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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Spiderweb Releases Geneforge 3
7:58 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Seattle-based independent game maker Spiderweb Software has announced the release of the third title in their most recent adventure/RPG series, Geneforge 3. You again play the role of a Shaper, one of the few able to create and control new lifeforms.

As with the previous Geneforge games, you are given a very open-ended storyline which allows you to pick your direction. Here's more from the Geneforge 3 site:

You can help one of several factions, each with its own goals. There are dozens of different endings. You can help the rebels, or fight them. Slay your enemies, or use stealth and diplomacy. When you finish the game, start over, choose a different side or tactics, and experience a completely different game. No matter what you choose, Geneforge 3 offers an enormous adventure with plenty of replay value.
For more information, or to download the Geneforge 3 demo, head over to the Spiderweb site now.

Spiderweb Software
Geneforge 3

IMG Posts DOOM 3 Beginner's Guide
2:39 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

So you have a hot new PowerMac G5 and are considering trying your hand at Doom 3? While your machine might meet the minimum requirements, perhaps you need a few hints, techniques, and even cheats to help you along. IMG has posted a beginner's guide to DOOM 3 to get you started with the popular first-person shooter.

To check out the article, follow the link below.

IMG Feature: DOOM 3: A Guide For Beginners
id Software
Aspyr Media
Buy DOOM 3

Apple Updates WWDC Information
9:23 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Apple has posted new information on their WWDC 2005 web site that includes information on the 120 of the conference Mac OS 10.4 Tiger sessions Apple is planning to deliver at the yearly conference in June.

Apple has also posted a special events page that includes a schedule to captivating lunchtime sessions by industry luminaries, engaging evening activities, the famous Apple Campus Bash, and much more.

For more information on WWDC 2005, be sure to follow the link below.

WWDC 2005

LEGO Star Wars Launch Trailer
9:14 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Keeping pace with the impending release of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, a new trailer has been posted for download from Eidos. The download, in .zip format, is sized at 9.8 MB, with the format of the video itself being in WMV.

The trailer itself shows off many aspects of the upcoming title, including a number of humorous scenes. LEGO folks explode into their component parts when struck, and a young Obi-Wan peers into the business end of his lightsaber as he tries to get it to work. Also shown are numerous battle scenes from the first 3 episodes and a number of familiar characters.

i5works is currently handling the porting of this title to the Mac, with Aspyr handling the publishing. The current target for release is around August 2005.

Eidos - LEGO: Star Wars Trailer 2
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

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Shadowbane Celebrates Two Years
9:14 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Shadowbane is currently celebrating its second anniversary. In honor of this milestone, Ubisoft has provided players within the game with a special piece of clothing that features "stats that will directly affect gameplay."

Frank Lucero, Producer for Shadowbane, notes that SB has come quite a ways since its release, including four content patches, two expansions, and improved service performance. Ashen Temper, Lead Community Manager, also had some words:

Players are continuing to forge new ground and storylines, which is exciting to see in an MMO title that has been around this long. Shadowbane players are a unique and dedicated group of gamers who really give the game its personality and context, and as a developer and fan of MMO games, we couldn't be happier.
Congratulations to all the folks behind Shadowbane, and here's to hoping for your continued success.

Shadowbane Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!
Wolfpack Studios
Shadowbane: The Rise of Chaos

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Unreal Tournament Series Set to Continue
7:58 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Unreal fan-site has posted details from an article in the latest edition of Computer Gaming World magazine. The article confirms that there will be another sequel in the Unreal Tournament series. The official name of the next in the series has yet to be confirmed and isreferred to as "the next Unreal Tournament". The game will be based on the Unreal Engine 3 and screenshots of updated characters in the new engine are shown.

From the news piece:

The next UT will feature 11 weapons. No specific details on these yet.
The game will focus on AI, specifically voice-controlled AI.
As with many UT2004 levels, the layout of maps in the next UT is being finalized before artwork is incorporated.
The game will feature a global ratings system that will allow clans to compare scores.
Gametypes include Onslaught, DM, TDM, CTF, and the all-new Conquest mode. No mention of Assault or Domination.
To read the news piece follow the link included below.

Beyond Unreal: First Details on Next-Gen UT
Epic Games
Digital Extremes
Unreal Tournament 2004
Buy Unreal Tournament 2004

Two Day Extension for WoW Players
7:58 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Since Blizzard introduced a compulsory patch last week, several major bugs have affected players of this Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game. Although most of these bugs have since been fixed, some of them prevented people from accessing servers. To compensate gamers for any downtime or loss of features, Blizzard have decided to compensate gamers with a free two day extension, due to commence this week.

From the news announcement:

[T]he new patch also contained a few small bugs which caused interruptions in play time for some users. These bugs were quickly identified, and most of them were hotfixed last week. We plan on implementing fixes for the remaining bugs in tomorrow's maintenance.

Our team continues to work hard to provide our players with the best play experience possible, and we realize that extended, unscheduled downtime is frustrating. Therefore, all World of Warcraft players will receive a two-day time extension for the downtime caused by last week's patch.

This free extension is only for US gamers at this point.

To read the full announcement, head over the the WoW homepage. Link included below.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

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