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Friday, September 17, 2004

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Battlefield 1942 Demo Released
8:47 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media has released the long-awaited demo of Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition. The single-player demo weighs in at 300 MB and is available for download from If you're an IMG Pro user, be sure to download it from your exclusive Hot Downloads page. In addition, the demo will be included in the upcoming MacGames DVD Volume 3, scheduled to be released sometime next week.

In Battlefield 1942, you will experience the heat of battle as you heroically storm the beaches of Normandy, drive a tank across the deserts of northern Africa, pilot a fighter plane during the Battle of Midway, command a battleship at Guadalcanal, or parachute and commandeer a jeep in operation Market Garden. It is the only first person, team-based action game that places you in the midst of a raging WWII battle with 35 "machines of war" for you to control. You’ll arm yourself with the sidearm of your choice and get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles, ships and aircraft to fight the war on land, sea, and air during some of the most famous and pivotal battles of the Second World War.

To download the demo head over to MGF. IMG Pro uses should head over to their Hot Downloads page, also linked below.

Don't feel like downloading a 300 MB file? Consider a subscription to the MacGames DVD. For more info, please follow the link below.

Aspyr Media
Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
MGF: Battlefield 1942 Demo 1.0
IMG Pro: Hot Downloads
IMG Store: MacGames DVD Subscription
Buy Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition

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Feral Friday: Ford Racing 2, Yet More Worms 3D
10:21 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

The UK based publisher Feral Interactive have updated their news section once again, and this week you're in for a treat if you like fast cars and vengeful worms.

The upcoming racing game Ford Racing 2 is speeding along so nicely that Feral now offers a spiffy new site for it, and if that isn't enough they aks for you to keep your eyes open for a demo in one week from today:

After an initial outing on the mean streets of the Paris Expo, where it wowed would be road racers with it's all all-American pedigree power, Ford Racing 2 has now roared back onto the grid at the Feral mansion. Today, it gets it's very own website Ford Racing 2 site - check out the screenshots and trailer for a taste of what's good for you.
As for our beloved annelids, the crazed out ballistic shooter Worms 3D has been nominated for a Game of the Year award in the UK based MacUser Magazine.
Rumours reach us that our favourite game has been looked on kindly by the almighty ones at MacUser Magazine in the UK. Word is that Worms 3D has been nominated for Game of the Year, that'll get the little pink fellas standing to attention - no need to use the Holy Hand Grenade on the MacUser hacks....yet.

To check out what's generating the applause take a peek at the Worms 3D area or push the bandwidth boat out and download the demo

To grab the full news you can head over to Feral's news page.

[ed: if you're curious: an·ne·lid, n, an invertebrate organism with a flat body that is divided into segments. Earthworms and leeches are annelids.]

Feral Interactive
Worms 3D
Ford Racing 2
Feral Interactive: News
Buy Worms 3D
Buy Ford Racing 2

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IMG Store: Railroad Tycoon 3 Shipping
9:31 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Store has begun shipping Railroad Tycoon 3 for the Macintosh. The game is available for order for $48.99. Players recreate history in Railroad Tycoon 3 as they build the ultimate railroad empire. They will see cities grow into thriving metropolises as they carve out their cross-country routes, and the prosperity of thousands will depend on their decisions as players acquire other businesses, dominate industries, and manipulate a realistically simulated stock market in an effort to amass a fortune greater than Vanderbilt.

System Requirements:

• 400MHZ G4 or faster processor (800 Mhz recommended)
• Mac OS X v10.2.8 or higher
• 256 MB RAM
• 120 MB Hard Drive Space
• 32 MB 3D video card
• 56K (optional, for Internet play)
• 8x CD-ROM
• Mouse and Keyboard

To place your order, please follow the link below

Buy Railroad Tycoon 3

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Custer Masters A New Desktop
8:11 AM | Brad Custer | Comment on this story

In a nod to Aspyr's upcoming release, IMG's Brad Custer has themed this week's desktop around Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Titled "Confrontation," the desktop pic features the artwork featured on the box itself.

Here's what he had to say about this latest work:

Well, since my first glimpse of this game a few years back at E3, I've patiently awaited the chance to play it. I received my review copy of Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from Aspyr Media the Friday before Labor Day weekend and needless to say I've been surrounded by the Force since then. ;) I've already finished the game as a Jedi and now I'm trying to embrace the dark side. In this week's feature I wanted to create a desktop based on the cover art of the game.
In the meantime, be sure to check out Custer's latest - it's sure to heighten anticipation for KOTOR.

IMG Desktops: Confrontation
Aspyr Media
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Buy Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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A Tale in the Desert Mac Beta Released
8:09 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Almost exactly a year since we last reported on it, a Mac OS X beta version of the non-violent online role playing game A Tale In The Desert has been made available to the public.

A Tale In The Desert is a new type of MMORPG taking place in Ancient Egypt, but rather than rely on vicious battles and violence to advance the game, players come together and work co-operatively on long term goals and peaceful issues. Non-violent goals include creating great works of art, lawmaking, engineering, architecture, building wealth and leadership skills, and conflict resolution.

Although a Windows and Linux client have been available for over a year, the porting of the game to the Mac has been a slow process due to the developer's busy schedule running the game universe. The Mac version has appeared in time for the game's second telling, in which all the goals and standings of the game are reset, and the disciplines and formulas required to complete short term goals are all changed. forcing players to start fresh and figure everything out from the beginning again.

Registration for A Tale In The Desert entails a $13.95 USD monthly subscription fee, however interested players wanting to try the game out get a free 24 hour trial period over multiple sittings. The 246 MB download is available through the links below -

Download A Tale In The Desert (246 MB)
A Tale in the Desert

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Aspyr Media Hosts Game Night
8:09 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Tonight, at 7:00 PM, at the Barton Creek Apple Store, in Austin, Texas, Aspyr Media's Sean McCann will be fighting barehanded DEADLY CROCODILES and HUNGRY SHARK-EATING LIONS in a GIANT TEN TON POOL OF MUD! MUD! MUD!!!!!

Once he's cleaned off the mud, Sean will then host the store's weekly Game Night, where he will be answering questions, showing off the soon-to-be-released Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, and will also be giving the world its first glimpse of the newly-announced Call of Duty: United Offensive expansion pack running on a Mac.

Starting at 7:00 PM sharp, gamers attending the event will be able to sit down in front of a Mac and try their hand at the long-awaited stealth-based action title Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. The game, which just went gold this week and is expected to hit store shelves by the end of the month, tasks players with the safety of Sam Fisher, the lone renegade agent working for the US government, whose mission is to infiltrate, spy, steal, destroy, and assassinate, all in the name of protecting American freedoms.

As an added bonus for tonight's attendants, Sean will also have the latest multiplayer build of the Call of Duty: United Offensive expansion pack up and running on several machines for players to try out and play against one another. The new title expands on the highly-rated original game with thirteen new single-players scenarios, and eleven new multiplayer maps, all while keeping the cinematic flair and attention to detail that set the original apart from the crowd.

Although the Call of Duty expansion pack was officially announced only yesterday, work on the title is clearly well underway, and, according to a post on our IMG Forums, has progressed enough to be shown to, and tested by the public. CoD: United Offensive is officially listed as being in Early Development, with a November release date.

Click on the links below to find out more about the Apple Store Game Nights, maps and additional info for tonight's event, and to pre-order your own copy of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell from the IMG Store.

IMG Forums: Aspyr Media Hosts Tonight's Game Night
Call of Duty: United Offensive
Splinter Cell
Aspyr Media
Barton Creek Apple Store
Buy Call of Duty: United Offensive
Buy Splinter Cell

Bioware Licenses Unreal Engine 3
8:09 AM | Johan Hansén | Comment on this story

Canadian developers BioWare, creators of beloved RPGs such as the Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Knights of the Old Republic, have announced that they have licensed Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 for use in a future, as yet unnamed title. No further information on this new title has been revealed.

From the press release:

The agreement marks the first time the two companies have collaborated, combining the talents of the premier RPG developer with the premier next-generation engine technology creators. A BioWare development team is already hard at work on the Unreal Engine 3-powered game, an as-yet unannounced title which features BioWare's third new intellectual property.
You can find a link to the full press release below this article.

What this means for Mac gamers is, at this stage, still unknown. However, given Bioware's strong track record for Mac versions, Epic Games' multi-platform friendly business model, and programmer Ryan Gordon's current work on the game engine, chances are good that this title, when it's eventually released, will make it to our platform. Stay tuned to IMG as we'll keep you posted on the progress of this new project.

Epic Games
BioWare Licenses Unreal Engine 3

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