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Friday, February 4, 2005

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Stubbs the Zombie Q&A, New Screens
8:09 AM | Ben Edwards | Comment on this story

A new internal interview from Wideload Games, creator of the upcoming action title Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse, has been picked up by PC gaming site Bluesnews. The game, Wideload's first, will use an updated version of the Halo engine and will be published by Aspyr Media.

Here's a snippet from the Q&A session:

Q. Why did you decide on a retro 50’s theme?

A. It’s not just retro – it’s Retro-Futurist!  Punchbowl exists in the 1950s, but it's designed to be a model city – an example of the miracles that await humanity in the year 2000.  Some elements of retro-futurism, like flying cars and personal robots, are now seen as amusingly naive; others are surprisingly accurate.  Punchbowl incorporates all of these things – it's connected to the familiar, but it gives our designers a tremendous amount of creative freedom.

In related news, gaming site GameSpy has published three new screenshots of Stubbs, showing off the game's impressively gorey visuals. The title is due out this summer, so stay tuned for more from IMG as details emerge.

Wideload Q&A for Stubbs the Zombie
Stubbs the Zombie Screenshots
Aspyr Media
Stubbs the Zombie
Buy Stubbs the Zombie

IMG Store: Order Three Games, Get Elite Force II Free
10:33 AM | Tuncer Deniz

The IMG Store has a few great specials running this month. Be sure to check them out.

1) MacGames DVD Special Offer: Subscribe to the MacGames DVD today and we'll knock $10 off your subscription ($20 if you subscribe for two years). Plus we'll include a free IMG T-Shirt (specify your size in the comments field, while supplies last), and a $10 coupon towards a future purchase through the IMG Store. Please note that the $10 off (or $20 if you subscribe for two years) will be deducted when we process your order.

2) Buy Three Games, Get Elite Force II For Free: The IMG Store is giving away free copies of Aspyr's Star Trek: Elite Force II when you order three or more games. To take advantage of this order, simply buy three games and we'll include it in your shipment. Offer available while supplies last.

3) Ten Game Super Sale. They are as follows:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - $43.95 (was $48.95)
Rise of Nations Gold - $43.95 (was $48.95)
Aliens vs Predator 2 - $29.99 (was $44.99)
Activision Anthology: Remix Edition - $14.95 (was $19.95)
Freedom Force - $9.95 (was $14.95)
Massive Assault - $29.95 (was $39.95)
Sacrifice - $9.95 (was $19.95)
Warrior Kings - $29.95 (was $48.95)
Another War -$9.95 (was $14.95)
Dominions II: The Ascension Wars - $39.95 (was $48.95)

If you're a MacGames DVD Subscribers, you can an additional 10 percent off ALL orders (not just these sales items). IMG Pro users get an additional 5 percent off ALL orders. Want to save money? Consider a subscription to one of these cool IMG products. Sale items are in effect until Friday, February 4th, 12 PM.

IMG Store

ActionSoft Releases Midnight Mansion
9:03 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

2D platform fans may be interested in a recent offering by ActionSoft. Titled Midnight Mansion, this game puts players in the shoes of Jack Malone, an explorer who must make his way through mansions full of traps, devices, and other various obstacles in search of treasure.

Some of its noted features are as follows:

• A fun tutorial mansion to get you right into the game
• Over 750 rooms to explore in eight giant mansions
• A wide variety of unique and challenging monsters
• Non-violent gameplay so the whole family can enjoy the game
• Spine-tingling original sound effects and pro-quality music
• A suspend game feature that allows you to step away from the game at any time and come back to it exactly where you left off
• Fluid 60fps animation to keep the action intense
• Multiple user accounts so that everyone in the family can easily keep track of his own progress
• Online high scores allow you to compete with other players
• Movie recording feature that creates movies of each game that are so tiny, you can easily email them to friends
• A fully featured mansion builder so that you can create your own levels
Midnight Mansion comes in both OS 9 and OS X flavors, and trial versions for each can be downloaded from MacGameFiles. The full version requires a $20 registration fee.

MGF - Midnight Mansion
Actionsoft - Midnight Mansion

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Doom 3 Demo Coming to Austin
9:03 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Aspyr has recently sent word that they will be showcasing the latest build of Doom 3 at the Apple store located in Austin, TX. Part of their montly game night, this event will take place on Friday, February 18th at 7pm, and Aspyr reps will be on hand to give the demo and answer questions.

The Apple Store at Barton Creek Mall hosts this free community event each month to demonstrate the quality of Mac gaming with the latest Macintosh games and the newest Macintosh equipment. Aspyr representatives Andrew Brazell and Glenda Adams will give a short demonstration.
If nearby residents missed the demo at MWSF, this could be your chance to see Doom 3 up and running in person on a Mac.

Doom 3 is currently slated for a March 2005 release. Don't forget to check out IMG's preview for more information.

id Software
Aspyr Media
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IMG Posts First To Fight New Dev Diary, Screenshots, Movie
8:22 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

In this week's edition of First To Fight Friday we bring you a development diary written by Destineer, 4 new screenshots from the game, plus a QuickTime tutorial called "Intersections". The development diary, QuickTime movie tutorial as well as the 4 new screenshots can be checked out by following the link below.

Destineer's Close Combat: First to Fight is scheduled to be released in March. The IMG Store is currently taking pre-orders for the game at $39.95.

IMG Feature: Close Combat: First To Fight Development Diary
Atomic Games
Close Combat: First to Fight
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Custer Goes Postal
8:09 AM | Brad Custer | Comment on this story

TGIF. Friday's can only mean one thing: a new desktop from IMG's Brad Custer. This week's design features Postal 2: Share the Pain from Running With Scissors.

Here's what Brad had to say about his latest desktop:

Well, this game seems to be a fitting request to honor this week. Why you ask? Because I came just a little short of going postal myself when my hard drive died 2 weeks ago and I lost 6 months of work. But, after a few deep breaths and some comforting hugs I realized what's done is done. :) The desktop this week is created with my style to go along with all the official ones offered via the game web site.
To check out the desktop, be sure to head over to Custer's Desktops and be sure to resubmit any emails or requests to Brad.

IMG Desktop: Go Postal
Running With Scissors
Postal 2
Buy Postal 2

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