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Monday, January 17, 2005

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New Close Combat: First to Fight Movies
8:11 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Two new in-game movies have been posted for the upcoming ultra realistic combat game, Close Combat: First to Fight. First to Fight places the player in control of a four man fire team which is part of a greater effort in a hypothetical conflict in Beirut, Lebanon.

Advanced AI created with the assistance of 30 experienced marines allows players to skip lengthly planning stages. Your men will have years of combat experience from real marines and understand the latest tactics in modern urban warfare. These latest movie's from demonstrate these tactics in action.

Close Combat: First to Fight is headed for release simultaneously on PC, Mac and Xbox platforms by March 2005. IMG caught up with the Mac developers and publishers of Close Combat at the recent Macworld San Francisco show, link included below.

To check out the new in-game movies, navigate your browser to the respective link included below.

Atomic Games
Close Combat: First to Fight
Close Combat: First to Fight Movies
MWSF: MacSoft/Destineer Chat
Buy Close Combat: First to Fight

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IMG Reviews Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
10:48 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a review of Digital Eel's Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. Here's a clip from the review:

The object of the game is to explore a randomly generated galaxy of more than a dozen stars. The more goodies you find and the more interesting experiences you have, the better your score. Unless of course one of those experiences proves fatal, in which case your score isn't quite so good.

The game felt both familiar and original. I've played plenty of games set in space with the goals of exploring, trading, earning wealth and fighting alien ships, all the while upgrading your ship and equipment. (I'm thinking of one in particular whose initials are E.V.) Given the typical scope of such games it's almost shocking just how streamlined Strange Adventures is.

To check out the entire review, please follow the link below.

IMG Review: Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
Digital Eel
Strange Adventures In Infinite Space

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Free 'Goldshire' Map for Warcraft III
10:30 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Blizzard has released another free bonus map for the popular real-time strategy game WarCraft III. The map, named Goldshire, is a small, cityscape map designed to be played as one player versus one player, or two players versus two players. Here is Blizzard's description of the map:

War and hunger have brought interlopers to Elwynn Forest, endangering the town of Goldshire. Sweep the woods free of this threat so that masons can begin laying the foundation of Stormwind.
Check out Goldshire and the other free bonus maps at Blizzard's website.

WarCraft III - Bonus Maps
WarCraft III
Blizzard Entertainment
Buy WarCraft III

Aspyr Announces Two Bundle Packs
10:20 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media today announced that they will begin shipping two Mac game bundles next week. - the Medal of Honor Warchest and The Sims Party Pack. The Medal of Honor Warchest includes the original Medal of Honor Allied Assault plus the two expansion packs, Spearhead and Breakthrough. The Sims Party Pack includes the original The Sims plus expansion pack Hot Date, House Party and Livin' Large.

Look for more information on both bundles on Aspyr's website later this week.

Aspyr Media

IMG Store: Chessmaster 9000 In Stock
9:14 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Store has begun shipping Chessmaster 9000, the world's most popular chess program. The game is available for just $39.95.

Chessmaster 9000 introduces players to the rules and strategies of chess, while building skills through fun yet comprehensive tutorials. Beginners as well as seasoned chess players can enjoy the many features and stimulating competition that have made Chessmaster the world’s most popular chess program.

Featuring challenging gameplay wih unrivalled personal instruction and chess resource material to elevate your game, Chessmaster 9000 is the teacher, mentor and ultimate opponent that provides countless hours of interactive competition and fun.

To place your order for Chessmaster 9000, please follow the link below.

Feral Interactive
Chessmaster 9000
Buy Chessmaster 9000

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Ballistic Myth III Editor Beta Update
9:11 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

FlyingFlip has announced that a new beta of Ballistic is now available via Hotline. A map builder for Myth III, the latest beta is a preview of the upcoming version 1.04 and includes a number of fixes and changes.

Here's a partial list of some of the tweaks:

1. Fixed lpgr sequence list
2. Fixed an error in stli.cpp that caused narrations list in sounds not work
3. Fixed a resource issue with meshedit
4. Added an Import Media Map option
5. Fixed bugs with IDs when creating new tags
6. Added a URL pop-up on first save or subsequent "Save-as"s
7. Added Raise Mesh Edges function accessable by either F5 or by the Mesh menu
8. Added a menu item for autosetting water terrain
Other changes include a rearrangement of the main list of options, and the fixing of Collapse Terrain Details on the Mac version.

Those interested in grabbing the latest beta can do so via FlyingFlip's Hotline server.

FlyingFlip - New Beta of Ballistic
FlyingFlip Hotline Server

Geneforge 3 Q&A, Spiderweb Site Redesign
8:11 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

RPG Vault has posted a Q&A with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software, with the focus being on the upcoming RPG Geneforge 3. The next iteration of a series that allows for the construction of various creatures, Geneforge 3 starts with the destruction of the player's school, and alliances and backdeals must once again be formed to restore order to the land.

Details discussed in the interview include Geneforge's general play mechanics. There are 3 basic classes, including the Pure Shaper, Guardian, and Agent. Vogel also discusses the skill system in the game:

Geneforge uses a skill-based system. There are about 20 skills, spread among magic, melee and so on. Also, there are the vital skills of Mechanics and Leadership. Improving these skills can be expensive, but the ability to operate machinery or convince others to do your will can be invaluable.
The current release date for the Mac version of Geneforge 3 is set for March.

In other news, Spiderweb has also revamped their site with a new look. Fans of Blades of Avernum may want to check out the scenario design contest, which is offering cash prizes for winning works.

RPG Vault - Geneforge 3 Interview
Spiderweb Software

Mac Games News for Friday, January 14, 2005

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Wolfpack Launches 'Wrath' Shadowbane Server7:52 AM
Worms 4 Announced for PC7:51 AM
Custer Offers SIMulating Desktop7:50 AM
MWSF: IMG Chats With Ambrosia's Welch7:50 AM
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