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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ambrosia Reveals SketchFighter 4000 Alpha
7:46 AM | Cord Kruse | 19 comments

Ambrosia Software has revealed their latest game project, SketchFighter 4000 Alpha. SketchFighter is a 2D shooter with a unique hand drawn graphics style. Players explore the sketched world in their ship, defeating bosses, gathering upgrades, and finding access to new areas. SketchFighter also offers two player gameplay, either co-operative or competitive, with the unusual twist of joining the players together on an elastic tether.

Here is a list of some of SketchFighter's features:

----- Audio -----
* Original sound-effects with stereo panning
* Original seven song mp3 soundtrack

----- Gameplay 1P -----
* Save stations to save your progress
* Minimap showing what areas you've explored
* Five interconnected different regions to explore
(The Wasteland, The Factory, The Volcano, The Ice Caves and The Forest)
* Seven major bosses and four mini-bosses
* Weapon system with four base colors and four delivery methods, making 16 weapon combinations
* Missiles, shield and ship upgrades

----- Gameplay 2P -----
* Cooperative or competitive play
* Six different arenas for both modes of play (one of which is unlocked when you finish the one player game)
* Elastic tether connect the players for unique gameplay

SketchFighter 4000 Alpha is currently at beta status. Those interested in helping test the game can apply at Ambrosia's site. For more information and several screenshots click the links below.

SketchFighter Screens
SketchFighter Progress Log
Upcoming Ambrosia Games
Ambrosia Software
SketchFighter 4000 Alpha

Alien Swarm 1.3 and Telic Campaign Now Available
7:46 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Black Cat Games has released Alien Swarm 1.3 and the Telic Campaign as promised.

Alien Swarm is an award-winning UT 2004 mod and version 1.3 features enhancements to exsiting maps, bugfixes, and balancing issues. The Telic Campaign is a fan made extension of the popular mod and features new missions, extra items, and much more.

Also, there are screenshots and videos of the mods available at their websites. Please follow the links below to download the mods and to learn more information.

Black Cat Games: Alien Swarm 1.3 & Telic Campaign Now Available
Black Cat Games: Alien Swarm 1.3 Download
Telic Campaign 1.0 Download

Click to enlarge
World of WarCraft Hits 5 million Subscribers
7:46 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Blizzard announced that they have reached over five million subscribers and counting in their phenomenally successful MMORPG title, World of WarCraft. In just over a year, World of WarCraft has expanded to nearly every continent, except Africa, and most recently launched in regions of Southeast Asia.

World of Warcraft's growth continues to exceed all our expectations," said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We want to reiterate our thanks to the millions of players worldwide and to all the retailers who have enthusiastically supported the game over the past year. Our commitment to continue growing World of Warcraft is stronger than ever, with development on future content patches and on our 2006 expansion, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, well underway. We look forward to offering even more content for current customers in the months ahead and welcoming new players into the world this holiday season.
Please follow the links below to read the press release and to learn more information.

Blizzard: Press Release
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

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Bubblomania X 2.0 Released
7:46 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Yesterday Dark Moon Software announced the release of version 2.0 of their arcade game Bubblomania X. The gameplay centers around popping colorful bubbles with a pin as the orbs float up the screen. Bubbles can contain powerups and items which alter the game play in a variety of ways.

Features in 2.0:

- 8 different game modes: EASY, NORMAL, HARD and EVIL are 4 degrees of difficulty featuring the new improved gameplay. The ORIGINAL mode offers the original gameplay of older Bubblomania X versions. There's also the ACTION mode, for when you just want to go wild and throw your ammo at those poor fragile bubbles! Finally, the SHAKY and SPEEDY modes offer always shaking bubbles or very fast bubbles.
- Online topscores: compete against the rest of the world in each of the 8 game modes!
- Improved preferences and scores screen
- Improved graphics
Dark Moon recommends MacOS X 10.1 and a PowerPC G3 500MHz processor for best performance. The full game sells for $14.95. Click on the links below to learn more.

BubbloMania X
MGF: BubbloMania X 2.0
Dark Moon Software

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