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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Aspyr Swings Tiger Back to the Mac
8:44 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Kicking off the Macworld announcements this morning is the word from Aspyr Media that they have secured another Mac license in the latest from the incredibly popular golf series of games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005.

Aspyr had previously brought Tiger Woods 2003 to the Mac, and this updated version promises more courses, more top-name players and the ability to change a course's difficulty. Called the "Tiger Proofing" system, it actually will let you alter a course with different fairways, greens, deeper bunkers and more to challenge your friends.

The preliminary system specs have also been posted:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.6 or later
CPU Processor: PowerPC G4/G5 or later
CPU Speed: 1GHz or faster
Memory: 256MB (512MB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 2.5GB free disk space
Video Card (ATI): Radeon 8500 or better
Video Card (NVidia): GeForce 2 or better
Video Memory (VRam): 32MB (64MB recommended)
Media Required: DVD Drive

Multiplayer requirements:
Internet and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
Internet play requires a 56Kbps or faster connection

Remember you can also use the Aspyr Game Agent to see how your machine will stack up against Tiger Woods 2005. Aspyr hopes to have the game available this May, so stay tuned to IMG for all the golfing action this spring.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
Buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

MWSF: Shaky Cam Video From Day One
5:17 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Not at Macworld Expo? No problem. We've put together a short but sweet shacky cam video straight from the Macworld Expo show floor. In the video you'll see footage from various games including Ambrosia's Redline, Gooball, as well as other games from other companies. Be sure to check it out by clicking the llink below.

MWSF Shaky Cam Video - Day One

MWSF 2005

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MWSF: MacSoft Presents Close Combat: First to Fight
5:07 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Al Schilling hosted the MacSoft portion of the ongoing Games Pavilion Theater, with the main focus of the presentation being the upcoming Close Combat: First to Fight. First up was a video showing some of the backhistory of the making of the game, including the fact that over 40 active-duty Marines contributed their input to the project. A large effort has been made to keep the game as realistic as possible, with group formations, tactics, and behaviors all tweaked according to the specifications set by the Marines. In addition, a variation of Close Combat is also to be used as a training tool for the Marine Corps.

Schilling then proceeded to demonstrate the game running on a G5. First impressions indicate that the game runs quite well, with smooth frame rates and clean animation. This was made doubly impressive by the fact that the game looks quite detailed, with accurate weapon renderings and detailed character models that include a variety of facial expressions, idle movements, and other subtle touches.

The playthrough itself saw the Marine fire team (comprised of a leader, fireman, rifleman, and assistant gunner) slowly working their way through some crowded backalleys. It wasn't necessary to issue constant orders to the team - they were smart enough to hold formations, take up key positions, and perform other duties on their own. Orders, when they were issued, were given with an easy to use select and click interface similar to Ghost Recon's.

It was also noted that each individual character in the game comes with their own psychology profile. This not only creates a different series of possible actions for each character, but allows players to implement what the Marines call the "will to fight," which is something that many tactics are designed to break. When confronting a number of enemies, some may choose to run, and some may choose to stand and fight depending on the circumstances.

The current target release date for Close Combat is March 2005. A simultaneous Mac/PC/Xbox release is planned.

Atomic Games
Close Combat: First to Fight
Buy Close Combat: First to Fight

MWSF: IMG Posts Keynote Report
4:43 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The IMG Team is at Macworld Expo San Francisco and has filed a keynote report from show floor. If you want to know more about the Mac mini, iPod shuffle, and more be sure to check out the full report, linked below.

MWSF: Keynote Report
MWSF 2005

MWSF: Macworld Expo 2005 Picture Gallery - Day One
1:35 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Macworld Expo San Francisco 2005 kicked off today with a keynote by Steve Jobs that introduced the Mac mini, iPod shuffle, and more. We've posted a few dozen images (with captions) from the first few hours of the expo. Included are pictures of the new iPod shuffle, Mac mini, and of course, the Apple games pavilion.

To check out the picture gallery, please follow the link below.

Macworld Expo 2005 Picture Gallery - Day One

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Blizzard Sells 600k Units of WoW
1:32 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Not that Blizzard needs to notify folks of the success of World of Warcraft, but for those few folks who may still be doubting, a recent press release notes that WoW has sold more than 600,000 units across North America, New Zealand, and Australia. This number comes as the new record in North America, with over 200,000 simultaneous players being on during the holidays.

"The public’s response to World of Warcraft has been simply amazing," said Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard Entertainment. "We are very proud and excited to see such an overwhelming demand for the game, and we hope that the enthusiasm continues to build as we further enhance our online service."
The PR adds that, in keeping with the growth of WoW, new features are on the way, including PvP Battlegrounds and a PvP reward system.

In related news, has released an interview with Producer Shane Dabiri regarding WoW. While general questions are addressed, European-specific questions are also discussed, including the benefits of beta-testing:

The public beta test in Europe has the same benefits as the one we conducted in North America. We get feedback from testers who can fine-tune the game. And it also lets us tailor the game for the European market, gauge their reception to the game and to ensure that our infrastructure can support a large-scale MMO roll-out in Europe.
Other topics discussed include solutions for European and U.S. players to play on the same servers, and incentives for advanced players to keep playing the game.

World of Warcraft Dominates Holiday Sales in North America - World of Warcraft Interview
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
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Marathon Freeware Released
1:25 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Marathon fans who may have missed the boat, take note. has recently released freeware versions of the Marathon Trilogy for Mac gamers. The series includes the original Marathon, Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity, and the editors Anvil and Forge.

It's been a long time coming... but the Marathon games are finally downloadable for free - with approval of Bungie. At the moment, we only have Mac-compatible versions up for grabs... but that should change soon. The important thing is... they're up! Go grab 'em.
The titles are all available for download, along with manuals and tutorials for each application. Mac users should note, however, that the titles won't run natively under OS X.

Marathon fans looking for a little OS X action are encouraged to check out the Aleph One project, which includes an editor as well as various game builds.

Marathon Trilogy Set for Download
Marathon Open Source - Aleph One

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European WoW Final Beta Starts
8:44 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

The European wing of Blizzard Entertainment has announced the beginning of the final beta for the European version of World of Warcraft. The current beta will be in French, English, and German, and will be open to those who attained a beta key through the official Blizzard pre-order campaign, and current Closed Beta testers.

Blizzard lined out the phases of the beta:

The first phase of the Final Beta Test will also allow the testing of the World of Warcraft localized server infrastructure under heavy loads. As soon as system stability allows, the second phase of the testing process will begin and more players will be added into the Final Beta Test. We will make every effort to accommodate all requests for beta accounts but there is always the possibility that we will be unable to meet demand, and we therefore strongly encourage motivated players to register an account as quickly as possible once the second phase of the Final Beta Test begins. More details regarding the second phase will be given shortly on
Stay with IMG for further information on the European release of WoW, and any new WoW information as it becomes available.

Blizzard Entertainment - Media Alert
World of Warcraft
Blizzard Entertainment
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Feral Updates Chessmaster 9000
8:44 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive has released an update to their chess simulation Chessmaster 9000. The update brings the game to version 1.0.1, and includes the following fixes:

Fixed - Crash in Larry Evan's Quiz
Fixed - Drill: Mate w/ King & Rook vs King & Knight
Fixed - In Game Help Menu references Mac PDF Manual
New - Select Personality now has scroll wheel support
New - Follow the Game window is now a floating palette
Brings the game version in line with International Release
Head over to to download the update and get more information on the game at Feral's webstie.

MGF: Update - Chessmaster 9000
Chessmaster 9000
Feral Interactive
Buy Chessmaster 9000

Doomsday Engine Beta Released for OS X
8:44 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Doomsday HQ has released a beta version of the Doomsday engine for Mac OS X. Doomsday is a port of the sourcecode for Doom, released by id Software some time ago. The Doomsday engine boasts many modern features to update the Doom experience, including OpenGL support, 3D models, dynamic lighting, particle effects, and texture filtering. Also included is advanced networking support, with true client/server support for up to 16 players, and dedicated server functions.

Here is a bit about the new release:

Version 1.8.6 is now available (along with .4, and .5 from Monday). New packages are available for all supported platforms, including Mac OS X. The Mac version is still a beta, but many problems have been addressed and the package includes a very simple launcher. If you're going to run the Mac version, be sure to check out the notes in the Readme.

1.8.6 contains various small enhancements, tweaks, and fixes. For example, Doomsday can now read compressed PK3 files (i.e. normal ZIP files). The changes of the other updates can be seen in the log.

Head over to Doomsday HQ for more information on this new Doom experience.

Doomsday HQ: Recent News

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Orbz 2 Preview
8:44 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story has posted a article on 21-6 Productions' latest game using the Torque game engine, Orbz 2. Orbz 2 is the sequel to Orbz, one of the first games released using the Torque engine. The article covers the basics of the game, and has some nice screenshots of the new game.

The article has this to say about the multiplayer aspect of the game:

There is also the Multiplayer Online aspect of the game, where you play any map/level from the single player against online players to see who gets the highest score. You can chat during the game with your fellow enemies, you can smack them off by telling them how much you are beating them, or you can simply say "I am lagging that's why I am losing". But all in all, the multiplayer is as fun as the single player mode. Maybe more so with the addition of stars and bubbles, which allow you to affect your opponents. Back to start anyone?
Head over to for the full article, and stay with IMG for more information on Orbz 2 as it becomes available. - Action - Orbz 2
21-6 Productions

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