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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

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Blizzard Releases OS X StarCraft Installer
9:06 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment always the Mac friendly company, has released what many have been dreaming for, an OSX Installer for Starcraft. The installer makes it much easier to install the game under OSX, and makes it possible to install the game for those who lack OS9. Here's the full announcement:

To better address the needs of StarCraft players on Mac OS X, Blizzard is releasing a fully OS X-native installer application today. Available for download here, the new installer allows OS X users who do not have OS9/Classic support installed on their systems to easily install StarCraft and the Brood War expansion set from the original CDs.
For more information, or to download the installer, follow the links below.

Blizzard Entertainment
Download: Starcraft OS X Installer

IMG Reviews Big Bang Chess
12:16 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Today, Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Freeverse Software's award winning board game, Big Bang Chess. Written by Michael "Moore" Phillips, this review covers all the ins and outs of this title.

Here's a clip:

Big Bang Chess is the pinnacle of sleek multiplayer chess on the Mac OS X. There are three flavors of multiplayer loviní. First, Big Bang Chess is seamlessly integrated with iChat to make finding an opponent as simple as sending an instant message. Upon launching BBC, players are presented with a radial menu of all their currently online buddies; one simply has to scroll around the dial to invite their desired chess pal to play.
For the rest of the review and a chance to win any game from the Freeverse library, saunter on down to the link below.

IMG Review: Big Bang Chess
Big Bang Chess

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DOOM 3 For The PC Goes Gold
11:01 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead announced today on his .plan file that DOOM 3 for the PC has gone gold and will be released on August 5th.

Here's the full post:

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Yes, this is the official word that DOOM 3 has been code released and has been approved for manufacturing! It won't be long now until the anticipation ends and the PH34R begins ;-) We literally just hung up with Activision and have confirmed that our latest release candidate has been mutually approved and is finally GOLD. Thanks to everyone for their patience (yeah right! =) and for everyone at id, Activision and our numerous partners for helping us create what I believe is absolutely the best game we have ever made.

So, the next question is release dates. Retailers in the States will be allowed to pick up games starting at 12:01 AM on August 3rd. The official street date is actually August 5th in the U.S.A., but some of your favorite stores will probably have it early for those of you who have to have it first. Check with your local retailer for that information.

Internationally, the game will take a few more days to make it to the store shelves. The UK will probably get it first, on or about August 6th. Everywhere else will probably be Friday, August 13th (que Twilight Zone Theme) or close to that date, with just a few exceptions (e.g. Russia and Poland). This isn't because we don't have love for you folks outside the U.S., but the localization and manufacturing process takes a bit longer outside the U.S. where we will have JVC run 24/7 to get the units built. I guess the European manufacturers prefer to give their employees nights and weekends off. Go figure!

The champagne is flowing here at id and smiles abound!

I'll update again with some DOOM 3 preparation tips (not what hardware to buy - you'll have to wait for a programmer for that sort of thing). In the meantime, I want to see those "DOOM 3 GOLD!!!" threads set new records for swamping message board servers, destroying productivity, and post counts ;-)

Recapping today's headlines....DOOM 3 GOLD!!!

So now the question many Mac users will now be asking is where is the promised Mac version? One source has told IMG that news on the Mac version is coming soon. Be sure to stay tuned to IMG for that announcement.

id Software
Todd Hollenshead .plan file
Buy DOOM 3

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Zoo Tycoon Tops Sales
9:20 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Microsoft recently announced that its hit Zoo sim, Zoo Tycoon, now ranked in the top selling PC Games. The game and expansions are designed for kids, and put the player in charge of taking care of a Zoo and all its animals. Here's the full announcement:

Microsoft sent out a press release announcing that the games in the Zoo Tycoon franchise, their zoo management sim from developer Blue Fang, has now sold over 2 million copies, putting the series among the best selling PC game series in the US.
For more information, follow the link below. Both Zoo Tycoon and its expansions are available for the Mac from Aspyr.

Zoo Tycoon Tops Sales
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
Zoo Tycoon
Buy Zoo Tycoon

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