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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager For Mac
8:10 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Sports fans, and more importantly Hockey fans, will be happy to hear that Sports Interactive's latest team manager game, NHL Eastside Hockey is on the way for both Mac and PC. Sports Interactive was recently able to get the NHL license and announce the upcoming dual release. Here's a snippet from the announcement:

Despite its new title, NHL Eastside Hockey Manager will represent the entire world of professional hockey, with the game currently planned to incorporate a total of 20 leagues from across the globe (licences pending) -- including multiple leagues from the US, Canada and Finland, the UK and Sweden and leagues in Austria, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Norway, and Slovakia.

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager, which will be Sports Interactive's first non-football game, has been in development since 2000, when it was originally conceived and produced as a shareware game by a team of Finnish enthusiasts led by Risto 'Riz' Remes. The game will feature a detailed and realistic game engine with in-depth hockey content including numerous world ice hockey leagues, players with detailed statistics and personalities and full management features for trading, drafts and transactions.

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager will be published by SEGA for Windows & Mac in July 2004.

For more information, follow the links provided below.

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager For Mac
Sports Interactive
NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005
Buy NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005

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IMG Previews F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom
12:47 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a hands-on preview of GraphSim's F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom. The game is currently in beta testing and is finally expected to be shipping soon.

Here's a clip:

F/A-18 OIF is marketed as an expansion to previous versions of Hornet: As is the case with its forerunners, this incarnation is not a revolution in the game, only offering a few major changes over the previous F/A-18 Korea.

For the most part, OIF bears much resemblance to previous versions of F/A-18 Hornet. With the exception of the Hornet itself, aircraft models are texture-mapped in solid colors only. The key map remains identical to that of previous versions, and cockpit functionality is little changed. Such is to be expected from an expansion, however, where the learning curve for owners of the original game should be little to none.

To check out the enitre preview, please follow the link below.

IMG Preview: F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom
F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom
Buy F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom

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America's Army E3 Report
9:15 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

With the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) underway, the America's Army team recently put up a post with the latest happenings with the game. The post mainly focuses on some real world applications the game has been used for. Here's a snippet:

In addition to the huge commercial success of America's Army, many organizations have expressed interest in extending applications of AA in a variety of ways: education; values & cultural awareness; materiel prototyping, and operational support - to name several. As a result, we've added two new development teams:

The America's Army Future Applications Team was formed in cooperation with the Armaments Research and Development Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny, New Jersey. A highly experienced simulation team, the group is now dedicated to using and promoting America's Army in Research, Development and Training with emphasis on new and developmental weapon systems. The AAFA Team's initial developments for America's Army are the Javelin Missile, Talon Robot, XM25 Airburst Weapon System as well as the XM8 and XM307. Using the high fidelity of America's Army, the team is excited about the ability to place the virtual weapons in the hands of Soldiers and Engineers for evaluation in a virtual battlespace before real-world production starts.

For more information, or to read the full post, follow the links below.

America's Army E3 Report
U.S Army
Epic Games
America's Army: Special Forces 2.4

UT2004 Golf Mod Beta Released
8:10 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

For those looking for something a little different, developer Coil has recently released a single player beta for Duffers Golf. A mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, Duffers will include both single and multiplayer golf games.

* Play a round by yourself or with up to 32 people in groups of four over the Internet
* Intuitive Interface: Aim and Swing with only a Mouse
* "Fore!" All players share the same course
* Leaderboard scoring shows the top players on the server
* Choose your character and meet up with your friends in the Clubhouse
The beta can be downloaded from the official Duffers Golf site. Screenshots and more information are also available.

Duffers Golf

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