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Monday, June 14, 2004

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Ultima 5 Dungeon Siege Mod Updated
8:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The team dedicated to recreating the classic adventure Ultima 5 as a modification for Dungeon Siege has released a second demo of their work for fans to try out. This updated version includes a host of new features and improvements.

While they originally had a hiccup with the Mac installer, an updated version is now available to download for owners of Dungeon Siege. Here's more on what's changed:

- Fully functional mini-quests
- Ultima-style reagent-based spellcasting system!
- The Lycaeum, noble keep of Truth
- Zachariah’s Observatory
- A dozen new NPCs
- Brand new music
- All new in-game GUI
- All new frontend
- Complete day/night/lunar cycle, which can be tracked with a pocketwatch
- Tons of new objects!
- Working telescopes: look at the night sky!
To download the Lazarus mod, head over to the game's website now.

Ultima V: Lazarus
IMG News: Ultima V: Lazarus Revived as DS Mod
Download Mac Ultima V: Lazarus Demo 2 (100 MB)

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IMG Reviews Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
10:30 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, the recently-released second expansion pack for the popular WW II first-person shooter. Here's a clip from the review:

What do you get when you take a smooth frame rate with slightly tweaked graphics, destructive new surprises such as weapons and vehicles, a few more levels, more of the same customizable controls, and more of the same killer real world history application (unlike most FPS’s)? Why Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, of course. While assigned to the European Theatre of Operations in ’43-’44, Sgt. John Baker foils more plans of those cRaZy “wanting to dominate the world” Germans through Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy. An entertaining expansion pack to say the least, but like Spearhead, and honestly most current FPS’s the game companies steal our soul and money with, can be completed in a day if you so chose to.
To check out the entire review, please follow the link below.

IMG Review: Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Aspyr Media
Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Buy Medal of Honor: Breakthrough

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Details on World of Warcraft PvP, Mail Systems
8:38 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Late last week, Blizzard posted some tidbits regarding upcoming features being added to the current beta test for World of Warcraft. Chief among these are a new mail system and a variety of realm types, which will basically control the flow of player vs. player (PvP) play.

The mail system itself includes several types, including Normal, Packaged, and C.O.D. Normal consists of text only, while Packages can include both items and text. C.O.D., as the name suggests, requires the recipient to pay for the item before they can acquire it.

The new realm types will include a standard Player vs. Environment server as well as a Horde vs. Alliance server. The PvE server has a few interesting traits listed, including the ability to attack NPC vendors from opposing races:

Players have the ability to attack almost all opposing faction NPCs, including vendors and quest givers. If a player attacks an opposing faction NPC, players of the opposite faction are then able to target and attack that player. Whenever an NPC is attacked, players who share the same faction as that NPC will receive a system message indicating that a specific town is under attack.
More information on the specifics of each addition can be found at the WoW Community site.

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
WoW - Mail
WoW - Realm Types
Buy World of Warcraft

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Shadowbane Gameplay Changes Coming
8:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Wolfpack and Ubisoft have announced they are going to be tweaking their massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Shadowbane quite drastically, in order to help make the lower levels of the game more enjoyable and get players into the high-level 'siegeing' more quickly.

They have a few of the possible changes listed in the news post on their site:

  • Experience gained per kill will be permanently increased.
  • The rate at which creatures (non-player characters) dodge attacks will be reduced.
  • The wear and tear (item decay) on equipped items following player death will be reduced.
  • The amount of gold required to refine training points will be reduced.
  • The level cap on Safeholds (on the mainland) will be increased to Level 49.
  • PvP Kill Messages will now be broadcast to the guild of the individual who was victorious (example: Ashen Temper has killed Gimpli of Nurfed)
All the changes will first be implemented on the Shadowbane test server, to ensure the gameplay is still balanced overall. Watch for more as this mini-patch gets rolled out before the next major 3.0 release later in the year.

Upcoming Shadowbane Gameplay Changes
Wolfpack Studios
Shadowbane: The Rise of Chaos

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