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Thursday, March 17, 2005

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Ambrosia Releases GooBall
7:54 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software has released GooBall, a 3D action game. In GooBall you roll, jump, and slime your GooBall through dozens of fanciful worlds of wonder as you control the cutest little alien around, the Goober. The game is available for download from our sister site,

Here's more from the press release:

Life as an intergalactic vagabond was a blast: warping from universe to universe, surfing the Milky Way Wave... that is until one wrong turn at Alpha Centauri slams you into an asteroid belt, forcing a crash landing in the desert on a little out of the way planet called "Earth."

The next thing you know, the black helicopters are circling, men in black suits pull you from the wreckage of your StratoSphere 2000 spaceball, and some annoying pencil-neck named "Mike" starts calling you a "Goober." Pot, kettle, black, buddy!

Thrust into a viscous gooey ball -- that they call a "life support system" -- you're now the object of affection for a bunch of guys that curiously are all named "CIA." Poked, prodded, and massaged in ways that'd normally cost several thousand credits in the seedier parts of Beta Pictoris, this is a far cry from a casual holiday!

In any event, now they have decided to figure out if you're "intelligent" by forcing you to navigate through a bunch of obstacle courses like a rat in a maze. Earth to Mr. CIA: if you wear dark sunglasses indoors, you're no judge of intelligence!

Ah well, this little GooBall they have you stuck in is actually kinda cool: you can zoom around without fear of getting hurt, and it can deform to become "sticky" for quick turns and scaling walls. Plus the buzz you get from spinning around is better than inhaling a can of SpaceDust! Wooooohoooooo!

To download GooBall, head over to GooBall costs $25 and requires MacOS X 10.2 or later and will just on just about any Mac.

Update: Users are encouraged to download the game via Bittorrent as our regular servers are currently at capacity.

Unity Technologies
Ambrosia Software
MGF: click image to enlarge GooBall 1.0.0

IMG Posts True Crime: Streets of LA Beginner's Guide
1:03 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a beginner's guide to True Crime: Steets of LA for those who need a few hints and tips to get started with the game. Here's a clip from the feature:

True Crime: Streets of LA separates itself from most other games today for a few reasons, none more notable than it fits no single genre. True Crime takes you through the actual streets of Los Angeles in some of the hottest cars that our anti-hero, Nick Kang, can “borrow” from the generous citizens of LA. Of course, once you reach your destination, you have to be ready to either shoot it out with armies of heavily armed Russian Mafia and Chinese Triad, or just go straight up hand to hand with some of the most outrageous characters in LA’s mysterious underworld…and what would an action game be without a barrage of incessant wise cracking smack talk, right?
To check out the guide, follow the link below.

IMG: True Crime: Streets of LA Beginner's Guide
Aspyr Media
True Crime: Streets of L.A.
Buy True Crime: Streets of L.A.

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World of Warcraft Character Server Transfers
10:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

In an effort to ease the load off of one of their more popular World of Warcraft servers, Blizzard is offering characters a chance to jump ship from servers with dense populations to ones that are less crowded. The transfer is completely optional, and will give players an opportunity to play with reduced lag and queue times.

The first transfer is being offered to folks on the Arthas server, with the transfer destination being the Nathrezim realm. Future realms scheduled for transfer offerings include Warsong, Bleeding Hollow, and Stormreaver.

This service is being offered to a single high-population realm at first to ease any possible load created by character transfers on the live service, as well as isolate any issues that may arise. We will announce further character transfers once they are ready for release.
Blizzard has also posted a list of server candidates and their prospective transfer points for those interested in seeing if they will be offered an opportunity.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
WoW - List of Eligible Realms
WoW - Character Move FAQ
Buy World of Warcraft

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IMG Store: DOOM 3 In Stock
7:55 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Store has begun shipping DOOM 3 for the Macintosh. The game will be sent to all those who pre-ordered today. The game is available for $49.95 through the IMG Store.

A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporations’ Mars Research Facility leaving only chaos and horror in its wake.

As one of only a few survivors, you struggle with shock and fear as you fight your way to Hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil.

• The most intensely realistic and visually stunning game ever created. Graphic fidelity never before seen in video games outside pre-rendered CG movies.

• Dripping with atmosphere and changing the look of 3D games forever, Doom 3 features realistic physics, 6-channel surround-sound, and real-time dynamic lighting and shadows that create an environment of ever-changing fear and uncertainty.

• Compete in vicious multiplayer action where light, shadows, and a totally dynamic world can be used to your advantage or peril.

To order your copy of DOOM 3, follow the link below.

id Software
Aspyr Media
Buy DOOM 3

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Mac TacOps 3.50 Download
7:54 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Macologist has posted an update to Tactical Ops, a mod for the original Unreal Tournament. The update brings the mod to version 3.50, an includes updaters for both OS 9 and OS X.

Tactical Ops is a popular mod for Unreal Tournament that brought a level of realism to the first person shooter, with realistic weapons and weapon damage.

Macologist posted this on installing the mod:

Note that the updater must be applied over a working installation of TO 3.40 mod for Unreal Tournament "99" (Not UT2004).
Head over to Macologist to download the mod updaters.

Tactical Ops 3.50 Mac Download Update
Unreal Tournament
Westlake Interactive
Epic Games

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A Tale in the Desert Creator Interviewed
7:54 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story has posted an interview with eGenesis' Andrew Tepper about the progress of their new game, A Tale in the Desert II.

The interview goes into detail about some of the new features of the game, including player created test, herb lore, and glass blowing.

Andrew had this to say about another new feature of A Tale in the Desert II, challenges:

Our thinking was that since citizenship worked so well, why not give some challenges beyond citizenship of exactly the same format and simply give people more time to meet other players and have formal parts of the challenges be "meet a person like this". So, if you did the Culinary challenge you would need to meet a gastronome or if you did Recreational Fishing you would need to meet a local fisherman and there are a couple of things that say 'meet the locals' for help, and Meet the People challenge is of course full of those "challenges".
Click the link below to read the rest of the interview, and stay with IMG for further information as this game nears release.

Home » PC » A Tale in the Desert II, 5 Months Later
A Tale in the Desert

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