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Friday, May 28, 2004

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Call of Duty Demo Released
8:06 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr has released a demo of its recently-released first person WW II shooter, Call of Duty. Weighing in at 256 MB, the demo is available for download at The demo will also be included in Volume 2 of the MacGames DVD, which is scheduled to go golden master sometime next week.

Here's a description of the game:

In Call of Duty, you get to fight alongside your brothers-in-arms as history comes alive. In momentous battles from D-Day to Stalingrad, you’ll find yourself in incredibly real terrain, caught in breathtaking life and death combat. You’ll fight as American and British paratroopers and as a young Russian soldier conscripted into the Soviet Army. Whether cut off in a village in Normandy, battling to re-take Red Square, boarding and sinking a German battleship, speeding down German-held roads or rescuing Allied officers from a German stronghold, the dangers are more than any one soldier can overcome. To make it through, you’ll need your buddies around you, and they’ll need you. That’s what war is about, and it’s what Call of Duty is all about.
System Requirements
• Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
• PowerPC G4/G5 at 867MHz or faster
• 256MB of RAM
• 3D Graphics Acceleration required (ATI Radeon 7500/nVidia GeForce 2 or better, 32MB of VRAM)

To download the demo, head over to If you are an IMG Pro subscriber, head over to your Hot Downloads page to download it off our speedy server.

If you are on a dial-up account or simply don't want to download the demo, it will be included in the next issue of the DVD of the MacGames DVD, scheduled to be go golden master sometime next week. For information on how to subscribe, follow the link below.

Aspyr Media
Call of Duty
IMG Pro: Hot Downloads
MGF: Call of Duty Demo
MacGames DVD Subscription Information
Buy Call of Duty

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IMG Previews Aspyr's Space Colony
12:18 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a hands-on preview of Space Colony, the upcoming sim game from Aspyr Media. Here's a clip from the preview:

The primary game mode – simply called “Space Colony” -- is an ongoing Real Worldish storyline in which a bunch of misfits attempt to exploit extraterrestrial colonies for a stereotypical, money-grubbing corporation. The second, “Galaxy Mode”, offers a choice of different scenarios at varying difficulty levels. Some are production oriented, and involve harvesting resources. Others deal with more social problems, such as promoting tourism on a frontier world, while still others involve military objectives like attacking aliens. The third mode, “Sandbox”, lets you pursue open-ended goals in extreme environments of your own choosing. The final mode allows you to try your hand at player-created scenarios, either homegrown ones created using the included Planet and Campaign editors, or ones that others have posted to the Net.
To check out the entire preview, please follow the link below.

IMG Preview: Space Colony
Aspyr Media
Space Colony
Buy Space Colony

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Vendetta Dev Plans
11:54 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Guild Software recently posted some new development plans for their MMORPG test title, Vendetta. The highlight of the new development is that they creating a new universe that will be much larger than the current one:

Development on the new universe is going pretty well. Waylon's been doing most of it, implementing my basic design with a lot of detail of his own. Ray's done a great job on making the navigation stuff happen thus far. Hopefully you'll be seeing their handiwork in the not-too-distant future.

The scale of this new universe is dramatically larger than anything we've dealt with in Vendetta before, and a lot of work will still remain before all the sectors are as detailed as we would like. However, generally speaking, you can expect 30 Solar Systems linked by various wormhole areas. The Solar Systems themselves contain 256 "sectors" of space. So.. where the current Vendetta universe is 18 sectors, the new universe will be 7,680 sectors.

For more information, check out the rest of the update on the Vendetta site.

Vendetta Dev Plans
Guild Software
Vendetta Online

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Shadowbane 3.0 Update Info
11:53 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Players of the massively multiplayer RPG Shadowbane will be happy to see that the latest info on the upcoming 3.0 patch has been posted. The new patch will offer a slew of new features, and the latest post explains some of these along with the new story.

Here's info on a new resource system:

Shadowbane will be unveiling the first phase of its long awaited "Resource System". This system will be tied to each zone which will offer a resource type. Currently, the only resource in Phase One is gold but further phases may include additional resources such as wood, metals, and ores. It is designed to add smaller, auxiliary points of conflict for players to fight over. These areas will become highly contested points of interest and will have the opportunity to change hands at least once a day.

In Phase One, once conquered, gold mines will drop gold into warehouses in their cities on an hourly basis. This gold will, in turn, be used to automatically pay maintenance cost of those structures that were given access to the warehouse and are protected by the Runemaster. Additional resources and augmentations will be introduced as the system is fully implemented allowing players to upgrade existing and new assets with functions and abilities to be announced. Furthermore after Phase One is completed, during a siege, the warehouse inventory can be recovered or stolen by anyone. This system will allow nations to focus efforts more on the political and combat phases of a siege and not the maintenance and upkeep of cities.

For more information, follow the links below.

Shadowbane 3.0 Update Info
Wolfpack Studios

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Medal of Honor: Breakthrough Serial Number Issue
9:59 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Aspyr sent along an important note to those who have ordered Medal of Honor: Breakthrough. According to Aspyr, an initial run of Breakthrough boxes may have been shipped without a serial number. Here's the full story on how to get a serial number if your box does not contain one:

Some of the initial duplication run of Medal of Honor:Breakthrough Mac were shipped without serial numbers in the boxes. If you have bought MOH:Breakthrough and do not find a serial number on the CD jewel case or affixed to the manual, please contact Aspyr support at the phone number in your manual or via email at, with the subject line "Breakthrough serial number".

In the meantime, when the game asks for the serial number, press the Cancel button and you will be able to fully play the single player game. Serial numbers are only used for multiplayer.

Aspyr apologizes for any inconvienence and is verifying that future copies of the game are shipped with correct serial numbers.

Medal of Honor: Breakthrough began shipping today. For more informaton, please visit the Aspyr web site.

Aspyr Media
Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Buy Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Buy Medal of Honor: Breakthrough

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Sony Online Requesting Everquest Bugs
9:49 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Last week IMG brought you news that Sony Online has decided to stop any further developments such as updates and bug fixes for the Mac version of Everquest. This seems to have created a bit of an uproar within the EQ Mac community and Sony Online has decided to field a list of bugs, according to a post on, a fan site dedicated to the Mac version of Everquest. It is unknown whether Sony Online will actually fix the bugs, but it's a start.

If you are an Everquest player and would like to post your bug reports, head over to the forum.

Sony Online
Buy EverQuest

IMG Store: Breakthrough Ships, XIII Pre-Order Price Reduced
9:23 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The IMG Store today began shipping Aspyr's expansion pack for Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Breakthrough. The game is available for $29.95. If you are an IMG Pro or MacGames DVD Subscriber, you can order it for just $27.95.

The IMG Store has also reduced its pre-order price for Feral's upcoming cell-shaded shooter, XIII, from $48.99 to $39.95. The game is scheduled to be released sometime next week.

IMG Store: Pre-Order XIII
IMG Store: Order Medal of Honor: Breakthrough

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Feral Friday: XIII Demo Next Week
9:10 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive has posted their customary Friday news with tibits on the upcoming demo of XIII, a new XII/Max Payne bundle, plus an update on the upcoming Worms 3D online challenge.

First up is news on the long-awaited XIII demo, which is now scheduled for next Friday:

After more aggro than you want to know about, the XIII demo has moved into the last lap of its development. We are talking days... and aiming for next Friday, June 4th. With the demo so close, why not fuel your growing paranoia and brush up on your knowledge of XIII, his foes, the locales and the weapons on our minisite? That way when you download the demo, you'll be in prime position to kick some cel-shaded derriere!
XIII recently went gold and should be shipping sometime next week. Be sure to place your pre-order through the IMG store today.

Be sure to head over to Feral's web site for news on the new XII/Max Payne bundle and the Worms 3D online challenge.

Feral Interactive
Worms 3D
Feral Friday News
Buy Worms 3D

Jailbreak Mod Released for UT200x
8:32 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Jailbreak, the modification first made popular with the shooter Quake 2, is now available for fans of Unreal Tournament 200x (both 2003 and 2004).

A quick description of the gameplay is that after getting fragged, players are placed in the opposing team's jail instead of instantly resurrected to fight again. Teams must try and free their captured allies, while avoiding jail-time themselves. The winner is determined when an entire team is jailed.

While the Jailbreak mod team notes there are a few outstanding bugs in the release, you're still encouraged to give it a try if you're curious:

Planet Jailbreak
Unreal Tournament 2004
Buy Unreal Tournament 2004

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