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Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Gangland And Crusader Kings Released
9:13 AM | Cord Kruse | 8 comments

Virtual Programming Ltd. has released Gangland and Crusader Kings for digital download, with boxed versions to come later. Gangland is a fast paced action game with combines elements of role playing, real time strategy and sim building games into one gangster themed package. Crusader Kings is a strategy title in which players must fortify their feudal European kingdom, amass an army and eventually become the most powerful dynasty in medieval Europe.


Setup extortion rackets, bribe, steal, kill, bootleg, seduce, put out contracts, make drive-by hits, blow up buildings, infiltrate opponents, setup gambling parlors, brothels, speak-easies, international connections, and much more...

OS 10.2.8 or higher
G3 800 MHz or higher
256 RAM or higher
GeForce 2MX/Radeon 7500 or better

Crusader Kings:

Play as the leader of a glorious dynasty, amass prestige and piety and the world will whisper your name. Increase the greatness of your lands and your treasure coffins. Build Cathedrals and Castles. Appoint vassals and battle traitors. Introduce laws and set taxes, interact with hundreds of courtiers and nobles.

500 MHz G3 or faster
256MB Memory

Check out the links below to learn more about Gangland and Crusader Kings.

Those of you who would prefer boxed versions will have to wait just a tad longer. Both games will be available through at the end of this month.

Virtual Programming
Crusader Kings

Women In Games International Conference Announced
9:14 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra is reporting that Women in Games International will hold their first conference in a planned series. The subject of the conference will be "Advancing Your Career in Game Development: The Women's Perspective" and will be held at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington from 1pm to 6pm on Saturday, September 10th.

The conference is intended to be a forum for discussion of a wide range of issues related to women and gaming. Topics will range from giving tips on breaking into the gaming industry, advancing your career once there, and achieving a balance between work and home life.

Mary Margaret Walker, CEO of and a WIGI sponsor commented: "The role of women in the industry, as well as women and girls as players, is being discussed at new levels with increasing energy and awareness. Women In Games International is providing a venue for continuing this dialogue on an even more open playing field. Any event or activity that contributes to exploring these topics is ultimately beneficial to the game industry as a whole."
The half day conference is free to attend and will consist of an opening keynote address, four panel discussions and a post-conference networking reception. For more information check out the sites listed below.

Gamasutra: Women In Games International
Women In Games International

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Blizzard Previews New World Of Warcraft Battleground
9:14 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Yesterday Blizzard posted a preview of the upcoming Arathi Basin battleground for World of Warcraft. Up to 30 players (15 for each side) will be able to compete to occupy five available resource nodes spread throughout the arena. The more nodes a team controls, the more resources they gain. The first team that gains 2,000 resources wins the battle. All participants, whether from the winning or losing team, will receive a certain amount of honor points for their characters based on the amount of resources gathered.

The war between Horde and Alliance has spilled onto a new arena. As resources are spent waging battle, both sides must find new territories to plunder in order to feed their ongoing war effort. The League of Arathor and the Forsaken Defilers have both been tasked with conquering the resource-rich Arathi Basin...and you have been drafted to help. Who ever takes the Basin will gain untold riches for their side and cripple the enemy. Find out how to win this all-new Battleground and discover what honors and rewards await those who find victory in Arathi Basin.
For more information about the new battleground arena peruse the sites listed below.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Arathi Basin Preview
Buy World of Warcraft

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Apple Posts Casual Games Feature
9:13 AM | Blake Buck | 1 comment

Apple recently posted a feature on casual games in the games section of the Apple website. The feature covers games designed for quick sessions and that are easy to pick up and play. From the Apple website:

"Sometimes you donít have a lot of time to play a game. A break at work. A little downtime after putting the kids to bed. A few minutes to pull out your laptop and relax while waiting for passengers to begin boarding your flight"
The feature mentions the following games:
Bricks of Camelot, Bricks of Egypt, Luxor, Spin and Win, Pirates of Treasure Island, Gold Miner Joe, Superstar Chefs, Funny Faces, Digi Pool, Diner Dash, Zuma Deluxe, Bejeweled 2, Monster Fair, Jinni Zeala, Golden Logres, Angel Egg, Loony Labyrinth, Crystal Caliburn, Tennis Titans, Jammin' Racer, Deep Trouble 2, and Salvo!
To view the entire article, click the link below. - Casual Games

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Macologist Releases C&C Generals Mods
9:13 AM | Blake Buck | 5 comments

Macologist recently posted several new mods for Command and Conquer Generals, as well as updating several older mods. These mods add a multitude of new features to General's robust real-time strategy gameplay. Here's a list of the mods:

ShockWave is a mod which helps enforce more strategy when choosing a General in Zero Hour. The mod includes new particle effects and many new units, sciences, and General's powers.

Project Raptor:
Project Raptor is a mod for Zero Hour which adds around 50 new units, 12 new structures, 4 new generalsí abilities, a new faction, advanced AI, and much more.

Imperial Assault:
Imperial Assault is a mod for Zero Hour which is in the beta stage which includes two playable factions: the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance.

The mods Half Hour and Call to Arms have also been updated. For more information, or to download the mods, click the links below.

Aspyr Media
Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
Macologist Website - Mod Update Article
C&C Generals Zero Hour Mods
C&C Generals Hour Mods
Buy Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour

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