, and the combat system.

RPGDot: What sort of enemies will players encounter and how advanced is the AI in combat?

Thomas Riegsecker: Enemy variations in E:B1 run the gamut of classic RPG genotypes: wild animals, mythical creatures and various humanoids and sub-humanoids. Often we give them original names and unique skills to make them distinctive to the Eschalon game world.
Enemy AI is admittedly simple but effective: it is based on line-of-sight and disposition triggers. Enemies roam passively in their territory until they see you, at which point they can become aggressive if that is in their nature. An aggressive enemy will eventually become passive if they can no longer see you due to walls, barriers or invisibility. An enemy's path-finding skill varies based on their level of intelligence, and multiple enemies will try to encircle your character to limit your escape and maximize attack damage. Injured or frightened enemies may try to flee battle.

To read the entire interview and check out a collection of screenshots click the link below.

RPGDot: Eschalon Interview
Eschalon: Book 1
Basilisk Games

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