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Thursday, October 28, 2004

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Wideload Games Unearths Stubbs The Zombie
6:00 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Cross-platform game publishers Aspyr Media, and Wideload Games, the new development team comprised of Alexander Seropian and former Bungie Studio employees, revealed yesterday the developer's first title: Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel without a Pulse".

The game, delivering "a stirring tale of one man's hunger for love, justice...and brains", is a third-person action title built on an updated version of the Halo game engine. Players will assume the roll of Stubbs, the wisecracking Zombie, as he attempts to overwhelm the ultra-modern city of Punchbowl, PA, in his personal quest for truth, justice, revenge, and, eventually, true love.

Equipped with his rotten carcass, the ability to turn his foes into fellow zombies, and the use of weaponry confiscated from the enemies he possesses in his plight, Stubbs needs to work his way through numerous, highly-original indoor and outdoor environments reminiscent of 1950's sci-fi movies. During his conquest, Stubbs will face off against such classic 1950's anti-heroes as "mad scientists, rural militiamen and the world's deadliest barbershop quartet".

The advantage of being a zombie is that players can rely on Stubbs' rotting body parts for offensive weapons. Amongst the hero's personal bag of tricks are explosive gut grenades, a remote-controlled severed hand, and flatulence powerful enough to overtake any of the platoons in this original new title. From Aspyr's press release:

“To us nothing has the sweet smell of success like rotting Zombie flesh,” said Alexander Seropian, President of Wideload Games. “We fell in love with the Stubbs game concept because of the unique player experience and the potential of the main character. We are really enjoying bringing this concept to life… or un-death, as the case may be.”

"Wideload Games is delivering an experience unlike any other. Who else could create a game featuring an undead hero who eats brains, tosses his own innards like cherry bombs, and still makes time for the ladies? Those guys are absolutely nuts and we couldn't be more pleased," said Michael Rogers, president of Aspyr. "Stubbs the Zombie will give gamers a new appreciation for the walking dead."

The title, featuring enhanced versions of Halo's graphics and artificial intelligence engines, will feature new pixel shaders and screen effects to round off the game's cinematic look. The title, currently under development for the Mac, PC, and Xbox platforms, is expected to be unleashed to the public in the summer of 2005.

Stay tuned to IMG as we'll keep you updated on our continual search for brains. I mean gaming news.

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Aspyr Media
Stubbs the Zombie
Buy Stubbs the Zombie

Silver Creek Entertainment To Bring Games to OS X
6:01 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Silver Creek Entertainment, a well-established PC game development company, has announced plans to bring its extensive line of card games to the Mac OS. The company has been developing games for the Windows platform since 1994, and pioneered full colour card games with it's premier release, Hardwood Solitaire. Currently, the company has a range of games that include Hardwood Solitaire, Hardwood Euchre, and an upcoming minesweeper game: Dangerous Mines.

The developers has expressed plans to port its card game titles to the Mac OS via the company's website forum. The programmers are currently looking for beta testers for Dangerous Mines, and the new title Hardwood Spades, an online spades games. The beta of Dangerous Mines should be available by the time you read this. From their website:

We are soon going to be releasing many of our games for OS X. We're very excited about this and we need your help to make sure we make the best card games ever for OSX.

All of our current games will be available for Mac OS X: Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Hardwood Euchre, Hardwood Solitaire III, and the upcoming Dangerous Mines.

IMG spoke exclusively to the founder of Silver Creek Entertainment, Jonas Stewart, about the prospects of porting the company's games to OS X.
IMG: What current and future plans do you have for releasing your games on OS X?

Jonas: The first game we have planned is Hardwood Spades, a multiplayer and single player spades game. We're also planning on releasing our next game, Dangerous Mines, on OS X before the Windows version is released. After these betas are complete, we plan to bring our whole range to Mac OS X.

IMG: There are two forum posts in which you are calling for OS X beta testers, could you give me a rundown of current betas?

Jonas: Hardwood Spades is currently in beta, and the beta of Dangerous Mines should be online by the time you read this. We really want to make a good impression when we release both games, so any feedback to help us fix bugs would be great.

To read more about Silver Creek Entertainment's offerings, or participate in either of the beta tests, activate the following links -

Silver Creek Entertainment
Dangerous Mines for OSX Beta
Hardwood Spades for OS X Beta

Zelda Re-Make Needs Mac Testers
6:01 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

The developers of Zelda Classic, a complete remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic The Legend of Zelda, have announced plans to port the game to OS X, and are looking for Mac beta testers. Here's some history about the development of this NES tribute game:

Zelda Classic is a tribute to (what we think is) the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. It has been developed into an exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.

Many features have been added in the past few years. Now, instead of being merely a Legend of Zelda Clone, Zelda Classic has become so much more. With ZQuest, Zelda Classic's Quest Creator, anyone can make their very own quest from scratch, and now, with all of the features that have been added in the past years, the possibilities are virtually endless for the style of quest you can make. If you can imagine it, you can create it (provided it's in 8-bit color). Quests have grown larger and longer, into seemingly epic games, that can take days, if not weeks to complete. With ZQuest, you can create your own original graphics, or import them from any game you like. In the past we've seen ZC versions of LEXX, (many versions of) Mega Man, Metroid and Super Mario Brothers, all in the classic quest style. As well as hundreds upon hundreds of first rate custom Zelda Quests.

Zelda Classic has been in development since 1999 and has a massive user base of well over 3000. The developers are looking to expand this community to encompass the Mac platform.

To help out by joining the beta program, navigate your browser to the Zelda Classic forums and click on the "Mac Testers Needed" thread.

Zelda Classic
Zelda Classic Forums
Zelda Classic Mac Testers Needed

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Darwinia Beta Testers Chosen
6:01 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Introversion Software has announced that beta testers for the company's first title after its underground-hacker style game, Uplink, have been chosen. 100 lucky applicants will get the chance to test out Darwinia before it hits store shelves.

If they haven't already, testers will soon receive their email givig them access to download the beta and bug tracking information. Along with the announcement that Mac testers have been chosen, it was revealed that another 100 Windows beta testers have been chosen, bringing the total to 300:

It's been another busy day for us...we've selected another 200 testers to join the beta phase, and put out new versions for Win32 and (gasp!) Macintosh OS X.

100 new testers have been added to the Win32 test group, and 100 new testers have been registered for the Mac test, bringing the total number of testers to 300. We've sent out emails to all those people who have been selected, so congratulations if you got one, and we hope you enjoy the game.

Along with this beta announcement, Introversion Software have released another 9 screenshots of in-game action, showing off the 80s retro style graphics to full effect.

To absorb more information about this upcoming game, navigate your browsers through designated links below:

Ambrosia Software
Introversion Software
Darwinia Beta Testers Chosen
New Darwinia Screenshots

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Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault Coming To Mac?
6:01 PM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Further to the news that Postal 2 has gone gold, prolific programmer and all-around coding wizard Ryan Gordon has left clues in his latest .plan update that Electronic Arts' upcoming World War II sequel, Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault, may be coming to the Mac.

Gordon, Epic Games' Mac OS & Linux specialist, has been responsible for porting the last two versions of the popular first person online shooter Unreal Tournament, as well as many of the most recent Unreal-engine based shooters, including America's Army.

In his update, Gordon notes that he has started work on the Linux port of the game:

Linux dedicated server work starts. In relation to AA, Spearhead, and Breakthough, the codebase is...well, unrecognizable. They changed a LOT of code. We'll see how this goes. Should-be-easy projects that turn out to be a lot of work is becoming a recurring theme in my life recently.
While his comments by no means represent an official announcement that the game will be coming to the Mac, the popularity of the original title and its two existing expansion packs, Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead and Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough, coupled with the continuing strong relationship between PC game publishing giants Electronic Arts and Mac gaming specialists Aspyr Media, would leave one to believe that a Mac port of the franchise's next installment is within the realm of possibilities.

The PC version of Pacific Assault, currently being completed at EA's Los Angeles studio, is expected to ship in early November. Stay tuned to IMG as we try to unearth more news regarding this new title.

Ryan Gordon's .plan Update
Aspyr Media
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Medal of Honor: Spearhead
Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault
Buy Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Buy Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Buy Medal of Honor: Spearhead

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IMG Reviews Myst IV Revelation
6:01 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Myst IV Revelation, the latest in the popular series of adventure games. Here's a clip from Michael Phillips' review:

There have been three Myst titles since the original (no, Uru doesn’t count), now it falls on the folks at Ubisoft to bring us the fourth title in this series, Myst IV: Revelation. Whenever I see the Roman numeral, “IV”, next to a game or movie, I grow leery. Not EVERYTIME, but quite usually, by the time a game reaches “IV” it tends to be tired and generally sucktastic. Is such the case with this latest incarnation of Myst? Is it time for Atrus to hang up his quill and dispose of his inks in an environmentally sound manner? Just like in any previous Myst title, this review begins with more questions than answers, so journey onward and discover the secrets behind Myst IV: Revelation.
To check out the entire review, please follow the link below.

IMG Review: Myst IV Revelation
Myst IV Revelation
Buy Myst IV Revelation

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Postal 2 Goes Gold, America's Army 2.2 Close
6:01 PM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

In the latest update of his .plan file, Epic Games' prolific programmer Ryan Gordon has noted that Running With Scissors' violent first person shooter Postal 2: Share The Pain has gone gold, and the port of the latest installment of the free online shooter America's Army: Special Forces is almost complete.

Postal 2: Share The Pain is the sequel to one of the most controversial games of the previous century. The original game was one of the first ultra-violent video games released on the PC, and was subsequently banned in several countries. The title's gameplay, in which players controlled an out-of-control postal worker on a murderous spree across the United States, put the title square in the bulls-eye of Connecticut's democratic senator Joe Lieberman, and even landed the game's developers a lawsuit from the U.S. Postal Service.

Originally released in April 2003, Postal 2 sees the franchise shift from an overhead 2D title to a first person psychological thriller set in an entirely 3D universe. Built on the Unreal Engine, the new title puts players in the shoes of The Postal Dude, who's doomed to spend his weeks completing a never-ending series of mundane tasks. Things get out of hand, however, as increasingly annoying obstacles interrupt the Dude's progress, leaving the poor man no other option than to resort to violence. The title, offering both single- and multi-player game modes, supports complex liquid dynamics, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and lowbrow humour wrapped around absurd, over-the-top violence.

In his update, Gordon touches briefly on the status of the title:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
Postal 2 for MacOS X is now gold! Details on how and when you can get a copy are forthcoming. Stay tuned for other surprises, too.
Further down the page, Gordon also comments on his progress on the U.S. Army's free online shooter, America's Army: Special Forces. Released just over a week ago, version 2.2 of the title, also known as Vanguard, sees minor bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements over the previous version of the title, and also includes two new multiplayer missions. While the Linux and Mac ports of the game are almost complete, Gordon is waiting for an upcoming bug fix of the Windows version before releasing his work on the title:
America's Army:
2.2.0 for Linux and Mac will be coming along shortly. There's a minor bugfix on the Windows side that we're waiting for before I get this wrapped up.
As usual, we'll be bringing you updates on both these titles as they become available.

Postal 2
U.S Army
Epic Games
America's Army: Special Forces 2.4
Ryan Gordon's .plan update
Buy Postal 2

Red Marble Announces Digby's Donuts
6:01 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Red Marble Games has released a new puzzle title. Titled Digby's Donuts, the game takes the venerable Tetris formula and twists it in a few ways, challenging players to create various combos with stacks of falling donuts.

As Digby opens his donut shops around the country, he counts on you to catch colorful donuts as they fall from the donut maker, and earn tips by stacking the donuts to form matches and combos -- while making sure that trash and burned donuts go in the garbage! In Franchise mode, as you improve your donut-flipping skills, you'll help Digby open donut shops across the country. Or you can play in Arcade mode for concentrated donut-making action!
A free trial demo is available for download, and allows players to try the game for 60 minutes. Those interested can find more information at Red Marble Games' site.

Red Marble Games: Digby's Donuts

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New World Of Warcraft Policies Posted
6:01 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Blizzard has posted some new policies regarding its upcoming MMORPG World of Warcraft. A new section, known as the Exploitation Policy, covers all the bases regarding the exploitation of bugs, abuse of game mechanics, use of unapproved 3rd party software, and other related issues.

The distinction between exploiting bugs and abusing game mechanics is a fine one. While bug exploitation involves the abuse of what is essentially a programming mistake, the abuse of game mechanics is the act of taking advantage of the limitations of the World of Warcraft game systems.
Penalties range from a verbal warning to an outright closure of an account found in violation. In addition, Blizzard has also updated its Harassment Policy, which covers topics such as racial slurs, and vulgarity.

Given Blizzard's penchant for routinely searching out and banning accounts found to be in violation of policies on, it should come as no surprise if WoW's policies are also enforced as stringently.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

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Help For Beginners On The EQMac Trial
6:01 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

A forum thread has been posted at the EverQuest Mac forums which lists several websites and resources for people taking part in the recently publicized 30 day trial. Due to the large demand for retail keys the EQMac staff thought it would be wise to give some information to guide newbies within the fantasy world of EQMac.

Here's some information from the thread:

We're seeing quite an influx again with the free retail keys that Hobart is offering.

Here is a short set of links that may help you:

EverQuest Macintosh Manual -- also if you're so inclined for any reason, the
EverQuest PC Manual

Sony's EQMac pages -- Rarely, if ever, updated, but information on policies, etc. front page -- On the side bars are some class guides, links to guides on soloing and grouping, and links to all sorts of external sites.

For full links to all the above listed websites and more, head over to the thread link below. If you missed the news about the 30 day trial account, click on the IMG news item link.

Sony Online
Welcome to EQMac and Al`Kabor! (information for new players)
EverQuest Free for a Month
Buy EverQuest

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Stoked Rider FAQ Online
6:01 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Last year IMG readers were the very first to see screenshots of Stoked Rider Featuring Tommy Brunner, a new snowboarding game from developer Bongfish. Since then, however, the developer has been rather quiet on any further development.

IMG recently contacted Bongfish's Michael Putz to get an update on the game. According to Mr. Putz the game is still under development and racing towards the long-awaited alpha stage.

Bongfish has also posted a FAQ on their web site with new informaton on the game, pricing, availability, and more. Be sure to check out their web site for more.

Drop Point: Alaska
Stoked Rider FAQ
Buy Drop Point: Alaska

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IMG Store: Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Shipping
6:01 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Store has begun shipping Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, the expansion pack for Battlefield 1942 that lets you control lethal experimental weapons from World War II. Straight from Allied and Axis laboratories, many of these weapons never saw combat until now.

Defeat your enemies with a variety of experimental firepower, including the Wasserfall Guided Rocket, the Natter Rocker Plane, and the revolutionary Rocket Pack. Drop from a cargo plane behind enemy lines and prepare for close combat with one-shot-kill knives, new machine guns, and more. Give all of these weapons and vehicles a trial by fire on eight new battle maps.

To place your order, please follow the link below.

Aspyr Media
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
Buy Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

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