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Monday, March 7, 2005

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Wing Commander: Privateer Remake for OS X
7:37 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A fan group of the original Wing Commander: Privateer has put together a new 3D remake of the game and released it over the weekend for Mac, Windows and Linux. The Privateer Remake is actually a mod based on the open source Vega Strike engine, and its authors have attempted to recreate the storyline of the original Privateer in full.

Here's a description from the Privateer Remake site:

Privateer gives you the freedom to carve your own path in the Wing Commander universe. Opportunity abounds in the Gemini Sector. Wedged between the unknown frontier and the Kilrathi Empire, Gemini is home to various competing factions with which you can choose to align yourself.
Upgrade your ship or trade it in to deal with the demands of a Privateer. Find your fortune by logging into the mission computer, or take your chances with seedy characters in bars. Meet up with Sandoval in New Detroit, tilt back a glass with Demetria in a Munchen bar in the Tingerhoff System. Make your way as a trader, traitor, bounty hunter, or pirate. Only you can imagine what you might encounter beyond the frontier. Happy privateering!
The original Privateer was released back in 1993 for DOS, so this could be the first time Mac fans have been able to take a crack at the title. For more information, or to begin the 185MB download, head over to the Privateer Remake site.

Privateer Gemini Gold
Vega Strike

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IMG Previews True Crime, Pre-Order Begins
12:30 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a hands-on preview of True Crime: Streets of LA, the upcoming game from Aspyr Media. Here's a clip from the preview:

As the game opens, your character, Nick Kang, has been assigned to the Elite Operations Division of the L.A. police force. Since Kang was booted from the regular force, we must assume that sarcastic comments and pistol-whipping are better tolerated at the EOD. Kang is paired up with a partner, Rosie Velasco, whom he immediately mistakes for a secretary, so they certainly get off to a great start. All this is the prelude to the main storyline of the game, in which you will fight your way past the Russian mob, Asian triads, and petty ruffians on your way to solving the mystery of your murdered father.
In related news, the IMG Store has begun taking pre-orders for True Crime: Streets of LA. The game is available for $49.95 and will be available sometime next week.

IMG Preview: True Crime: Streets of LA
Aspyr Media
True Crime: Streets of L.A.
Buy True Crime: Streets of L.A.

The Gamesome Mac Talks Second Life with Philip Rosedale
12:23 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

On tonight's broadcast of The Gamesome Mac, the Mac gaming radio program, hosts Sean Smith and David Finley talk with Philip Rosedale, Founder and CEO of Linden Lab, about his company's massively-multiplayer online world Second Life, which gives users the tools to create, own, and sell their own content.

Sean and David will also offer Mac gaming news, reviews, and commentary, and together with their guest take questions live from listeners in The Gamesome Mac's chat room.

You can hear The Gamesome Mac live on MacRadio from 6 to 8 pm Pacific Time, 9 to 11 pm Eastern (Tuesday from 0200 to 0400 UTC), and on demand thereafter. Tune in at The Gamesome Mac's web page via the link below, where you'll also find archives of past broadcasts. QuickTime 6 and a 56K or faster Internet connection are required.

The Gamesome Mac
Linden Lab
Second Life

Introduction to World of Warcraft
10:43 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Blizzard has posted an "Introduction to World of Warcraft" article on its homepage to help new players get accustomed to the massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) genre. The article includes links to an extensive FAQ, pictures and movies from the game and highlights differences between WoW and other MMORPGs.

From the Introduction piece:

What does World of Warcraft have to offer?

Unlike other MMORPGs, World of Warcraft allows players to play the game at their own pace, whether it be a few hours here and there or entire weeks at a time. The quest system also provides an enormous variety of captivating quests with story elements, dynamic events, and flexible reward systems. World of Warcraft also features a faster style of play, with less downtime and an emphasis on combat and tactics against multiple opponents.

To read the full article, follow the link below.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide
Buy World of Warcraft

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Darwinia Q&A with Lead Developer
10:42 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Austrian games website has posted a personal interview with Chris Delay, lead game developer of Introversion Software. Introversion is an indie game developing company located in the UK responsible for the innovative hacking game Uplink. Currently Introversion is working on the Mac version of Darwinia which should be available soon via download from Ambrosia Software, Darwinia is on a basic level an RTS, but combines fast-paced action and micromanagement all presented with easy controls and 80s retro graphics.

The interview gives an insight into the three-man team that makes up Introversion as well as the personal experiences of Chris within the UK games industry. Here's a short extract from the interview: Darwinia is surely one of the most unconventional games I have seen over the last few years, and that is absolutely one reason why I so much enjoy playing it. Why have you decided to walk such uncommon ways?

Chris: Yeah but it takes so long to make a game – over 2 years – we‘d be bored out of our minds if we decided to make a cute platform game or something. We have to take on projects that interest us on a creative level.

We also feel that the games industry is getting very stagnant because of that exact line of reasoning…big games companies don’t want to try unusual ideas for fear of failure, which is why most games look the same.

To read more from the interview, follow the link below.

Ambrosia Software
Introversion Software
Darwinia Interview

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Little Wing Releases New Monster Fair Demo
7:37 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

The folks at Little Wing have released a new version of their latest computer pinball game, Monster Fair Pinball. You play the part of an alien that has crashed landed on Earth. Travel around the world and raise money to repair your ship and return home!

The release puts the game at vesion 1.1.7, and includes the following changes:

• Ghost Wheel Bonus limit changed form 1 Million to 5 Million.
• Program performance improved regarding memory management.
Head over to to download the new demo.

MGF: Demo - Arcade - Monster Fair Pinball Demo
Monster Fair

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