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Thursday, April 22, 2004

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Tron 2.0 Previewed at Apple
7:55 AM | Johan Hans้n | Comment on this story

Brad Cook over at Apple's game page has taken a closer look at Tron 2.0, the first person shooter based on the 80's cult movie Tron. While the game is based on the events of the movie, it takes place a long time after the movie and a lot of things have changed.

From the article:

The game picks up 20 years after a security program named Tron, which was created by programmer Alan Bradley, saved the world from the Master Control Program. Bradley now works for a company that is on the verge of a take-over by fCon, a corporation that has heard about his advances in artificial intelligence. His newest program, Ma3a, can not only hold a human being’s genetic code within its memory but also transfer people from the real world to the digital one.
If you want to know more about the story and gameplay in this gorgeous-looking game you should head over to Apple's preview of it. You can find it by following the link provided below.

Tron 2.0 was recently announced for the Mac by MacPlay, but the game has been in development for quite some time and is preliminarily scheduled for a release in May. Also be sure to have a look at IMG's own preview for more on the title.

Apple Games: Tron 2.0
TRON 2.0
IMG Preview: Tron 2.0
Monolith Productions
Buy TRON 2.0

IMG's MacGames DVD Subscription Ships Tomorrow
11:33 AM | Tuncer Deniz

The very first issue of the MacGames DVD has gone golden master and is currently in duplication. It will begin shipping sometime at the end of this week to subscribers.

MacGames DVD Volume 1 includes a dozen new demos including Command & Conquer: Generals and Worms 3D, plus over 150 new shareware games, dozens of game updates, cool new QuickTime movies and trailers, plus hundreds of maps, mods, and add-ons for Unreal Tournament 2004, Medal of Honor, and Command & Conquer: Generals. It has nearly 4.7 Gigabytes of Mac gaming goodness.

Subscriptions to the MacGames DVD start at just $49 for one year and include a free game. Subscribe for two years and get two free games. Here's a list of the games IMG is currently offering with a MacGames DVD subscription:

• Max Payne
• Myth III
• Tropico
• Master of Orion III
• Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
• Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
• Return to Castle Wolfenstein
• Nascar Racing 2003
• Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force II
• Freedom Force
• Baldur's Gate II
Current MacGames CD subscribers can easily upgrade to the MacGames DVD subscription. These subscribers can sign up for an upgrade to the DVD version and will be given credit for remaining issues under their MacGames CD subscription.

For more information on the MacGames DVD subscription, please visit the link below. A link to the MacGames DVD Volume 1 back issue is also available below.

IMG Store: MacGames DVD Subscription
IMG Store: MacGames DVD Volume 1 (Back Issue)

IMG Poll: What Mac OS version Do You Use?
11:21 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Last week's IMG poll asked what commercial Mac game publisher is your favorite. In the end, Aspyr Media ran away with the poll winning a solid 40 percent. Blizzard ended up with 25 percent, while MacSoft picked up 13 percent. For the full results, follow the link below.

This week's IMG poll asks: What Mac OS version is on your primary gaming machine? To place your vote, head over to our IMG Poll section, linked below.

IMG Poll

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IMG Reviews No Limits Roller Coaster
11:09 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG has posted a review of No Limits Roller Coaster, a roller coaster simulation game that lets you experience authentic roller coaster thrills. Focusing on realism and speed, NoLimits lets you ride real existing coasters, or build a roller coaster to your own specifications - with 13 different track styles, including inverted, hyper-coasters and wooden coasters.

To check out the review, please follow the link below.

IMG Review: No Limits Roller Coaster
Mad Data
No Limits Roller Coaster

Apple Posts Preliminary WWDC 2004 Conference Schedule
9:10 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Apple has updated its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) web site with new information on the conferences to be held at the annual gathering for developers where the company offers training and exposure to the latest Mac developer tools and technologies. The company has posted a preliminary conference schedule, a schedule of evening events, as well as information on some free pre-WWDC conferences that will be offered the Sunday before the event begins.

Here's more from Apple:

Begin planning your WWDC experience today. Check out the preliminary conference schedule to get a head start on what you'll want to attend when. You should also take a look at the full slate of evening events we have planned. Finally, be sure to sign up for one of the free pre-conference workshops scheduled for Sunday -- space is limited, and these valuable bonus sessions are always popular
WWDC will be held from June 28th to July 2nd. Follow the link below for more information.

WWDC 2004

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MoH Mod 'Hell in the Pacific' 2.0 in Beta
8:16 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A Mac member of the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault modification team Hell in the Pacific posted to the IMG forums recently regarding version 2.0 of the game. "Pixel Pusher" notes both Mac and PC versions of the mod are in testing right now, and that the Mac version will have both a custom installer and launcher.

A teaser newsletter has been posted to give fans of v1.2 of the game a taste of what the new version will bring. The group's goal is to provide Medal of Honor fans an online outlet to play before EA releases the upcoming sequel to the game, Pacific Assault. While no official version of Pacific Assault has yet been announced for the Mac, given Aspyr's track record with the first game and its two expansion packs, it seems like a likely bet.

For more on Pacific Assault, check out a recent interview with lead designer Dave Nash at CVG. And stay tuned to IMG for more on both the Hell in the Pacific mod and any news on Pacific Assault in the coming months.

IMG Forum: Hell in the Pacific version 2.0
Hell in the Pacific 2.0 Teaser Newsletter
CVG Interview: Medal of Honor Pacific Assault
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Buy Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Warcraft III Clan Rules Posted
8:02 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blizzard has posted new rules for the upcoming clan-based warfare feature found in their 1.15 patch, currently in beta. Now games you play against other ranked players will contribute to your clan's overall experience.

Here's more from the rules:

Also, the clan XP received or lost when a clan member or team plays a game is scaled based on the clan member's level. In general, higher-level clan members and teams are rewarded significantly more clan ladder XP for a win than lower-level clan members and teams. Defeats of a higher-level clan member or team also generally result in a larger loss of clan XP than defeats of a lower-level clan member or team. At levels 1 through 9, the penalty for losing a game is reduced.
It should be noted the contest Blizzard was planning to test this feature has been delayed for the time being, and they will give 24 hours notice before it begins.

Warcraft III Clan Ladder Rules
Blizzard Entertainment
WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne
Buy WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

Freeverse Releases BumperCar OS X Browser
7:55 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Freeverse Software has announced the release of BumperCar, a MacOS X browser for kids that incorporates a host of safety features for your little ones. Designed to be both fun for kids and reassuring for parents and teachers, BumperCar filters objectionable web content, limits the sharing of personal information, (such as a child's address or phone number), and offers unprecedented parental controls.

Here's more from the official press release:

Recipient of a coveted MacWorld "Best of Show" award, BumperCar is the single best tool to help manage your child's web experience. BumperCar offers simple "Low", "Medium" and "High" safety settings, as well as the ability to customize all of its features in detail. BumperCar filters profanity, forces Google to use a "Safe Search" mode, allows you to specify the hours your child can spend online and offers special School, Home and PreSchool modes.

Ian Lynch Smith, president of Freeverse has said, "BumperCar isn't just about keeping kids away from the bad stuff, its also about giving them a colorful, fun environment in which to play and explore. We believe BumperCar will be a tremendous benefit for parents, schools and kids alike."

BumperCar is built specifically for Mac OS X and makes use of the latest OmniWeb technology, providing the stable foundation necessary for any modern Mac Web browser.

BumperCar has a suggested retail price of $49.95 and is available at the Apple Stores and other fine Mac retailers. It is also available directly from Freeverse.


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