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Friday, August 12, 2005

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Gangland Demo Released
10:18 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 8 comments

Virtual Programming has released a demo of Gangland, a game where you can setup extortion rackets, bribe, steal, kill, bootleg, seduce, put out contracts, make drive-by hits, and much more. The demo is being hosted at our sister site,

There were five brothers Romano, Angelo, Sonny, Chico and Mario. As kids they were inseparable as they grew up on Sicily with their grandparents. As they grew older three of the brothers became more and more unsatisfied with the quiet life in the Mediterranean and one day they killed their own brother Chico in a fight whereafter they fled to the land of opportunity where they began each their own criminal career. That made grandpa very upset… He sent his fourth grandchild to America to track down and kill his malicious brothers and avenge the murder. First thing Mario should do when he arrives is to look up his uncle Vincente...
The demo requires:
• Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher
• G3 800 MHz or higher
• 256 RAM or higher
• GeForce 2MX/Radeon 7500 or better
To download the demo, head over to

Virtual Programming
MGF: Gangland Demo 1.0

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IMG Posts Lego Star Wars Gameplay Movies
12:19 PM | Tuncer Deniz | 2 comments

Aspyr Media has sent us four new gameplay movies from the just gone gold Mac edition of Lego Star Wars, which is scheduled to ship toward the end of August. The new gameplay movies are straight from the Mac version.

To check the movies out, follow the link below.

IMG Feature: Lego Star Wars Gameplay Movies
Aspyr Media
LEGO Star Wars
Buy LEGO Star Wars

Phelios Releases Rock and Roll
11:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Phelios has announced the release of their latest shareware game, Rock and Roll. The game is a prehistoric-themed game involving a caveman that has discovered the wheel. The caveman is then required to roll the wheel to a scientific congress in order to exhibit his discovery and change the course of progress and humanity. The object of the game is to avoid obstacles such as dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures while guiding the caveman to the convention.

Rock and Roll requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher and is available for purchase for $19.95. A free demo is available for download from the Phelios web site.


New Features for Football Manager 2006
10:50 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Sports Interactive and Sega recently announced a set of upcoming features for Football Manager 2006, due for the PC and Mac in November. Among them are new player form and player stats screens, a quick tactic modem, and improved match engine realism.

Here's the full list:

• "Player Form" & "Player Stats" screens - More pertinent information regarding a players form and match stats, presented in a user-friendly manner.

• "Quick" tactic mode - Now you can shout from the touchlines to make small or full tactical changes without having to stop the match.

• Improved match engine realism - Working with Ray Houghton, the ex-Liverpool and Republic of Ireland player, SI have analysed every area of the match engine looking for areas to improve the engine to make it the most realistic experience ever.

• Injury module revamp - No more "physio reports" needed after injuries as the physio's now come to you. Full feedback on injuries, including various treatment options.

• General UI improvements - Improvements to the user interface make it easier to find your way around the game and reduce the amount of mouse button clicks.

• Ticker Bar - Not only can you gain score updates during matches but a configurable news ticker bar updates you on news from around the globe, or just locally if you prefer.

• Media overhaul - Loads more information is now given through news items using an all new "player bio" system, this is inclusive of, but not limited to, club landmark year news, better feedback on your start as a manager, more celebration of success and much more info about players in media items.

• Full Time Team Talks - With the addition of Half Time team talks to Football Manager 2006 , Sports Interactive felt it only fair to add full time team talks to allow you to comment on team or individual performances at the end of the match to the players. How will they react?

For more, head over to the Sports Interactive web site.

Football Manager 2005
Sports Interactive
Buy Football Manager 2005

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Star Control 2 For OS X
10:26 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

A few hardworking souls are working to bring the classic space adventure game Star Control 2 to today's computer systems in the form of The Ur-Quan Masters, an open source project. A combination of galactic conquest and arcade action, U-QM is based on the partially ported source code of the 3DO version of Star Control 2. The most current version of U-QM is 0.4 and is available for download from the site below.

The Ur-Quan Masters
Star Control II

Great People In Civilization IV
10:25 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

In a recent Gamebiz article Barry Caudill, Senior Producer for Firaxis' upcoming Civilization IV, revealed a few facts about the addition of "Great People" to the game. The design team wanted to reflect the pivotal role individual men and women have played in our own history. To do this they gave players the option of choosing from one of five types of great people during play: Artists, Engineers, Merchants, Prophets, and Scientists. Each can have a profound impact on the player's Civilization, just as in real life.

Great People are created at the city level, as each city can generate "great people points" based on conditions and structures in the city. You can affect the amount of people points generated in several ways. One very dramatic way is through the creation of a great wonder. For instance, building the Pyramids will make it more likely the city will generate a Great Engineer, while building Stonehenge will make the city more likely to generate a Great Prophet. You can also generate more great people points by taking city population away from working the land and turning them into specialists. Certain Civics choices can work to make your specialists more productive and that can also have a positive effect on your great people point production.

All Great People share certain common abilities that differ somewhat based on the type of great person. All can be used to immediately research a new technology with the type of technology determined by the great person - Prophets would give you a religion technology like Priesthood, Artists may give you a technology like Literature, and Merchants would perhaps give Banking. All Great People can also settle in a city for a period of time and give a constant boost to that city's production, based on their type. Finally, all Great People can be used to trigger extra golden ages for your Civilization, with each subsequent golden age requiring more Great People. Each use of a great person consumes that unit and it is removed from the game.

Although no word on a Mac version of Civilization IV is currently available, it seems a likely possibility. Keep an eye on IMG for any updates. For the full article click on the link below.

Firaxis Games
Gamebiz: Great People Fact Sheet

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Blizzard Closes Diablo II Accounts
10:20 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

In their continuing war against cheating on their service, Blizzard has announced another round of account closures. 36,000 Diablo II accounts were closed for cheating. More than 28,000 CD keys tied to those accounts have been disabled from Realm play on for one month, and more than 3,000 keys have been banned permanently from Realm play due to repeat offenses.

Please see the FAQ for details on our anti-cheating procedure. As a reminder, the news window that Diablo II players see after logging in has had a long-running warning against the use of hacks, clearly indicating that if we detect that cheating is taking place, the offending accounts may be closed without notice and the CD keys tied to these accounts may likewise be disabled without notice. Today’s account closures reflect our zero-tolerance policy against cheating, as well as our effort to prepare the Realms for the new ladder season. We appreciate the support of the thousands of legitimate Diablo II players in helping us keep a secure and fun place to play Blizzard games.
For more information about and Diablo 2, click the links below.

Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II FAQ
Buy Diablo II

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New Black and White 2 Screenshots
10:19 AM | Blake Buck | Comment on this story

IGN recently posted several new screenshots for Lionhead Studios latest game, Black and White 2. In Black and White 2, players get ultimate power as they become a god and control a creature to increase their influence of their followers. A description from IGN's website:

Sequel to Peter Molyneux's "god game." The world of Eden is now at war, immediately posing a question to the player. Will he go to war and conquer or try to uphold peace? Like its predecessor, Black & White 2 focuses on moral choices and uses an AI system that can support an almost infinite number of experiences and player persona. The breathtaking 3D world is more highly developed with new weapons, technology and smarter creatures who can learn strategies and master new abilities and skills. Black & White 2 also touts improved graphics and miracle effects, weather systems, the ability to to tap resources and disciples, and advanced city building and wall construction. Add to that the option to command huge armies and Black & White 2 promises to be an epic experience in every sense of the word.
Black and White 2 is currently slated for an October 11th PC release. While no Mac release has been announced, the original game was released for the Mac by Feral Interactive, and a Mac release for the sequel seems likely.

IMG will have more information on Black and White 2 as it becomes available. To view the screenshots, click the link below. - Black and White 2 Screenshots
Lionhead Studios
Black & White II

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Gamecloud's Nexiuz Interview
10:19 AM | Blake Buck | Comment on this story

Gamecloud recently posted an interview with Lee Vermeulen, project leader of Nexiuz. Nexiuz is a popular multiplayer mod of id's classic first person shooter, Quake (1). Nexiuz features a futuristic setting, balanced weapons, and 17 levels. From the Gamecloud interview:

Gamecloud - How did the idea for Nexuiz come about?

Lee Vermeulen - Well first I really hated the current trend in games, with realism over gameplay. I liked being tossed around blood covered levels, I wanted more games that actually made me get into them and pay attention. I understand there is a place for current realistic games, and I do enjoy them, but I felt this type of game was being completely neglected by the industry. Plus I wanted something that would just be simple and fun to make, no worrying about scripted scenes or having to compete with Valve and ID in story telling. With Nexuiz, I can basically have the textures ready for the level designer, tell him the entities, and they can make the level without me having to be behind their back telling them what to do the entire time. Nexuiz was a great game for an internet team to develop because it was so simple.

Gamecloud - Why did you decide to use the Quake I open source engine for the game?

Lee Vermeulen - I had experience with Quake1, and I talked to LordHavoc about his modification to Quake1 called Darkplaces. Darkplaces is a very advanced version of the Quake1 engine, it wasn't developed entirely for Nexuiz but many of its features were made for Nexuiz. I also enjoyed working with the Quake1 community.

Gamecloud - How hard was it to get the Quake I engine to handle the changes you wanted to make for the game?

Lee Vermeulen - Well the main problem was keeping support for the original Quake1 gamecode. Our engine can still be used to run Quake1 and all of its levels. You can even add realtime lights, or place Quake1 monsters in the Nexuiz levels.

Nexiuz is available for immediate download from the Nexiuz website. To visit the Nexiuz website, or to see the entire interview, click the links below.

id Software
Gamecloud Website - Nexiuz Interview
Nexiuz Website

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