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Monday, June 20, 2005

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Mythic Blades Announced For Mac
9:26 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Cartel Games today announced that it has begun development of Mythic Blades for Mac OS X. A 3D real-time fighting game, Mythic Blades places you in the role of a a hero or monster from Greek legend, where you will determine the fate of Olympus. The game features 12 legendary characters including Perseus, Jason, and Medusa and includes 10 fighting arenas.

Eric Petersen, Creative Director of Cartel Games said:

Vermillion Entertainment has always provided a high quality product and we are happy to support their efforts to develop Mythic Blades for Mac OS.
Miguel Angel Pineda Nieto, Owner of Vermillion Entertainment said:
We have always planned to develop a Mac OS version of Mythic Blades and now with the support of Cartel Games we can make this a reality! We are happy to be bringing the 3D fighting game Mythic Blades to the Mac community.
Mythic Blades is expected to be released this fall. It will require a G3 PowerMac with Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.

Mythic Blades

Macgamestore: Save $50 Off On A Radeon 9800 Pro Card
11:53 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Until June 30th, ATI is offering a special mail-in rebate for $50 off any Radeon 9800 Pro card. The 9800 Pro Mac Edition, which is for G4 only computers, is available for $249 from After rebate, the price is just $199. If you own a G5, you can also take advantage of this offer by purchasing a 9800 Pro Mac Special Edition for $299. After rebate, the price is just $249.

The mail-in rebates can be downloaded from Follow the links below to head to the store.

MGS: Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Special Edition (G5 Only)
MGS: Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Edition (G4 Only)

Brad Oliver on Intel Switch
11:02 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Aspyr's Brad Oliver has posted a lengthy analysis on what changes he believes the switch to Intel chips will cause. The analysis covers porting, possible scenarios for the mac platform, and what the x86 will or won't give.

The move to x86-based Macs has several implications for the Mac, and it's too early to tell how it's all going to play out. Phil Schiller, an Apple VP, has publicly stated that Apple will not prevent users from running Windows on these new x86 Macs, but Apple will prevent OSX from being used on any old x86-based PC. This is a gamble, and I believe it greatly increases the odds for two extreme (and wildly different) scenarios to play out.
To view Brad Oliver's analysis, just head through the links section.

Brad Oliver's Blogged Analysis

Aspyr Glenda Adams On The Mac Gamephiles
9:51 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

On tonight's broadcast of The Mac Gamephiles, the Mac gaming radio program, host Omaha Sternberg talks with Glenda Adams of Aspyr Media about the recently released The Sims 2, Stubbs the Zombie, gaming on the MacIntel, and more. Omaha will also announce the results of the name poll and talk about how difficult it is to name products and services in the business world. Plus, a review of Close Combat: First to Fight by MacSoft.

Glenda Adams is the Director of PC and Mac Development at Aspyr Media. A co-founder of Westlake Interactive, Glenda has worked as programmer or lead programmer on such titles as Duke Nukem, the Tomb Raider series, Deus Ex, Unreal & Unreal Tournament, and Everquest.

Omaha will also offer Mac gaming news and commentary, and together with her guest will take questions live from listeners in The Mac Gamephiles chat room (AIM/iChat room name "MacGamephiles").

The Mac Gamephiles can be heard live on MacRadio from 6 to 7:30 pm Pacific Time, 9 to 10:30 pm Eastern (Tuesday from 0200 to 0330 UTC), and on demand thereafter. Listeners can tune in at The Mac Gamephiles web page, where they'll also find archives of past broadcasts. QuickTime 5 or 6 and a 28 kbps or faster Internet connection are required.

The Mac Gamephiles Radio

ActionSoft Releases Midnight Mansion 1.0.2
9:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

ActionSoft has released Midnight Mansion 1.0.2, an update to its popular classic action-exploration game. Here's a list of the fixes and changes:

Fixed a problem where Midnight Mansion would sometimes ask for your registration code again if you changed internet or network settings, such as inserting or removing a wireless network card from a laptop. You will now be prompted to re-enter your registration information only *once* per new device. Midnight Mansion will then remember that device
in the future.
Made it even easier to enter your registration name/code.
Fixed a bug where the game could quit during loading with an
Assertion Error in Sprite.c, Line 230 if the Mansion Level Builder had
been run and "Create RLE Sprites" had been selected from the menu.
Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes prompt you to enter a High Score after watching a movie, if the player in the movie lost their last life.
Added new items to the FAQ and Documentation

Mansion Fixes:
Fixed a problem in Nightmare Mansion where you could respawn over gold/silver blocks that no longer were turned on, resulting in repeated deaths until the game was over.
Fixed a problem in Castle Doom hard where you could bypass the whole
first section by ducking near a gray door near the start.
Fixed a problem in Castle Doom Normal.
Fixed a problem in Knight Mansion Normal where you could get stuck
after falling out the bottom of room 14911.
Fixed a bug where it was impossible to get to a secret room near the
end of Knight Mansion Easy, thereby making it impossible to get a 100%
secrets rating.

Midnight Mansion is an action/adventure platformer with 32-bit graphics, spine-tingling sound effects, and professional quality music. As Jack Malone, you will explore eight huge mansions, each filled with traps, puzzles, and secrets, as you search for legendary treasure. Ride on conveyor belts, avoid zapper beams, and dodge monsters as you collect keys that give you access to new areas of each mansion. Non-violent gameplay allows the whole family to enjoy the game. Features include multiple user accounts, online high scores, suspend game, a level editor, and much more.

To download the update or full version of the game, please follow the links below.

MGF: Midnight Mansion 1.0.2

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