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Monday, February 28, 2005

Beenox Announces New Mac Projects
9:40 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Beenox, Inc, a leader in alternate platform solutions and growing development studio, announced today that its team is working on 10 projects, including the Mac version of Myst V: End of Ages, the finale of the adventure series, under development at Cyan Worlds. Ubisoft will publish this final episode for the PC and the Mac in fall 2005.

Other Mac titles currently under development are Star Wars: Battlefront and two other code named titles including "!” (Mac/PC), and “Rascals-3” (PC/Mac).


StarCraft, Broodwar Updated
10:56 AM | Ben Edwards | Comment on this story

Over the weekend, Blizzard Entertainment released the latest stand-alone patch for its aging but still popular real time strategy game StarCraft. Both the original game and its expansion pack, Broodwar were updated. Here's an excerpt from the change log:

• Changed Speed from "Fast" to Fastest" for Ladder Games.
• You now can preview your map in the Multiplayer chat screen.
• Added feature that allows the creator of a private game to make the game public under the creator's name in Multiplayer Chat screen.
• Added full Korean language support for and in-game.
• Added a Friends List Feature and button that allows you to keep track of your friends on
• Added Friend mail feature that allows you to email members of your Friends List.
• Added Password Recovery and email registration features (like Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2) so you can recover your password via email.
• Changed the default race type in single custom games to Random.
• It now remembers your last map and folder setting when you create single or multi player games.
• Brood War will now show 'maps\BroodWar' folder as your default map folder.
• When a building is selected and if a ground rally point is set the rally point will briefly animate.
• Added minimap ping (Alt-left-click on minimap to show graphic location.)
• Added alliance colors on units - Shift-Tab changes your color to green, your allies to yellow and your enemies to red.
• Added right-click feature that will set your building rally point.
• Added shift-# to add a unit to a control group.
• The mouse cursor stays on the game's monitor in multi-monitor environments.
For a full list of changes, updates, and bug fixes, check out Blizzard's support page. To grab the files themselves, head on over to MacGameFiles.

StarCraft Update
Broodwar Update
StarCraft Changes and Fixes
Blizzard Entertainment

Midnight Mansion 1.0.1 Released
9:40 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

ActionSoft has updated its 2D platformer Midnight Mansion to version 1.0.1. The update includes several bug fixes found in the original version, including registration issues and a few gameplay bugs.

- Fixed some issues with entering registration codes, including one where the game would complain that the license file doesn't exist shortly after you entered a valid code.

- Fixed a problem in Cathedral Towers Hard that prevented you from being able to complete it.

- Fixed various issues in Castle Doom Easy, Cathedral Towers Normal/Hard, Chateau de Medusa Easy/Normal, and Falcon Manor Normal.

- Fixed bug where House of Baron Garneau Normal could not be played on MacOS 9.

- Fixed bug on MacOS 9 where, after entering your name for a High Score when beating a mansion, you would be prompted to enter your name 8 more times, and then the game would quit with an Assertion Error in NewSprite.c, line 1131.

Those looking to update can download the new version directly from ActionSoft's site.

ActionSoft - Midnight Mansion

Click to enlarge
Red Orchestra 3.2 Preview
9:40 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

BeyondUnreal has posted details regarding the next update to Red Orchestra, a popular WWII mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Currently in the works, the update, set at version 3.2, will include a number of new features and updates that players have been requesting.

In terms of firepower, both the German MG-42 machine gun as well as the Soviet IS 2 heavy tank are being introduced, making for some powerful additions. Bot support is also being tweaked for better performance:

And, listening to the community as always, you'll find dramatically enhanced Bot support. These guys will go where commanded, take objectives, and hold them against enemy forces. They stand fearless in the face of the enemy and die proudly for their countries. I must say we are rather proud of how they have shaped up in Basic Training.
Some reworked animations and enhanced VoIP support are also being added to the mix. BeyondUnreal has also posted some screenshots of the upcoming update.

BeyondUnreal - Red Orchestra 3.2 - First Look!
Red Orchestra

Click to enlarge
FlyingFlip Updates Map Pack
9:40 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

FlyingFlip has recently updated its Creation Map Pack for use with Myth III. Now set at version 2.6, the pack now has maps as individual plugins rather than one large one.

With this update, all of the maps are being distributed as individual plugins instead of a big single plugin. Discard any previous versions of the Creation Map Pack and install the individual maps.
Also included are some bug fixes and enhancements, including a Dorf Riot mesh and Ready to Rumble audio.

The Creation Map Pack is a collection of maps designed by the Creation Games mapmaking clan. Included in the collection are Vertigo, River Of Life, Hills of the Crow.

FlyingFlip - FlyingFlip Updates Creation Map Pack

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