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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

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Ubisoft Acquires Wolfpack
8:07 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ubisoft yesterday announced they were acquiring Wolfpack Studios, creators of the cross-platform massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Shadowbane. As Ubisoft was the publisher for the game already, this simply brings in the MMO closer to their organization and seems to encourage further stability in the game itself.

A related interview posted yesterday at PC IGN talks with Ubisoft's Jason Rubinstein about the decision and what it means for both companies. Here's a short clip:

IGN: What was the relationship between Wolfpack and Ubisoft prior to this announcement? What's the current relationship?

Jason Rubinstein: Due to the special requirements of developing and operating massively-multiplayer online games, Ubisoft and Wolfpack had a very integrated relationship from the start. Once we started to run a live closed beta, things became particularly close. Similar to the Red Storm folks with our highly successful Tom Clancy franchise, the acquisition now allows allow the "former" Wolfpack team to focus solely on continued game development and support for Shadowbane as well as the opportunity to work within our studio structure to look at other MMOs.

For more on the news, check out the official press release or the rest of the Q&A with Rubinstein.

Ubisoft Acquires Wolfpack Studios
IGN Inteview with Ubisoft's Jason Rubinstein
Wolfpack Studios
Shadowbane: The Rise of Chaos

OWC Announces 1.5 Mercury Extreme G4 Processor Upgrade
9:59 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Other World Computing (OWC) today announced that the top-end model of its Mercury Extreme G4 processor upgrade line now supplies up to 1.5 Gigahertz (GHz) of plug-and-play performance to PowerMac G4 models.

OWC has also reduced prices by as much as $40 on select Mercury Extreme G4 models. The new prices are effective immediately online through OWC at

A simple replacement upgrade for older, slower processors, the Mercury Extreme G4 line features Tantalum-dipped components and an ultra-quiet custom cooling system with a pre-attached heat-sink and fan in order to maximize the reliability and longevity of the upgrade.

The new pricing is as follows:

• OWC Mercury Extreme G4/1.0GHz - $329.99 (was $349.99),
• OWC Mercury Extreme G4/1.25-1.33GHz - $399.99 (was $419.99),
• OWC Mercury Extreme G4/1.25-1.4GHz - $439.99 (was $449.99),
• OWC Mercury Extreme G4/1.4-1.467GHz - $499.99 (was $539.99), and
• OWC Mercury Extreme G4/1.4-1.5GHz - $529.99 (was $549.99).

All Mercury Extreme G4 upgrades feature 256 Kilobytes of 1:1 L2 cache on-chip and 2 Megabytes of high-speed L3 Cache. They are compatible with Apple PowerMac G4 AGP Graphics (Sawtooth), Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio and Quicksilver models and support Mac OS 9.2.1 and higher, as well as OS X and higher, including all 10.3.x versions. Each Extreme G4 processor upgrade is backed by a three-year warranty and a 30-day 100 percent money-back guarantee.

For more information, head over to the OWC website.


Student Scholarships Available For WWDC
9:52 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

With its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) registration officially underway, Apple is offering student developers an opportunity to attend the conference on scholarship.

Students applying for a scholarship should have a PDF resume on hand to upload as part of the application process. Applications for the student scholarships must be submitted by 5:00 pm Pacific time, Friday, March 12, 2004.

Winners of a student scholarship receive a free student e-Ticket to WWDC, a US$1,595 value.

To be eligible for a scholarship to WWDC 2004, applicants must be currently enrolled as a part-time or full-time student at a college or university, have a student identification number, and be at least 18 years of age. Student developers can apply for a scholarship online by following the link below.

WWDC 2004

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IMG Previews Nanosaur 2: Hatchling
8:52 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games has posted a preview of Nanosaur 2: Hatchling, the sequel to the popular third-person shooter. IMG's Jean-Luc Dinsdale recently took a recent beta for a spin and has posted his findings in the hands-on preview. IMG has also posted 5 QuickTime movies from the game that are a must see.

Here's a clip from the preview:

Similar in concept to the original game, Pangea Software’s upcoming Nanosaur 2: Hatchling sends players back in the throes of chaos in order to save even more dinosaur eggs than in the series’ previous incarnation. However, while many of the gameplay elements will seem familiar to fans of the original game, the new sequel differs greatly from the original in one respect – rather than running around the alien landscapes on foot, this time around, the new protagonist takes his task to the skies.
To check out the entire preview, including the hot new movies, please follow the link below.

IMG Preview: Nanosaur 2: Hatchling
Pangea Software
Nanosaur 2: Hatchling
Buy Nanosaur 2: Hatchling

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Blizzard Banking on World of Warcraft
8:07 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has posted new information on their upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) World of Warcraft discussing the in-game banking system. Instead of storing your money though, the banks will be used to store items you might not have room to carry around with your all the time. Your money is instead kept with you and according to the page, "[it] has no weight and does not take up any inventory slots, so no matter how much you’re carrying, it will never have a negative effect on your character."

You will have many options to retrieve items from the game's bank and will even be able to upgrade your account to hold more items if necessary. Here's more from Blizzard on the topic:

You can also buy extra storage space at each bank, which provides you with slots for storing additional bags of items. The larger the bag that you put in each bag slot, the more space you'll have! For example, you might start with a 6-slot bag in one of your bag slots, but later on you might find a 10-slot bag to put there, which would essentially give you 4 more bank slots. The price for additional bag slots goes up with each new slot, and the final slots are very expensive!
For more information on banks or to see a screenshot of a banker in action, head over to the Blizzard site at the link below. World of Warcraft is currently in closed beta, though it should be opened at some point for both Mac and PC gamers later in the year.

World of Warcraft Banking Information
Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft
Buy World of Warcraft

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